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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments It's my day in TWCS's 12 days of Christmas. All my ebooks are on sale for $4.99 TODAY ONLY!

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments Live and Breathe Blog lists Stephan Coleman from my Finding Anna series as one of the top 15 book boyfriends of 2012.

It also lists Slave and Need as one of the top 10 BDSM/Erotica books of 2012.

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments Here is the first half of Chapter 1 of Red Zone.

Red Zone (Daniels Brothers, #2) by Sherri Hayes

It was late by the time Gage Daniels arrived home Tuesday night. He was tired and more than ready for a few days off. Too bad he had to report to practice the next morning.
He tossed his keys in the bowl he had sitting just inside the door as he made his way into the kitchen to get something to drink. He noted that everything seemed to be in its place. His brother and his girlfriend had cleaned up after themselves well after using his home this weekend. That was good. The last thing he wanted was to come home to a trashed house. Not that he could imagine Chris ever partying like that. No. That was Gage’s style. At least, it used to be.
Reaching into the fridge, he grabbed a beer and popped the top before taking a large swig. He had spent the last day and a half in Los Angeles with his manager, Mel, at an underwear photo shoot, of all things. Gage didn’t dispute he was a good-looking man, but why someone wanted to put him, a quarterback, in a pair of tighty-whities in a magazine was beyond him. He didn’t get it.
Mel had set everything up, so at least the previous day’s shoot had gone smoothly. That morning had been another story. For whatever reason, his manager scheduled an interview with some magazine he’d never heard of. Apparently they were big in Europe or something. He said it would be good for Gage’s image. Although after the interview, he wasn’t exactly sure what image they were trying to promote. The woman conducting the interview had pawed at him the entire time.
“What do you like to do when you’re not playing football?” She reached out to caress his thigh, her tone filled with innuendo. He knew he had a reputation as sort of a player, but come on! He was supposed to be there on business, not to get in her pants. Business was business. He didn’t like mixing the two. Even if he had, there was no way he would have gone for a reporter, no matter how attractive. That was just asking for trouble.
“Swim.” He’d kept his answer short, hoping she’d take the hint and move on with another line of questioning. No such luck.
“Hm. Anyone in particular you like to swim with? A girlfriend perhaps?” Her fingers glided suggestively against his arm this time. He leaned back in his chair, away from her. It didn’t work. She compensated by leaning in, her top dipping low.
“Surely you don’t like to swim . . . alone.”
By the time the interview had finished, the woman was practically in his lap. He’d politely excused himself and retreated to the car waiting out front to take him to the airport. The magazine was taking care of the lunch bill anyway, so it wasn’t as if he had to stick around to pay.
To make matters worse, someone had recognized him on the plane, and he’d spent the entire flight signing autographs and answering questions. Normally, he didn’t mind. Really, he didn’t. He loved his fans, and it was part of the job. After his disastrous lunch, however, he’d just wanted to be left alone.
Turning around, Gage spotted an envelope on the counter. How he’d missed it before was a testament to how tired he was, since it was lying there in plain sight. He picked it up and carried it with him upstairs to his bedroom. As much as he was dreading it, he had tapes for this coming Sunday’s game to look over.
He booted up his laptop and logged into the team’s private account. In the old days—not that he’d been around for the old days, since he’d only been playing professionally for five years—the players would huddle around a single television in one of the conference rooms to watch footage of the other team. He’d done that in high school, and that had been bad enough. This way was much better. Everything he needed to prep for the following day’s team meeting was accessible through a website and could be downloaded to his laptop and streamed to his big screen television. Once everything was set, he settled back against his pillows and pressed play.
The team they were playing wasn’t doing all that well this year, but their defense was solid. In fact, from what he could see, their defense was scoring as much as their offense. He would need to work with his receivers on protecting the ball. Turnovers could kill a team faster than anything.
An hour into the footage, his gaze drifted back to the envelope he’d brought upstairs. It seemed to be mocking him from where it lay on his nightstand. Picking it up, he saw his name handwritten on the front. It was just like all the others, and he knew what he’d find inside.
The first one had shown up two months ago at the stadium. It had been found by the front office manager and brought down to him. He’d taped it to the front of his locker. At first, he’d thought it was a fan letter, so he hadn’t opened it right away. Instead, he’d taken it home. Some of his fan letters, especially ones from women, tended to be slightly more explicit, and he didn’t like reading that stuff in front of the guys. In the privacy of his own home was . . . safer.
He knew from the handwriting on the front, however, that what he currently held in his hand wasn’t a fan letter. Flipping it over, he took a deep breath, opened the envelope, and pulled out the contents. As with all the others, there were pictures of him and a single sheet of paper that said I’m watching you. These pictures were from last weekend when he’d gone out with some of the guys after the game. A busty blonde was sitting on his lap, making sure he could see all her assets. She hadn’t really been his type—he preferred women who could at least hold their own in a conversation—but he was in the mood to party, and she was available. As he’d told the reporter, he didn’t have a girlfriend. Although he didn’t sleep around nearly as much as he had early on in his career, he wasn’t celibate either.
He looked at the pictures again, frustrated. Whoever was stalking him was doing a bang-up job of it. He had been photographed in nearly every public place he’d gone over the last two and a half months, and he’d not been able to spot anything out of place, and it wasn’t for lack of trying. Even the night the picture in his hand was taken, he’d thought he’d been diligent. The club was crowded but not any more than usual. People were moving comfortably throughout—socializing and dancing. He’d not seen any indication someone was paying him, or his teammates, any more attention than they normally provoked when they were out in public.
Throwing the letter down on his nightstand, he leaned back against the headboard of his bed and ran a hand through his hair. Tim Donovan, the team’s owner, would want to know about this. He’d nearly flipped a lid when he’d found out about the last one through the grapevine and that it hadn’t been the first. Tim had made Gage promise to come to him immediately the next time it happened. He’d even threated to bench Gage if he didn’t, and there was no way he would let that happen.
Shutting everything off, Gage lay back on his bed and stared up at the ceiling. Who was doing this and why? It didn’t make sense. He was just a football player.
Rolling over, he punched his pillow until he found a semicomfortable position. He’d need to take a detour to Tim’s office first thing in the morning. There was no way he was giving Tim an excuse to keep him on the sidelines.

