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Where can I buy this book?

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Lilac Hi, I really want to read this but I can't find anywhere to buy it. Is it available in print or only as an ebook?
I have the kindle app for PC and I could read it as an epub or PDF but I can't find it anywhere except for in nook format or something.
Thanks :)

Maria Download the kindle app on your computer it's free and then just buy it here:

It's a great read and so worth it! Have fun!

Bookluvr luvr sorry to say you can only get it on ebook

Susie You can also get on your computer download an eReader program. Heres the link:
Just click download ebook and find a program that lets you read it or you can read it in your browser.

Jennifer I just downloaded it-it's great- and very quick read.

Lilac Thanks everyone! Yay, I'm excited now! :D

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