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Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell coming to the BBC

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Clark Carlton This is exciting! And I am so glad the Brits are doing it! They are more likely to get it right. It's better off as a full fleshed series instead of a singular movie.

Will IV Well, you can pretty much guarantee that if it's successful, Hollywood will probably make their own version and it will probably suck, but at least the BBC is doing it first, and hopefully right.

Heather The six parts should do it justice.

Helen Wow! I'm absolutely delighted!!! Hope its true as rumours have been circulating for years about this possibility. My signed first edition might even creep up in value....

Cathy Oh this is neat!

Alison Terrific news. The right people to do it. The book is so packed it needs several hours rather than 2 quick hours in the cinema.

Jeffery Moulton I'm excited about this. It will make a much better series than a single movie. Hope it all comes together.

Cassie I look forward to watching it. My dear father who enjoys a good suspenseful, historical book but never has time to read. Now he will hopefully get to see the story in condensed form. Hope they stay true to the book.

Deirdrebunny Will wrote: "Well, you can pretty much guarantee that if it's successful, Hollywood will probably make their own version and it will probably suck, but at least the BBC is doing it first, and hopefully right."

And they'd probably get Steve Carell to play Strange.

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Deirdrebunny I get excited when a book I love is to be made into a film (or series, as the case may be). I don't quite understand why, because I'm almost always disappointed. I suppose the initial excitement comes from seeing if they will cast people who resemble the character you have assembled in your head. *shrug*

If it's done with the same kind of detail and care that is apparent in shows like "Sherlock", and assuming the script is written well, I think it could turn out to be a decent adaptation.

It will be interesting to see how the wealth of history that is contained in the footnotes, is merged into the overall story.

Carol this is awesome news!

Pratiti Please excuse me while I go scream in a corner...

I'm fairly sure BBC will do an at least OK job of it. Better than Hollywood, anyway. Cumberbatch as Strange. Hands down.

Chris Awesome news! I loved the book and would love to see how this turns out. I agree with above, I'm glad the brits are doing it.

Linda Curtis This was an awesome book. The BBC has a great track record, so I can't wait to see it!

Sajani I can imagine it being extremely difficult to show this book on screen. For one thing, think of all the foot-notes that help make the book! But BBC's Sherlock is so well-made, I have high hopes. Can't wait!

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Rod Best place for a first attempt to do it

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Marian I don't see how the book can be translated to screen although being a miniseries will help. The BBC just might pull it off. I just hope Hollywood does not pick it up because any Hollywood version would be awful.

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Tim Rucinski Wasn't that crazy about the book, but feel that it should make a wonderful mini-series.

Beth A. Hmmm....Steve carelll...interesting. No just kidding lol. ; )

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Kaj Peters I´d be more pleased if Sussana Clarke finally released the sequel/prequel/her next novel.

Beth A. Agreed,though I am still excited...I understand it will be a sequel about some of the lesser characters involvement in magic. If it's ever released that is of course. For a prequel you know about the collection of short stories I presume?

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