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message 1: by Ed (new)

Ed | 237 comments Mod
I haven't read in a cafe in a while but I read they are very popular. Does anyone here like to read in them...what type? Starbucks in a book store, other places?


message 2: by Ellenjsmellen (new)

Ellenjsmellen | 3 comments Nope, I never read in cafes. I'd like to though, but I've got 2 little kids and it would end up being a horrible experience!

message 3: by Ed (new)

Ed | 237 comments Mod
I see so many people in the starbucks on the few times I stop by.....many are on their laptops plugging away.


message 4: by Kristi (new)

Kristi (Target) | 10 comments Occasionally I'll read in Starbucks... But thats mostly because it's in a barnes & noble, and I have to wait for someone. It's kind of like reading in a classroom, alot of things to ignore, but alright to read in.

message 5: by Anne (new)

Anne | 10 comments I love reading in cafes. I live in Oakland, California, home to lots of independent coffee shops with comfy chairs -- some even have small libraries where you can leave a book/take a book. While I do appreciate the predictability of a Starbuck's latte -- most of their stores around here are too crowded/loud for good reading. I feel bad if I'm taking up a seat for too long (though folks on their laptops never seem to mind). When I feel like my house is a little too quiet, and I want to be part of the world, without quite being part of the world, I find nothing more relaxing than reading in a cafe.

message 6: by Debbie (new)

Debbie (sardonicprincessofcheerfulness) I have read in cafes if I am waiting for someone (just a magazine - if I carried books around with me I would never get anything done)! NEVER in Starbucks...they serve truly horrible coffee! (And yes, we do have Starbucks in New Zealand).

message 7: by Ed (new)

Ed | 237 comments Mod
I agree about the laptops...they look like they've set up shop for days. lol


message 8: by Laura (new)

Laura | 1 comments When I lived in NYC I often read in little coffee shops/cafes. My apartment was so small that those places became my living room.

Now that I am in the wild and wooly suburbs, my favorite place to read is curled up on my bed. I always carry a book with me wherever I go, though, just in case!

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

Oh yes, esp. in Paris where I lived for 2 years and would alternate reading and people watching. Bliss bliss bliss.

message 10: by Ed (new)

Ed | 237 comments Mod
When I lived in Chicago I really enjoyed reading, studying in coffee houses...great for people watching or just focusing in a lively place on whatever I was reading. Also coffee houses always seemed warm in the winter time.


message 11: by Karen (new)

Karen In my mind, cafes were made for reading. :-) I love to sit in one of the overstuffed chairs, especially in the shops with a fireplace, and read. I never leave home without a book in my purse, you never know when you're going to get tied up someplace. In my case, it's walking home from an errand, appointment or work and getting the bug for a coffee. And what's a coffee without a book? I'm fortunate to live in the city and one that is full of coffee shops and bookstores. Nirvana! You can tell I was a girl scout in my childhood...thier motto is "be prepared"!

message 12: by Ken (new)

Ken Being a country boy, I can only wonder: "Café? What café?"

message 13: by Karen (new)

Karen That's funny! Just how far in the country ARE you? Even my little midwest town where I grew up now has a cafe. :-)

message 14: by Prabha (new)

Prabha | 29 comments A cafe is the only place where i can have my caffe latte and chill undisturbed with a good book for hours. And, once in while, look up to quietly watch the world go by...I try to do this once a week - it's very therapeutic!

message 15: by Debbie (new)

Debbie (sardonicprincessofcheerfulness) You aren't missing much New England! In my experience...better coffee and company at home....also better for reading!

message 16: by Halle♥ (new)

Halle♥ | 13 comments reading in a cafe is so picturesque and reminds me of the French! lol
It'd be pretty cool to do that sometime though; maybe grab a cup of tea(herbal, my choice) and totally chill. lol

message 17: by Ken (new)

Ken Karen -- Well, I'm certainly not out in the sticks, just the 'burbs. Maybe I have a different definition of "café" than others. On hearing the word, I think of Paris, too -- outdoor tables and chairs, umbrellas, statues of Marshall Ney, the whole neuf yards.

Of course we have little coffee houses in my area, and some of them even park a few tables out in front (as if that makes them a café!). Mais non, mes amies (et amis). Ce n'est-pas le meme chose.

