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∷〚 Mα∂∂у◦ 〛∷ Am I the only one who loves Matt!!

Lilys Templeman yep

Lilys Templeman no just kidding!! I like him too

Lucy I love Matt

Cate I loved Matt!

Kenzi Who doesn't love him. He is incredible.

SprinkleSomeSunshine Your Day Today❤ Hey, question???
Is the author purposely *NOT* going to write a sequel?
Or *IS* there a sequel???
Can someone help me out on this? I loved this book :D

annaesj I'm not certain, but Cat Patrick has written a number of stand-alones, so I don't expect there will be one. The ending seems like there should be a sequel, but maybe it is just to make you wonder and let you decide for yourself what happens.

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