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message 1: by Rock (new)

Rock Ism | 284 comments Mod
How does it work?

I have a FWB situation and she wants to get more serious. But I know I cannot be loyal to her. So I am thinking of suggesting that we have an Open relationship. Its been done before, right? So why not?

Anyone have any advice or experience in this department?

message 2: by Jenny (new)

Jenny | 218 comments Mod
It has been done before... when both people really agree with it, but if she wants to get serious, I am assuming that does not mean share you with someone else. Never hurts to ask though....

message 3: by fabby (last edited Dec 17, 2012 10:21PM) (new)

fabby | 35 comments right.... maybe wait until she finds somebody she is attracted to and she is more open to it than ask and yes it has been done, but it always ends up not being good ,one of you will fall for somebod else... but you can always try

message 4: by Terri (new)

Terri (terrilovescrows) | 69 comments both parties have to really AGREE I think, not just do it because the other wants to

message 5: by Tanjlisa (new)

Tanjlisa Marie (tanjlisamarie) | 234 comments Well, what exactly is an open relationship? Is that when you're with one person but go out and see other people? How is that any different than dating?

message 6: by Rock (new)

Rock Ism | 284 comments Mod
Well, my fwb wants to be exclusive when it comes to going to family get togethers like christmas and thanksgiving and weddings, etc. She also wants to basically live together and have a family. But I can only agree to that if I am able to see other women. And I tell her that she is free to see other people also.

message 7: by Tanjlisa (new)

Tanjlisa Marie (tanjlisamarie) | 234 comments So an open relationship is having a main squeeze with a spare (or two) on the side?

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