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Rishi Verma | 2 comments Title: A Day in The Life

Author: Rishi Verma


Publisher: Self-published through Amazon KDP

Date of publishing: December 6, 2012

Format: Ebook

A Day in The Life is a contemporary novella that follows the outrageous events that take place on January 28, 2007 in V’s life. The story is told through the irreverent eyes of the narrator who claims to be V’s dearest friend. Though, because of the numerous embarrassing stories he tells about V through the book, one is forced to take all his words with a pinch of salt, or perhaps a fistful.

V is a 24-year-old journalist who lives in Bombay; a city he is absolutely in love with. But thanks to all the lemons it routinely throws at him, it is also a city he hates. On the morning of January 28, 2007, V wakes up to find that he is (as always) terribly late for work. He wishes to get in his car and zoom away to his office where his grumpy and irate boss is waiting for an excuse to fire him. But the car’s old engine has decided to take it easy today. So V is left with no option but to beg at the feet of the city’s famed public transport. After many failed attempts, he finds a taxi that takes him half the way to his office (it is running out of fuel). After a thoroughly adventurous ride complete with an upturned garbage truck on the way, V overcomes all his fears of Dadar station and gives himself up to the dreaded local train for the rest of the journey.

When finally he gets to his dilapidated office, he is dispatched instantly to the other end of the city for a press conference. Many more blunders and a phone call to his angry girlfriend later, he is back in office only to find that his superior is even grumpier than in the morning. But V is determined not to be distracted by his superlatively annoying boss or foolish subordinates. After all, he has to finish all the work as soon as possible and rush off to yet another crowded part of the city to meet – and perhaps patch up with – his girlfriend. In his hurry to get going, V overlooks a number of grave errors in his reports. He is blissfully unaware of the fact that these mistakes will come back to bite him in the rear just a few hours later.

When he does reach his ladylove’s house, he is ushered in by her extremely drunk father who is very fond of him. Here also, he spends a long time trying to make sane conversation with his own mother, who is very low on telephonic intelligence. When finally he has made up with his girlfriend, V returns home, broke for the month, and receives a phone call. It’s his boss calling to inform him that he no longer has a job.

Filled to the brim with insane incidents and people – an irate cabbie, a homosexual auto driver, a grumpy boss, a moody girlfriend, a ticketless-travel fine, a car that loves to break down, a bothersome landlady, an excruciating dog bite – A Day in The Life finally comes to an end. Or does it?

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Rishi Verma | 2 comments Thank you so much! :)

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