New Moon (The Twilight Saga, #2) New Moon question

Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Aidra Aidra Dec 18, 2012 03:34PM
I'm on Team Edward, because he had her first, and all he wanted to do was too keep her safe, even if it meant turning her into a vampire in the end. Jacob is just greedy and wants her all to himself.

Team Jacob. Edward is a weirdo, all he wants to do is protect her and tell her how much he loves her, blah blah blah. Edward and bella don't DO anything. They just stare into each others eyes or talk about how much they love each other. It's such a boring relationship if you minus all the vamp stuff. Now, Jacob. He is fun. He's cool aswell with his motorbike and just generally wanting to enjoy life and have fun. Even Bella must know that she had more fun with Jacob and she loved him for being so sweet. So, yeah. Team Jacob:)

I choose Team Jacob. I would've been Team Edward before, but now, after actually being in a few relationships that didn't work I realized that the people I was dating were like Edward: bossy, manipulative, controlling, and sexist. I'm not trying to diss the series! I absolutely LOVE it! it's the series that got me into reading in the first place. But the first time I read the series I was 13 and didn't know anything about dating or anything. And edward is a little too perfect and Bella has really low self esteem. I realize that I'm downing the series a little and then saying that i love it, but I really do. bella is a determined girl who knows that she is going to be with Edward, but I like Jacob a lot more from a writing aspect because he has flaws and he isn't perfect. He's rough around the edges and he worries about Bella, but he also allows her to make her own decisions and doesn't force her into things. I love the character of Jacob because he's a much more beleivable character than Edward.
jacob has his flaws, his short temper. He's worried about hurting Bella and he loves her, so he'll do anything for her. jacob also turns into a wolf, which I think is awesome. So in conclusion, I'm Team Jacob.


Team neither. Bella needs to get some independence and discover herself...not spend time with guys who use control in the name of protection. I promise i get the love story...but was anyone else creeped out when Edward made it so she couldn't leave in her truck to see Jacob? I'm not trying to trash the book...I enjoyed the series....but I don't think it portrayed a heathy relationship in a lot of ways.

KarmaSc0rpi0n Exactly, she needed to develop an identity outside both Jacob and Edward and then maybe start thinking about adding other people to the mix.
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Team Volturi!

Team Jasper

I'm completely team Edward in the book...but in the movie I think I'm team Jacob because honestly Robert Pattinson isn't a great vampire, I mean he's good in other movies just not in the Twilight Saga...(sorry Robert fans)

Team Jacob ALL the Way! He deserves Bella more.

team edward

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Ackk!!!!! Both!

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TEAM EDWARD FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Definitely Team Jacob. I mean, I don't even like Edward. For the whole series I was complaining about Edward, Edward back off Edward go away Edward leave Bella and Jacob together, and I was rooting for Jacob

Team Edward!!!!

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I am Team Jacob.

1. Edward was kind of abusive. He manipulated Bella and put her down a lot. He was overprotective to an extreme degree. He also feverishly stalked her and crept through her window to watch her sleep.

2. Edward left Bella in the WOODs. This kind of goes with #1, but I'll just put it here anyways. In New Moon, Edward goes kind of crazy when Jasper attacks Bella. He decides to emotionally scar and traumatize her by leaving her in the woods. He treats her like an object in that scene, making it important that she physically doesn't have a scar on her, while she can be destroyed mentally.

3. Bella and Jacob's relationship is much deeper and much more emotional. Bella's relationship with Edward is based more on infatuation, we don't even get a pinch of his character- nothing about the person(or vampire) that he is, only endless sentences about his sparkly skin, his Adonis-style features, and how he looks like a male model(seriously?). He really is a statue, only features, no personality. And he only looks good because he's a vampire. I'm sure that if the roles were reversed, Bella vampire and Edward human, Bella would not even so much as glance at him. However, with Jacob, Jacob has a personality. Bella emotionally clicks with him. They know each other well, and generally enjoy their company. Also, Jacob treats Bella as her own person, and doesn't manipulate or put her down.

Team Jacob all the way!!

There is only Team Edward! Jacob is my lil' brother!

WTH. Hahaha! But, Team Emmet. Lol

Definitely team Edward!!

Team Edward. Jacob is just a pup ... and acts like one.

Definitely team Edward!! ;)

Team Switzerland! Haha

Team Alice she is AWESOME

Team Jacob from the very begining

Team MIKE NEWTON!!!! If she just ended up with him her life wouldn't be as complicated! He really liked her, but noooo she had to get involved with the paranormal world. SO in my perspective if she just ended up with Mike Newton her life would be so much more simpler and easier I guess. So TEAM MIKE NEWTON!!!

Team MYSELF!! Why? Cuz... *drum rolls*


Team Edward

Personally, I'm Team Jalice...

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TEAM JACOB FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

team Edward

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I am for team Edward.

I don't like both of them! :(

Team Jacob ofcourse! have you seen those abs??

Jacob is my fav character, but I really love edward too!

Team Switzerland. How about that?


JACOB! FOR LIFE! Edward's too boring. He's always trying to protect her, hurting her, never allowing anything near him to be fun. Jake is taller, more muscular, more normal teen guy-ish. Edward's so pale, quiet, short, and vampires.. I don't like vampires. They remind me of parasites or something, and I HATE HATE bugs. *shivers*


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Team Jacob
Edward should be dead by the time Bella was alieve it should have been Jacob and Bella

i think Edward is so boring and controlling simple as that i dont see what is so interesting about him



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Team Victoria FTW!

EDWARD!! I pracically disowned one of my friends whe she said she was in team jacob!!!



Team jacob, I mean who wouldn't want a warm fluffy wolf. No offense to Edward, but I wouldn't like cuddling with a frozen rock.

Team Edward! If there were a replacement team, it would have to be team Jasper!

Team Jacob

team edward1 all the way! edward

I am half Team Edward and half Team Emmett.

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