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Patti (baconater) (Goldengreene) | 61382 comments Dave and I are thinking of a short break there during the week of Dec 17.

Is it a good time to go? Which city would you recommend?

message 2: by Jud (new)

Jud (Judibud) | 17941 comments I went to Tanger for a day, I don't recommend it, too touristy so the locals bombard you with stuff to buy we had kids running up to us as we got back on our bus to the harbour trying to get us to buy things. I found it quite intimidating.

Patti (baconater) (Goldengreene) | 61382 comments We're looking at Marrakech at the moment.

Hawkers don't bother me much. Rather used to dealing with them. I just growl at them.

Gingerlily - All kinds of everything! | 36418 comments I've never been, but I do know some who have and they really enjoyed it. Don't know where they went, but probably the less touristy places. For an idea of the country you could watch the early part of Michael Palin's 'Sahara' video as he has a section on it.

Patti (baconater) (Goldengreene) | 61382 comments From the moment you arrive in Marrakesh, you’ll get the distinct feeling you’ve left something behind – a toothbrush or socks, maybe? But no, what you’ll be missing in Marrakesh is predictability and all sense of direction. Never mind: you’re better off without them here. Marrakesh is too packed with mind-boggling distractions and labyrinthine alleyways to adhere to boring linear logic. If you did have a destination, you’d only be waylaid by snake charmers, out-of-control donkey carts, trendy silver leather poufs and ancient Berber cures for everything from relationships to rent.


Start at the action-packed Djemaa el-Fna, and if you can tear yourself away from the castanet-clanging water-sellers and turbaned potion-sellers, head into Marrakesh’s maze of covered market streets. Marrakesh’s souqs are like a cold riad plunge pool on a scorching July day: nothing quite prepares you for the shock. Dive in headfirst at any street headed north off the Djemaa el-Fna, and with any luck you’ll emerge exhilarated and triumphant some hours later, carpet in tow.
While you’re in the heart of the Medina, you may come upon a palace museum, stay in a riad guest-house, and venture a dish of piping-hot snails. But it’s worth leaving the charms of the old city occasionally for dinner, drinks, art galleries and fixed-price boutique shopping in the ville nouvelle (the new town). Go with the flow, and become an honorary Marrakshi bahja (joyous one).

Read more:

Patti (baconater) (Goldengreene) | 61382 comments How fantastic does that sound????

Patti (baconater) (Goldengreene) | 61382 comments Gingerlily (or Cyberlily..) wrote: "I've never been, but I do know some who have and they really enjoyed it. Don't know where they went, but probably the less touristy places. For an idea of the country you could watch the early part..."

Oooooo thanks GL!

message 8: by Geoffrey (new)

Geoffrey Wakeling | 111 comments I haven't been to Marrakesh myself, but I do know a couple of friends who have gone. They've absolutely loved it and come back raving about the place.

I think the souqs are a must, from what people have said, and you can basically find the entire Moroccan culture crammed into these markets. The things people ate! Crikey! But they seemed to love it. Grab a camel ride if you go. It know, it's a bit touristy, but it was fun and aren't likely to get a camel ride along Brighton beach so you might as well try out Morroco's take on donkey's. ;)

Patti (baconater) (Goldengreene) | 61382 comments Erm no thanks.

Have had enough camel rides.

I think this holiday will be rather full on. Our week in February relaxing on the beach is really going to be good GL!

message 10: by P.A. (new)

P.A. Fenton (pfenton) | 151 comments I loved Marrakesh, my wife and I went there last year after lovingly dumping the kids with the mother-in-law. Stayed in a great riad not far from the square. Happy to drag the name up for you if you like. Beware the men with snakes and monkeys. Only catch a taxi if your life insurance is paid up. Awesome holiday.

message 11: by Nicola (new)

Nicola Palmer | 255 comments I went to Morocco when I was 9 years old and caught a vile stomach 'thing' which had some unfortunate long-term effects. Apparently the belly beast is lurking in my depths, ready to flare up whenever I visit somewhere it doesn't like. I've since had the pleasure of residing in hospitals in Bulgaria and Mauritius! If you must go, I'd recommend wearing a large nappy during the flight home ;)

message 12: by Philip (new)

Philip Whiteland | 2775 comments Jud (Disney Diva) wrote: "I went to Tanger for a day, I don't recommend it, too touristy so the locals bombard you with stuff to buy we had kids running up to us as we got back on our bus to the harbour trying to get us to ..."

I'm not much of an intrepid traveller, I'm afraid. Have called in on Morocco twice on cruises (Tangiers and somewhere else I can't remember) Disliked it for the same reasons as Jud, but that's just me, I know.

message 13: by Lorraine (new)

Lorraine Versini (LorraineVersini) | 8999 comments A friend of mine from uni took a small transparent bottle and brought me back some sand from the beach. It wasn't sand. It was fine crystal. I've never seen sand like that. Loved it.

