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Troy | 73 comments Mod
Part I, Chapters 8-11

message 2: by Danny (new)

Danny (Danny_Mercury) | 6 comments In chapter eight, this book really came alive for me. The introduction of the inner life of Anthony MacMurrough and his relationship to Dr. Scrotes is a complex relationship. The whole inner dialog put together with the actual history of their imprisonment adds a lot of layers to this character. The subtle character revels also help this novel:

“He watched him read the note like a morning paper”

"No eyes are truly black, but this boy's seemed to be. Like rain on a laid road, rain on a road in the moonlight."

“MacMurrough said, “Actually, I was caught.” The boy stooped on the gravel. “You was?” MacMurrough ambled on. “It’s all right. They never catch you twice.” Why wouldn’t they?” “They never release you the first time.”

This exchange spotlights the shame and mistrust of his family finding out he was a homosexual in a very subtle way. I am not the familiar with Joyce, but for me it rings of Faulkner’s character descriptions.

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