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Why Do You Think Its Good or Bad?

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The Reason I Love This Book Is Because It Has Action Mystery and SAGE! Sage Is The Main Character in this BOOK He Is A Orphan He also has to compete with 4 other orphans to become a False Prince Of Carthya!
Check Out The Book Here:
The False Prince
Check Out The Sequel Here:
The Runaway King

Leilani jennifer nielson is a master at foreshadowing. u will only notice the hints till u read it a second time!!
LOVED IT!!!! so sad when it ended.
Going to read runaway king son though :P

Lauren I love this book!!!! Reason: I like books that are from the point of view of the character because it makes me feel like I'm them in a way. Also because I like fantasy books and books with lots of action. I love this book because of the major twist that is reveled. I read this book so much one night I think I had a dream about it.

Christie I absolutely loved this book! It was very well written so that you could kind of just see what was coming if you paid attention to the clues, and when you go back and reread it, you understand all sorts of foreshadows. I agree with Rapture, Neilson is certainly a master at foreshadowing! I loved the character of Sage--my impressions of him constantly changed; as you read you discover many layers to his personality which kind of hint that not all is as it seems. One of my very favourite books!

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