To read the rest of Chapter 1...

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments Happy anniversary to me!

Two years ago today my first novel, Hidden Threat, was released. :)

Hidden Threat by Sherri Hayes

In honor of my publishing anniversary, I'm giving away an ebook of Hidden Threat. Leave a comment saying how you first heard about my books, and I'll put your name into a drawing. I'll pick the winner on New Years day, so make sure to leave your comment on my Facebook author page before midnight on December 31st.

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments Need (Finding Anna, #2) by Sherri Hayes

Need is #6 on Live, Read, and Breathe blog's top 10 reads of 2012.

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments Starting today, you can pre-order your copy of my newest novel, Red Zone. This is for PAPERBACKS ONLY. Ebooks will be available for download on the release date.
Red Zone (Daniels Brothers, #2) by Sherri Hayes

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments Want to know what's going on in my world? Check out my Monday update.

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments Reality Bites blog is participating in the Happy Endings blog hop. The prize? A copy of my newest novel, Red Zone (signed paperback for US residents. ebook for international) Go to her website to enter. http://realitybites-letsgetlost.blogs...

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments Today is the last day to enter to win a signed copy of my upcoming novel, Red Zone, over on Reality Bites Blog.
Red Zone

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments Red Zone is one of Under the Covers Book Blog's Most Anticipated February Releases.
Red Zone (Daniels Brothers, #2) by Sherri Hayes

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments I was interviewed yesterday for a television show called the list. Here is the link.

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments Today is the first day of my Red Zone blog tour (non BDSM). Meet Gage Daniels, and enter to win a copy of Red Zone.
Red Zone (Daniels Brothers, #2) by Sherri Hayes

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments There are two stops on the Red Zone blog tour today. The first one is over at Reality Bites. "This is a definite read for all romance fans who are looking for that Happily Ever After!!!!!!" http://realitybites-letsgetlost.blogs...

The second is a guest post over at Live, Read and Breathe. Find out what I find to be the hardest scenes to write.

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments Join me in celebrating the release of my newest novel, Red Zone (Daniels Brothers #2). At the end of the day, one lucky person will win a signed copy of Red Zone. More details to come on the Facebook Event Page.

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments The Red Zone release party is underway.
Red Zone (Daniels Brothers, #2) by Sherri Hayes
Stop by and participate for a chance to win a signed copy of Red Zone. All you have to do is participate!

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments Today's Red Zone blog tour stop also includes a giveaway. Stop in and leave a comment to enter.
Red Zone (Daniels Brothers, #2) by Sherri Hayes

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments The March issue of The Daily Grind is out. This month there is an interview with both myself and fellow author Gene Doucette.

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments The Book Enthusiast is hosting a dark reads week and they are featuring Slave and Need with a giveaway of one of my backlist books. To enter, go to their website

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments I will be revealing the first sneak peak of Truth (Finding Anna, Book 3) over at The SUBCLUB blog on Monday, March 25th.

I'll also be doing a cover reveal next Monday, April 1st, on my blog.

Truth (Finding Anna, Book 3) will be released July 25, 2013.

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments ...the first sneak peak of Truth (Finding Anna, Book 3).

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments I'm participating along with over 30 other authors in The SUBCLUB's first every Spring Giving Event. I've chosen The Polaris Project as my charity. They work both here in the US, and also around the world to educate, support, and advocate for victims of human trafficking.

