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How'd you picture the characters?

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message 1: by Hai (last edited Dec 03, 2012 07:23PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Hai So. After reading the first 2 books, I watched the first season of the show. Alot of the characters looked different in the show than I had imagined in my head. Which got me thinking: How did you guys imagine the characters looked like? (internet images welcome) this isn't a cast the book thing, so fictional characters welcome.

Catelyn Stark
I always got the vibe of a mother from Captain Janeway from Voyager. She also has red hair, cares about her family. Well, her ship family, I mean.


Cersei Lannister
I always pictured Connie Nielson as Cersei, because of her role in Gladiator. Sister to Commodus, incest playing a bit of a role in this story as well. Also, Lena Headey played a faithful wife in 300, so it feels weird for her to be this evil bitch of a queen in Game of Thrones.


Tyrion Lannister
Now, don't get me wrong, Peter Dinklage is freaking amazing as Tyrion, but when I first read the book, all I saw in my head was a Gnome from World of Warcraft. It just fits better. Dinklage is also really good looking, compared to how Tyrion is described in the book. (I couldnt find a blonde beardless gnome, but you get the idea)


The guy playing Hodor just looks like a normal guy. Which just seems weird to me for some reason. I see a Skyrim Giant every time i picture Hodor.


Maester Luwin
Beardless Maester Luwin? Oh come on! Al Mualim from Assassin's Creed 1 is way better. I even read Maester Luwin's dialogue in his voice.




That's all I have for now. Some characters just had a generic feel to them in my head so I never had to imagine how they looked. Other characters, like King Renly, Ser Loras, don't look the part, but I can't think of specific actors to fit the image in my head.

Melissa I kept picturing Caetlyn as a blonde in my head, regardless of descriptions of her as a redhead. I haven't watched the show yet. Maester Lewin for me was kind of... Gandalf.

Mitali I watched the show before reading the books, so now how the actors look is firmly entrenched in my mind as the official look of the characters. That said, I do find it uncomfortable when the description of the character is distinctly different from the actor portraying them. Tyrion is a good example: Peter Dinklage is a great actor, and he brings the character to life very well – but he’s also quite handsome, whereas Tyrion’s ugliness is as much a defining feature of his appearance as his dwarfism. Jorah Mormont is another example: the way he’s described in the books is distinctly more unattractive than Iain Glen, who is almost James Bondish in his good looks. On the other hand, they should have chosen a more attractive actor for Robert. The way Robert is described in the books, he seems to be a handsome man gone to seed, whereas Mark Addy doesn’t look like he was ever anything more than average looking.

About Hai’s suggestions: I agree that Captain Janeway and Catelyn Stark have a lot in common personality wise, and probably appearance wise as well. They do give off a similar vibe.
But Al Mualim and Maester Luwin? Come on! Even when he’s not being evil, Al Mualim is a deathly bore, whereas Maester Luwin is a sweet and loyal man through and through. Yes, I get that you’re comparing appearances, not personalities, but as far as elderly, bearded mentor figures go, there are many better ones to choose from than Al Mualim. As Melissa suggests, Gandalf would be a better choice.

message 4: by Emma (new)

Emma Robert Baratheon didn't look anything like I imagined him. I expected him to look a lot younger than he was on the show, kinda like Ray Winston in Henry the 8th.

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Hai to defend my choice for Al Mualim as Maester Luwin, True, he's a kind hearted old codger, but so was Al Mualim. He was fatherly to Altair and felt like a born scholar, much as Maesters are described to be. I can see how Gandalf would fit the rol as well, but he seems a bit too soft for my liking. Maester Luwin is soft, but he's also stern with Bran, as to teach him right and wrong. I think Ned would have preferred him this way.

Also I thought of who Ser Loras would have looked like.


Heath Ledger from his role in A Knight's Tale. Good looking, muscular, and charming, as Ser Loras would be. Not like the skinny guy in the show now.

Mitali Hai wrote: "to defend my choice for Al Mualim as Maester Luwin, True, he's a kind hearted old codger, but so was Al Mualim. He was fatherly to Altair and felt like a born scholar, much as Maesters are describe..."

Al Mualim - a kind-hearted codger?! Just wondering - have you finished Assassin's Creed 1? ;)

Heath Ledger is not bad as Ser Loras, but I personally think of him more as a 'pretty boy' type rather than muscular. Maybe that's just the effect of the nickname 'Knight of Flowers'!

Emma wrote: "Robert Baratheon didn't look anything like I imagined him. I expected him to look a lot younger than he was on the show, kinda like Ray Winston in Henry the 8th."

All the characters on the show are aged up from what they are in the books, the kids/adolescents by around 2-5 years, and the adults by around 10-15 years. Robert and Ned are in their mid-30s in the book, but they were played by actors in their late-40s to early-50s.

Jeni I'm a late-comer to the whole book series and only picked them up to read before watching the first season on TV. I finished the first book the day of the season one premiere.

I may have formed a vision of what they look like while reading them, but the casting on the show is pretty amazing. Now, I see the actors when I read.

The only one that was way off for me, was Theon. I pictured him a bit more-burly, I suppose.

Mitali Since we’re including fictional characters, I’d like to mention the character of Emily Thorne from the TV series ‘Revenge’, who reminds me strongly of Daenerys Targaryen. She is several years older than Dany, of course (but then, so is the actress who plays her in the GoT TV series). Emily has Dany’s single-mindedness and determination to succeed in a world that has wronged her and underestimated her. She also has lovely blonde hair and an innocent-seeming face.

Jeske I pictured Joffrey as having curly hair and thick lips, but I don't mind his different look in the series.

Runar The casting people did a great job on Roose Bolton. He looks exactly as I envisioned him.

Jonathan Roberts I think I was midway through the third season of Game of Thrones (i.e. pre-Red Wedding) when I started reading the novels, and so I visualised many of the characters as their actors. However, there were some characters whose appearance I had to imagine.
I'm sure some of you are familiar with the South Park episode where the boys are depicted as anime warriors. Anyway, Eric Cartman in anime form is pretty much how I imagined Strong Belwas. I also imagined Rhaegar Targaryen as looking like the archetypal male Blood Elf from World of Warcraft

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J the almost author I pictured Cersei and Catelyn each as blonde and red-haired versions(respectively) of Cate Blanchet.

Scott Kinkade I pictured Tyrion as sorta like Gimli from Lord of the Rings 'cause the book said he's a dwarf. Only later did I realize it was the other kind of dwarf. HAHA I feel silly.

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