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Journey versus Mysterious

That's interesting as, having just finished this novel, I think H.G. Wells is generally more entertaining today than Verne. Both have become overshadowed by advances since their time of writing. "Journey" is for the armchair science enthusiast of the 1860s, not of today. It predates knowledge of tectonic plates and other stuff we've since discovered about the crust and mantle of the earth; not much of it stands up anymore. I find "Journey" a very slowly paced novel (fifteen chapters just to reach the volcano) and poor characterization (Hans is absolutely flat, practically a robot.)

I've read a little of both authors. I liked what I read. I just wish they would stop updating the stories for the movies. Get rid of the slapstick garbage also. They remind me of the Roger Moore Bond films.

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Unfortunately I have never read "Mysterious Island, so I have no business replying to the comment! But I have read others (20000 Leagues under the sea, 5 weeks in a ballon, Around the world in 80 days). I just wondered why you compared these two books and not two others? I think Verne's work has stood the test of time - whereas books by H.G. Wells (often compared to Verne) sound very dated now, Verne's are still surprisingly fresh and interesting - Captain Nemo was undoubtedly crazy, but a lot about what he though on war and the unknown nature of the sea is still very true. I loved Journey to the centre of the earth, the atmospheric narrative, the cipher (I am sure that "Da Vinci Code" was partly inspired by this. My favourite characters - Hans, and Captain Nemo.

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