Patti (baconater) (Goldengreene) | 61382 comments I should fix my spelling error in the title...

My tummy is fairly lead lined after so many years travelling but we'll be sensible none the less.

We've till not booked flights! Been concentrating on moving house.

Gotta get on that.

message 15: by Anita (new)

Anita | 3758 comments I went with my parents when I was 13 and a bloke offered my Dad 40 camels for me, cheek of it !

message 16: by Kath (new)

Kath Middleton | 24016 comments You must be worth at least 60! ;)

Patti (baconater) (Goldengreene) | 61382 comments Dave was once offered a goat for me.

He curried it.

Patti (baconater) (Goldengreene) | 61382 comments Right, I think we're finally sorted.

Found a cheap deal through Thomson's.

December 28-31. Direct flight.

Hotel looks decent. Close enough to the major attractions that we should be able to walk. I think.

Gonna go book it later today unless we change our mind...

message 19: by Anne (new)

Anne Charnock (AnneCharnock) | 14 comments Just noticed this thread. I travelled around Morocco for 6 weeks in February March this year and I made a mostly photographic blog for family and friends. I'll make it public so you can take a look. It's on my fella Garry's posterous account as we intended to do it jointly, but it morphed to become mainly my photos.

Gingerlily - All kinds of everything! | 36418 comments Patti , after changing her mind a few times, is now going to Portugal.

Never mind, I'll have a look at the photos anyway.

Gingerlily - All kinds of everything! | 36418 comments Wow - some great photos there.

message 22: by Anne (new)

Anne Charnock (AnneCharnock) | 14 comments Ooh, thanks. Photography was part of my day job.
Portugal should be good, too!

Patti (baconater) (Goldengreene) | 61382 comments We're still thinking maybe Morroco for Easter. :)

Patti (baconater) (Goldengreene) | 61382 comments Thanks Anne! Gorgeous photos!

message 25: by Anne (new)

Anne Charnock (AnneCharnock) | 14 comments If you do go to Morocco I reckon I'd recommend Fez and Chefchaouen, which is lovely in the morning when it's quieter.

Patti (baconater) (Goldengreene) | 61382 comments Dave quite fancies Fez.

If we go at Easter we'll be able to see more of the country, as we'll have more time.

message 27: by Anne (new)

Anne Charnock (AnneCharnock) | 14 comments In which case, try to drive through the Anti-Atlas, which I preferred to the Atlas Mountains - it's drier and more barren so you can actually see the fantastic geology. There's photos on the blog.

message 28: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Craig (Luffylu) | 2 comments I am currently in Marrakech. Our hotel is lovely but too far out, we can't walk anywhere as its not safe and too far. The tour we took to see the city was great but yes beware of the sellers in the souks. Although its an interesting experience.
We went all inclusive (never done it before) but it seems to be the thing here that the meals are all buffets. Also the other thing about our hotel is that everyone speaks French and unfortunately we don't speak French so most of the time haven't a clue what's happening. But it's fine cause we are here to relax!

message 29: by Emma (new)

Emma Faragher | 301 comments I went to Morocco on a world challenge trip where we trekked through Trogdra (no idea on spelling but thats what it sounded like to me) gorge which was beautiful followed by a trip on camels into the desert which is worth doing just to see the sky (more stars than blank space) but the roads were a bit scary. We were all in a mini bus without seat belts and spent a good portion of the journey asleep on the floor. Be warned that it is very very hot but we did go in the summer.

Marrakech was great, we stayed in a cheap hotel and had to put door stops under the doors as the locks weren't the best. We were warned that the girls shouldn't go out without the boys (although that could have been the school being paranoid, we were 17 at the time) and were told to cover knees and elbows in the city, further out was shorts and t-shirts and the locals didn't mind. The sellers do tend to up the price for people from the UK as they assume we are all rich, we spent a lot of time telling people we were only students. The orange juice there is amazing.

Be sure to take a camera as the scenery is simply spectacular. I can't really help much I'm afraid other than to say that our local guide was a lifesaver (at one point he had 2 local boys by their ankles over a cliff for peaking at our girls getting changed - they were behind a rock and the boys snuck above them). You wouldn't want to go anywhere outside the city without one I wouldn't have thought.

Patti (baconater) (Goldengreene) | 61382 comments Sounds like a great trip!

message 31: by B J (new)

B J Burton (BJBurton) | 2914 comments Never been - but I do have a book that is Morocco bound.

Patti (baconater) (Goldengreene) | 61382 comments Which airline is it flying with?

message 33: by B J (new)

B J Burton (BJBurton) | 2914 comments I think it's going by rowing boat - it's a galley copy.

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