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Having trouble getting into it

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message 1: by Lulu (new)

Lulu I've been reading this book for quite some time now. I like bits of it but I grow bored of it quickly.

Rebekah This is one of my favorite books, albeit mostly because I really identify with Amanda. I love Tom Robbins, but he can be a bit too descriptive at times, which kind of drones on and on without much plot or action. Try skimming through those little parts so you can get further in the book - it does pick up in speed as it goes along. Also, try 'Fierce Invalids from Hot Climates' from Tom Robbins for similar themes with more action. Probably stay away from 'Still Life With Woodpecker'. :)

message 3: by Bedlam1313 (new) - added it

Bedlam1313 I can only read in small doses as well. I previously bailed out on 'Still Life With Woodpecker' and 'Villa Incognito.' Loved 'Skinny Legs and All' so trying to give this one a chance.

message 4: by Lulu (new)

Lulu Interesting comment about the love-hate thing with Robbins. My friend is obsessed with this book. Perhaps I fall into the hate category.

Monica I recently read Even Cowgirls Get the Blues and I find much correlation between the female characters. It does seem to take me a few days of reading a page or two here and there to get into the book but I seem to be one who loves Tom too.

HomeInMyShoes I really enjoyed this one. I love his descriptions. There's so much packed into those words. I do agree that if you're looking for plot movement he could be infuriating.

I've only read one other title from Robbins (Skinny Legs and All) and when I read ARA I couldn't believe I had waited so long to read another title from him.

Esmeralda I love Tom Robbins and I've read just about everything that he has written. I think this book was my favorite and I read it several times.

message 8: by Joe (new) - rated it 4 stars

Joe Palmer The plot didn't really do much for me, it felt a little clumsy, saying that though I still loved the book. The plot seemed to me like a canvas to let his prose go wandering of on, I love Robbins descriptions perfectly abstract and apposite. I'll definitely be picking up a few of his other books sometime soon.

message 9: by Michael (last edited Dec 29, 2012 03:21AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Michael Brown Loved it, loved it, loved it, as with every other Tom Robbins concoction I've read. This also has one of the best first lines I ever read. Often, in quiet moments when nobody is watching, I feel that Robbins has the same quirky angle on his prose as e e cummings did with his poetry - recognisable but with odd edges and endearingly warped sides.

Brandon Meyers Stick with it. It never really gets easier to read, but it does get better.

Brian Howard If you really like Tom Robbins, you should check out my novel:

At least the blurb and my one review. Thank you.

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