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|| 5 Years Ago, I Would Have Never Expected My Life To Be The Way It Is Right Now ||

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|| We Blame It On Society, But We Are Society||

since this is a diary,
i suppose i have no choice but to poor
over this thing with everything that has happened
in my life and everything that will happen.
good or bad. my fault or yours.
So, I welcome into a mind that is good and evil.
smart and dumb.
calm and terrifying.

Name: Belen.
Age: I believe that is irrelevant.

I suppose that everything else will unravel itself to

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Abbi, you've made my year. that was one of the nicest things i've heard in months. you know, you're a great person.thank you

and of course.
anyone can comment anytime they like.

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*blushes* *mumbles* thank you. and I would do the exact same for you. (:

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Roses are Red,
Violets are blue,
My heart is filled
with LOVE for you

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Lo (darkalleycookies) | 93 comments Love your URL.
Will probably become one of my most-visited blogs.

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thank you.
what's yours?

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Lo (darkalleycookies) | 93 comments Oh, I don't actually have an account.
It's just easier for me to go stalk peoples' accounts without having one.

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makes sense. but if you get one, let me know

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|| I've Been Worryin' The We All Live Our Lives In The Confines Of Fear||

sometimes when I'm alone. I pretend I'm in a movie. Like, I'm the strong female protagonist that it just absolutely perfect. But that's the thing about pretending. You can be whoever you want but when you wake up, you're still the same.
And i've just realized, that for the rest of my life, I am going to be the Protagonist of my own story. So, i ought to be a great one, right?

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0.o you no like Christmas!?!
yum. cookies, though. eat a lot for me.

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and thank you

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||Everything Will Be Okay In The End. If It's Not Okay, Then It's Not The End||

My life has been filled with black and white. Black: what others tell me to do. White: What I believe to be true. Everyone always says to find the grey. But...what about the reds, and the pinks, and yellows, blues, greens? What about them?

I'm dying. We all are. In every second of every minute of every day, we get closer and closer to our death beds. Funny. While we're living, we are also dying.

I don't want to die miserable. I will not die miserable.

Vow #1: Insted of living in the grey, I will live in the rainbow of life.

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|| When Writing The Story Of Your Life, Don't Let Anyone Else Hold The Pen||

I REFUSE TO PITY MYSELF ANY LONGER! my thoughts on not being pretty enough, or skinny enough, or nice enough?! They are all gone. I mean, what is the point of putting yourself down like that? I am not going to live my life with my head so far up my butt thinking about how much i hate myself. I AM BREATHING. I CAN SEE. I CAN SMELL. I CAN HEAR. what the fuck do I have to complain about?

My self pitying days, OVER. There is so much darkness in the world. I am going to be the light.

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|| If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, there would be peace. ||

I am now officially Buddhist.
And I am going to be happy for the
rest of my life.
Vow #2

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the reason why you can't hear me scream,
is because I don't.

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|| We Stopped Looking For Monsters Under Our Beds When We Realized They Were Inside Of Us||

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Thank you.
I love YOU so much

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Lo (darkalleycookies) | 93 comments Wow that's good

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Thank you.
But it isn't mine.

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so, this is the historical moment in my life when I stop, look back on my life and realize that I do not like who i've been. So now I change into the person I want to be. Wish me luck

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|| 'Cause the girl in my mirror is crying out tonight ||

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|| Remember all the sadness and frustration, and let it go||

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You have just made my day, my love.
thank you very very much.

You are fucking brilliant!

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i love it!
it fits perfectly ^^

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it's time to say goodbye.

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But email me or something



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