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North of Need (Hearts of the Anemoi, #1)
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North of Need - Week One > Beginning Thoughts

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message 1: by A (new) - rated it 3 stars

A (AMB86) | 200 comments Mod
Beginning thoughts? What do you really like so far? Anything you don't like?

message 2: by A (new) - rated it 3 stars

A (AMB86) | 200 comments Mod
I am really enjoying it. It is super sad at the beginning though I have to admit but I don't mind. There is a story behind it and it's not just a random oh here is some sad stuff in here to fill some gaps. It does seem a little fast paced like there isn't enough development but it is only the 1st quarter of the book so I am going to hold judgement. I do like the characters introduced into the book so far.

Sarah (austinbooklover) | 44 comments So far, I am not that entranced by it. I feel like it is grasping here. I do not really feel her loss, it feels hollow and empty so far. I like the mythical aspects of it. I like that they are trying to give her dimension by her blaming herself but it is all just so hard to buy and I buy into these types of books all the time.

Buffy Kennedy | 8 comments I'm a little enthralled. Megan's grief and Owen's tenderness (and adorable enthusiasm for ice cream!) are compelling. I really want to see them get together because they seem to need it.

It seems like it'll be a neat read in terms of world building potential and an emotional read as far as Megan and Owen's relationship goes.

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