One lucky person will win a signed copy of Slave, and five others will win a set of signed bookmarks from me. My giveaway is open internationally.

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments The official program for Ohioana 2013 is out. I'll be on the Fiction by Women: A Writer's Roundtable panel from 12:45pm to 1:30pm. There are lots of activities all day long including a book fair of 90+ Ohio authors with genres ranging from childrens picture books to erotica, author panels, and children's activities. If you're in Ohio, or will be on May 11th, consider stopping by and seeing what the Ohioana Book Festival is all about.

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments Make ANY purchase on TWCSPH from May 1st to July 31st 2013 and you will be entered into a drawing for a Kindle Fire loaded with ALL the TWCS titles.

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments Enter to win a signed copy of my novel Slave (Finding Anna, Book 1) over at Inner Goddess.

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments Book Trailer for my latest novel, Red Zone.

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments Today my debut novel, Hidden Threat, is on sale for $2.99 TODAY ONLY. To find the TWCS books, go to All the books on sale are $2.99 each (normally $4.99 and up).

To find out what other books are on sales with the author group this week, check out my blog. I'll be updating it every day with what is on sale as the week goes along.

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments Lots of great book deals today in the All American Ebook Sale. Check out today's blog post to find out what's on sale today, and where you can download your copy.

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments This is the last day for the SUBCLUB's Spring Giving Event. There are lots of great books up for grabs including a signed copy of my novel, Slave (Finding Anna, Book 1).

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments Feel free to share.

My blog tour for Truth (Finding Anna, Book 3) starts off today with a stop at La Crimson Femme. There is an interview with Stephan and an audio excerpt of Truth. Commenters are entered to win a signed paperback of Truth.

Giveaway runs from 6/20/13 thru 6/27/13

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments The second Truth blog tour stop for today is over at Talk Supe where I share 10 facts about my Finding Anna series.

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments Today the Truth blog tour stops at Inner Goddess.

InnerGoddess: If you could be one of your own, or any book heroine from books you have read, who would you like to be and why?

Find out my answer to that question, and enter to win a copy of Truth.
Giveaway runs from 6/21/13 to 6/24/13.

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments The second stop on my blog tour today is at The Book Bellas. You can read their amazing review of Truth (Finding Anna, Book 3) and enter to win an ebook of Truth.

"The Finding Anna series is one of the most lyrical and addictive BDSM – romance series I have ever read."

Giveaway is 6/21/13 to 6/26/13

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments Today I'm over at Nette's Bookshelf talking about alpha males.

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments The blog tour is stopping at The Risque Redhead Reads today.

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments There are two stops today on my Truth blog tour. The first is over at Lori's Book Blog. I'm talking about writing Finding Anna, and which of the books so far is my favorite.

Also, you can read her 4 star review. "If you've been reading the Finding Anna series I will tell you that this is an amazing (yet heartbreaking) addition to the series! If you haven't started the series... OMG... you totally should!"

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments My Secret Romance. Review and giveaway. http://www.mysecretromancebookreviews...

Truth Twitter Party – Jitterbug PR is hosting a Twitter party for me in celebration of Truth’s release on Monday, July 29th starting at 8pm EST. To join the chat, use #TruthFA3.

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments Author Override. Under The Covers Book Blog. Read an excerpt from #Truth and enter their #giveaway.

Under The Covers Book Blog. Review of Truth.

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments Swept Away by Romance. Read their review of Truth, and enter their giveaway.

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments The Book Vulture. Review of Truth. “Scenes between Brianna and Stephan once again escalate and make hearts race. He is so gentle with her, but at the same time he takes her to heights she's never known. And it's HOT!”

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments Sign up for my new Newsletter!

Starting September 1st, I will be sending a monthly newsletter to fans who have signed up to receive it. The newsletters will have lots of fun stuff including a welcome from me,and chances to win some cool swag.

This first newsletter will be extra special for my Finding Anna fans, however, as it will contain an exclusive FIRST LOOK at the 4th and final book in the series. You don't want to miss out.

Sign up for my newsletter by clicking on this link

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments Want to win a signed bookmark of Behind Closed Doors by Sherri Hayes? Sign up for her Newsletter, and be entered in a drawing to win one of eight signed bookmarks.

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments You're invited to join me and other readers as we read through my Finding Anna Series during the month of February. We begging with Slave, Chapters 1-6 on February 4th.

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments I had a few people say they were having trouble with the link above so here is a direct link to the group.

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Sherri Hayes | 109 comments There are 26 days until the release of Trust, the 4th, and final book, in my Finding Anna Series. To count down to the big day, for the 30 days leading up to the release I'm posting a small excerpt on my blog.

Check it today's post here.

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