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message 1: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (KateKid) This path leads you all through Japan. It's surrounded by trees and many people take it to get place to place.

-Pika- (Aka Lucy) Akari sighs as she walks.

message 3: by Shelby (new)

Shelby Porter (shelbyrp) | 64 comments [ OOC: Yeah, I'm not sure where to start, haha. So I figured a first post here would suffice. Also, for this post includes Yumiko's mother, though I don't plan to make her (mom) an official OC here; so hopefully this is okay? ]

"You're certain you understand the circumstances?" The stern, motherly tone broke the silence. "Once you begin traveling, you realize you'll have to return to take over your full responsibilities."
Oh great, here it came: mother's monologue on my responsibility as the new Tribe leader. Yumiko thought, listening to the relentless droning until suddenly it stopped. Finally. Glancing up with innocent, golden eyes, she smiled and nodded. "Yes, mum, I understand."
What felt like hours later, the young half demon padded along down the road in her wolf form - equal to the size of any other regular wolf. To Yumiko, traveling was much easier, seeing as humans kept farther away from her, though some did attempt an attack before she rather gently ceased their efforts. She had no reason to harm the human kind nor the demon kind unless they proved to be pure enemies to herself or another lowly being; not to mention, her Tribe was strictly against harming humans.
Taking her time passing by villages, she was absently making her way towards a rather infamous Tree of Ages, the Sacred Tree. "Huh, I've yet to experience anything worth traveling for." She mumbled, pulling away from the pathway to lie down in the shade of the forest. It's far too warm to keep going. She thought with a sigh.

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Matthew Peper (Seathethescaleless) | 92 comments Mod
What she didn't notice was she was laying under a tree that held a half demon named matthew. He wasn't even allowed in the villages because of one of his outbreaks. He destroyed three houses in that outbreak and was shunned ever since. Even walking on the path will have kids and other's walk away or worse, thrown rocks at him.

message 5: by Shelby (new)

Shelby Porter (shelbyrp) | 64 comments As the moments passed, Yumiko felt off, a strange sensation pricking at her pelt. Lifting her head, she glanced around before decided to return to her mortal form in case a human... or worse, passed by. She couldn't catch the scent of anyone else but, perhaps, her nose was playing tricks on her. "I must be going crazy." She spoke aloud, turning her gaze up towards the canopy of trees when a somewhat hidden form caught her eye. Someone's there? She thought, ears twitching with curiosity.

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Matthew Peper (Seathethescaleless) | 92 comments Mod
Matthew wolf was sleeping in a little nest of branches he had combined into a small bed. Well he couldn't sleep on the ground, risk being found by a human and stoned in his sleep. So he built a small home in the trees. He had a roof of leaves over his head and a blanket of leaves to kept himself warm. He had sensed the presence of another half demon but it wasn't something to wake him from his slumber. His stomach growled and he groaned as he got up and sat cross legged looking around for his stash of apples.

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Shelby Porter (shelbyrp) | 64 comments Yumiko took several steps away from the tree, eyes narrowed slightly. "Is someone there?" She piped up, making sure this time her voice was loud enough to hear; unlike her earlier musings. Hearing the rustling of the leaves up ahead, it was easy to tell some sort of creature was there, but still her nose could catch no scent aside from the leaves.

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Matthew Peper (Seathethescaleless) | 92 comments Mod
He couldn't find his food stash so he decided to go look for food. HE got up and grabbed his swords and sheathed it on his back before walking to the edge. He jumped down not knowing there was a female down there. By the time she spoke, he was already in-front of her. HE was taller than her standing at 6'9" He looked down at the human and growled as that usually sent them running.

message 9: by Shelby (new)

Shelby Porter (shelbyrp) | 64 comments Her eyes widened with surprise at the sudden appearance of the male demon before her, after all, she [personally] knew no human to live among the trees. However, when he growled at her, Yumiko's ears flattened straight back and she returned the growl without a second thought. She wasn't bothered by the height difference between the two.

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Matthew Peper (Seathethescaleless) | 92 comments Mod
"Another demon?" He asked as he stepped back his long white hair waving back as he reached for his sword in a stance to kill. He examined her and was trying to figure out what her ability's were and what her weapon's were." Who are you?" He asked in a deep calm voice.

message 11: by Shelby (new)

Shelby Porter (shelbyrp) | 64 comments A small smile formed on her lips. "But of course." She answered, leaping backwards and returning to her true form: a cream colored wolf with a laurel mark over her left eye. To Yumiko, her greatest strength came from her fangs and claws. "I am Yumiko." She answered, golden eyes locked on him, ready to fight back if necessary. "And you?"

