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Kim Flowers | 3 comments Dec. 19 No Turning Back will be a free e-book all day at!

The punishment for a seventh-grade dropout runaway is probably pretty harsh, but Ash Barker doesn't care. She can't waste time or emotions on anyone but her brother, Matt. They were placed is separate foster homes, so Ash runs away to find him. If she fails, she's headed back to juvenile detention.

Everything is going right on schedule until two kids, Dayna and Kevin, barge into her hideout -- which just happens to be their house. She ditches the pair fast but can't stop thinking about those bruised, skinny kids.

Ash returns to take them with her. She is so happy to be reunited with Matt and to discover she is falling in love with Dayna that at first she doesn't ca

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Kim Flowers | 3 comments Care what happens next. Will Ash be able to keep her new family together despite hunger and sickness?

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