And Debbie, I'm with you on Starbucks -- their coffee tastes like burnt toast. I'd take Dunkin Donuts any day of the week (or strong), but prefer my own from home. Black, thank you. No messing with coffee (sugar, milk, cream, etc.).

And yes, I own books sporting coffee stains. Badges of honor, that.

message 18: by Debbie (new)

Debbie (sardonicprincessofcheerfulness) We don't have Dunkin' Donuts here in NZ so I couldn't possibly comment on that!! Badges of honour indeed...I have a friend who is so completely anal about how pristine her books are I am sure she can't bear to read them!!! Half of mine have been read so many times they are missing covers and have lots of badges!!!

message 19: by Ken (new)

Ken Coffee stains are OK, it's the food stains that are not so cool (esp. when causing pages to stick together or taking on a 3-dimensional shape). Yeesh.

message 20: by Melissa W (new)

Melissa W (melissawiebe80) depends on the mood and the drink. I usually end up at a Starbucks and read for a couple of hours; it also depends on what sort of seat I can get; if I am at one of the tables, then its next to impossible to read, but if I get one of the more comfortable chairs, then I will do so or if the weather is nice outside, then I will read for a couple of hours on one of their outside tables.

message 21: by Lori (new)

Lori Walker I really like reading in a coffee shop, but I usually get my coffee to go; the only time I sit is when I'm meeting someone. If I had time and didn't think I'd be spotted by anyone that knows me (and would come over and talk to me) I'd love reading in a Starbucks. We have a few places with outdoor seating that I think I want to try reading and eating at once the weather gets nice.

message 22: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl (chaoscat60) | 37 comments I used to always read at Starbucks, but they got rid of my favorite syrup and I am not intrested in being there anymore. I do enjoy reading outside, if I have time the library has an area with benches and tables I'll read there. I don't eat out much but if I did I would read then too.

message 23: by Lori (new)

Lori Walker I remember that some "be independent" articles I've read say to bring a book with you when you're eating by yourself (if it will make you more comfortable) and some have said don't bring one. I don't get the chance to eat at a restaurant very much, but I like to bring my book so I can avoid staring accidentally at people, while lost in thought.

message 24: by Lori (new)

Lori Anderson (lorianderson) I read in restaurants when I go out by myself -- otherwise I feel awkward BEING alone.

message 25: by BumbleBrie (new)

BumbleBrie Bourn (blktoast) | 9 comments You're NEVER alone when you have a good book!

message 26: by Ed (new)

Ed | 237 comments Mod
I agree definitely with that last statement. :)

message 27: by Lori (new)

Lori Anderson (lorianderson) Very true... very true. With a book I feel I have friends around me. And every so often, someone will comment on the book I'm reading, and there's a very cool, brief connection between me and a stranger.

message 28: by Khulood (new)

Khulood I used to, but not any more. I find cafes quite noisy and I prefer being relaxed at home enjoying the book :) I would read at parks or on the beach :)

message 29: by Ed (new)

Ed | 237 comments Mod
I sometimes find if I have a small paperback that I'm able to read it at all sorts of places.

message 30: by Heidi (new)

Heidi  | 23 comments Too much noise... I'll read if I'm waiting for someone, but otherwise, I avoid reading at cafe's-- it's hard to totally escape (probably because I'm nosey and end up watching people instead).

message 31: by BumbleBrie (new)

BumbleBrie Bourn (blktoast) | 9 comments I carry a book with me at all times!

message 32: by Melissa W (new)

Melissa W (melissawiebe80) blktoast wrote: "I carry a book with me at all times!"

me too

message 33: by Donna (new)

Donna Linn (dlinnshowmetalkradiocom) | 1 comments I used to read in cafes a lot, but stopped because of too much noise. Also, people were always talking to me. Now, I mostly read at home, especially in the evening, right before I go to bed. That seems to work out the best.

message 34: by Anna (new)

Anna (lilfox) | 53 comments In Cracow there is a cafe joined with a bookstore. You can get a coffee, take a book from a shelf and read it before buying. It's called Massolit Cafe.

message 35: by Terri (new)

Terri (terrilovescrows) | 30 comments No because the noise is too distracting.

message 36: by Ahoo (new)

Ahoo | 3 comments for me, so much depends on the book.
When I'm really excited and interested, I read everywhere. At home, while eating food, in the way to bus station, in the bus, walking to the place, and in the cafe if any plan to go there.
I keep doing this until the book is finished or a big fight with the family is started!