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Matthew Peper (Seathethescaleless) | 92 comments Mod
"Matthew." He answered back as his eyes were trained on her. Though when he sensed something wiz towards her he shot out and with his arm and back he took three rocks to the back while protecting this weird demon." You don't smell like a full demon." He said squatting down and looking her in the eyes.

message 13: by Shelby (new)

Shelby Porter (shelbyrp) | 64 comments "Thanks." Yumiko said, grateful for the protection from him. Surely it proved this man, Matthew, couldn't be completely bad. Perhaps so. "That's correct, I'm only a half demon." She had no need to dance around the truth, her blood was what it was. Sitting down, glance around his shoulder wondering what on earth the rock throwing was about. "What was the attack about? Have the humans got something against you?"

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Matthew Peper (Seathethescaleless) | 92 comments Mod
"They have something out for every half-blood, something about they are all dangerous. They hate me because i sorta broke out into a rage and destroyed three houses." He said not wanting to continue. He stood up and rolled his shoulder as he walked down the path away from the village. He didn't care if the other half demon followed or not.

message 15: by Shelby (new)

Shelby Porter (shelbyrp) | 64 comments Tilting her head with curiosity, pondering whether or not to push the subject. Internally she shook off the idea, his business was not hers to know or ask about. "Not all humans consider our kind monstrosities." She said gently, following after him. Seriously, she must appear as a lost puppy at this point. The village she had been raised in maintained a mutual respect for most beings alike, so long as the opposing side maintained their promise to not harm the village.

message 16: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Peper (Seathethescaleless) | 92 comments Mod
Matt had made his rounds on a few apple trees down the path only getting a couple out of a few trees at a time. He made a bag with large leaves to carry the apples so he wouldn't have to bunch them all up in his arms. He collected about 20 of them from a few trees. He smiled as he had listened to the female." Human's respecting half breed's, ha. I'll believe it when i see it." He said as he turned an tossed her an apple.

message 17: by Shelby (new)

Shelby Porter (shelbyrp) | 64 comments With a roll of her eyes, she stayed seated as he gathered the apples. "Mind you, training the humans takes time." She teased, amused at the thought of a reversed role of a canine training the human. Leaping up, she caught the apple in her mouth until embarrassment got the better of her. I'm a wolf, not a dog. She thought, reclaiming her mortal form. He proved no threat to her at this point.

message 18: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Peper (Seathethescaleless) | 92 comments Mod
He smiled as she had caught it. He noticed some humans walking own the path, so he packed up an carried the apples back to his little tree house. Though when they had gotten there he looked up as his smiled turned to a frown. His little home, had been burned down by the nearby village and carved into was a warning not to come near the village.

message 19: by Shelby (new)

Shelby Porter (shelbyrp) | 64 comments She took a moment to grab a few more apples, using her cloak to carry her minuscule stash. Catching up to Matthew she noticed his gaze captured on a sight above them; with a glance upward, she was quick to understand. "How could they do such a thing?" She mused, horrified by the brutality of the situation. Glaring in direction of the village, she considered the options and began to storm down the road. No one deserved harassment, especially when she was around to challenge their course of actions.

message 20: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Peper (Seathethescaleless) | 92 comments Mod
HE hand hand snatched her stopping her. He had one hand against the tree holding him up so he wouldn't fall forward." No, i should have moved further away from the village." He said putting on a fake smile as tears dripped down his face. His nails clawed down he middle of the tree marking it.

message 21: by Shelby (new)

Shelby Porter (shelbyrp) | 64 comments Shocked from the sudden contact, she looked back at him with confusion. With his words, she let out a soft sigh. "They've tormented you beyond reason," Her words cut off. She was remembering when both one of her Tribe mates had been overtaken by the villagers, at that time, she had stood up boldly for the sake of the older girl and she felt the urge to do the same thing now. Yumiko did notice his tears and turned her gaze away. "I'll help you find a new home, if you'd like." Her offer was true.

message 22: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Peper (Seathethescaleless) | 92 comments Mod
"Thank you." he said finally dropping to his knees and let out a saddened cry to the sky. After a couple minutes he stood and grabbed the bags of apples as he walked towards the village going to walk through it to get to the other path.

message 23: by Shelby (new)

Shelby Porter (shelbyrp) | 64 comments Waiting in silence, Yumiko knew no words of comfort or reassurance momentarily. The fate of every half demon was to suffer the distaste of both humans and demons, she remained fairly sheltered from that torture, but she wasn't completely oblivious. Her golden gaze looked up to the sky, wondering where the path ahead would lead. Through her secluded thoughts, she almost hadn't realized Matthew had started down the road and followed quickly in tow.