Literary Multitudes (literary_multitudes) I also always carry a book with me. And I love to read in cafés, but I hardly ever do. Mainly because I don't find the perfect café to do so...
And Starbucks etc.-places are not very nice here, the people always make you feel like you aren't cool enough to be there. ;)
I loved to read in cafés when I was in Barcelona, I also think Spanish cafés (and coffee) are the best.

message 38: by Deborah (new)

Deborah | 19 comments There is one cafe in town, The 61C, named for the bus route in that neighborhood, where I like to read. It has better coffee than Starbucks and doesn't have that off-putting corporate cool decor that I have come to despise. The 61C has an outside patio and big plate glass windows in front, great for reading or just people watching.

As far as coffee goes, if I have to drink Columbian coffee, Dunkin Donuts is OK. But I'm addicted to dark roasts, especially French Roast. I used to swear by Peet's from Berkeley, but lately I've switched to Seattle's Best. It probably doesn't compares to Peet's fresh roasted from the store, but the store is @ 2500 miles away! SB travels better and costs less!

message 39: by Lori (new)

Lori Walker I may have to read in a cafe this weekend just because I haven't done it in forever. Those of you who do read in cafes, do you read in the big comfy chairs or do you get a small table?

message 40: by Melissa W (new)

Melissa W (melissawiebe80) Lori wrote: "I may have to read in a cafe this weekend just because I haven't done it in forever. Those of you who do read in cafes, do you read in the big comfy chairs or do you get a small table?"

I generally read at a small table, but when they are available, I go to the big comfy chairs.

message 41: by Anna (new)

Anna (lilfox) | 53 comments I try to read in big comfy chairs, but if they aren't available I read at a small time.

message 42: by Lori (new)

Lori Walker I'm actually going to have to put a hold on Starbucks expenditures because I spent $23 on a really bad meal last night and it's definitely hurt this month's budget.

message 43: by Jana (new)

Jana | 6 comments I love to read in cafes, but don't get too that often because of the little one. Reading in a cafe in Europe sounds lovely and I think it's more widely accepted than in America (though they might be reading the newspaper instead). I always read at a table because the comfy chairs are taken, and because a table helps keep me alert.

message 44: by Deborah (new)

Deborah | 19 comments Lori wrote: "I'm actually going to have to put a hold on Starbucks expenditures because I spent $23 on a really bad meal last night and it's definitely hurt this month's budget."

Lori - don't you hate when that happens? That sum spent on a good meal would be money well spent, but when you're sitting there thinking, "I could have stayed at home and had ramen noodles ...) Ouch!

I have to vote for the table in cafe's, as the big comfy chairs aren't good for my back.

message 45: by Dan (new)

Dan (chaoticbuffalo) I don't read in cafes/coffee shops but I love to grab one of the big chairs in Barnes & Nobe or Borders or the library and get lost in a book for an hour or so.

message 46: by LJ (new)

LJ (ljroberts) I, too, live in Oakland, California but I am a silence reader. If I'm out among people, I'm too inclined to people watch rather than read. I also read best with silence.

message 47: by Katy-Del (new)

Katy-Del Before kids, I would sit with a book in a coffee shop, I would ussually just watch people, because I am easily distracted. After kids, nope. Not when I have them with me, and if I don't have them with me, there is too much else I could be using my time to do.

message 48: by samantha (new)

samantha (samstress) nope. i can only read in total silence.

message 49: by Chana (new)

Chana | 5 comments sometimes I will read in Starbucks or Tullys but the kids don't have too much patience for it so I don't usually get more than 20 minutes before we will have to leave. Because the Tully's has a book sharing shelf I often go there to donate books that I have finished so if I am just near the end of one and want a coffee then I can finish the book up while I drink my coffee then leave the book.

message 50: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) I don't like to read in public. I can't get comfortable and I can't concentrate--too many distractions. I like to watch people too, but I don't like them watching me.

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