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Matthew Peper (Seathethescaleless) | 92 comments Mod
He handed her the bags and his long coat as they entered the village. All of a sudden, there were rocks and multiple things thrown at the two, thought thanks to the coat, nothing hurt Yumi. on the other hand matt got pelted with rocks and pans and other things, though he was lucky a knife missed him.

message 25: by Shelby (new)

Shelby Porter (shelbyrp) | 64 comments She took the bags and put on the coat, unaware of the purpose it had until the rocks pelted at both of them; however, only Matt was harmed. Irritation pricked at the back of her mind, not at the gesture but at the people. Growling lowly, she stepped in front of him protectively, sparing a glance back at him. "I won't let you take the full brute of the attack." She stated.

message 26: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Peper (Seathethescaleless) | 92 comments Mod
He smiled as he caught a rock that was about to hit her in the head." Something as pretty as you, shouldn't have things thrown at her." He said picking her up and walking out of the village. He stopped a good bit down the path to wash his wounds and clean himself.

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Shelby Porter (shelbyrp) | 64 comments She bit her lip, embarrassed she almost been taken out by a rock in the process. Maybe she wasn't the best protector around.
Once they were away from the village, she thought about what could help the newest wounds he'd acquired before pulling out a small shell filled with a healing ointment. "Try this," She said, walking over and kneeling beside him. "We use this for battle wounds at home."

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Matthew Peper (Seathethescaleless) | 92 comments Mod
"Its ok, you don't have to use your special ointment." He said smiling as he stood in the river. His wound had sealed and they looked like scars already. He frowned looking
down at his reflection." I was born with an outrageous healing factor." He said as he looked over to her and smiled as he was happy to finally be away from the village.

message 29: by Shelby (new)

Shelby Porter (shelbyrp) | 64 comments She smiled back. "Oh, fine." She replied, removing the coat he had loaned to her earlier and set it on the ground beside the apples. "I'm sure that proves useful." Taking a seat at the edge of the river, she let her feet soak in the water. "Have you always been near to that village?" She asked curiously.

message 30: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Peper (Seathethescaleless) | 92 comments Mod
He smiled as he had stripped when he cam into the river to wash himself of all the dirt and grim." Yeah, i was raise there." He said as he remembered so many faces that smiled at him but than the smiles turned to faces of fear. He shook his head and dunked himself under the water.

message 31: by Shelby (new)

Shelby Porter (shelbyrp) | 64 comments Staring up at the sky, she pondered what it must be like to have lived among the village for so long only to receive the cold shoulder later in life. "They must be fools to turn their backs to someone like you. Humans should know better than any: mishaps are apart of life, it's no difference for us." She said, starting to lay back to gaze at the open sky a bit longer until he was ready to go. However, an object hurled through the air.
Yumiko was quick to jump up, catching the object. A smile lit her face when she opened her hand to reveal what it was: a small pink flower. "Finally." She mused, not considering the oddity of her cheerful reaction to what appeared as a simple flower.

message 32: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Peper (Seathethescaleless) | 92 comments Mod
"What?" He asked emerging from the water with his nails sharp and looked around for any enemy's. He saw none but smelt something. He shrugged and walked towards the shore, he walked past her to grab a towel he had taken from one of the houses. HE noticed she had something in her hand and walked over to her with the towel wrapped around his waist." What is it?" He asked.

message 33: by Shelby (new)

Shelby Porter (shelbyrp) | 64 comments "Relax, there's no danger yet." She shook her head, her smile only growing as she revealed the flower, amusement shimmering in her eyes. "Don't let its appearance fool you, it is not a true flower. It's a whip." Some time had gone by since she had relinquished the weapon in order to obtain a stronger version. Simply for show, she held a petal of the flower snapping it away from her body to show it transform from a flower to a whip.

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Matthew Peper (Seathethescaleless) | 92 comments Mod
"Whoa." He said jumping back not caring that his towel fell. HE had reached for his sword but didn't when he remembered that she wasn't a threat. He smiled and walked over again looking at the weapon.

message 35: by Shelby (new)

Shelby Porter (shelbyrp) | 64 comments She laughed, keeping her gaze strictly toward the river. "We're all about hidden weapons in our Tribe, easier to carry and surprise enemies." With a shrug of her shoulders, she stood, fastening the weapon to her belt.

message 36: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Peper (Seathethescaleless) | 92 comments Mod
"I wouldn't mind seeing this village." He said getting clothed. After he was clothed he extended his nails and watched the river before jabbing into the river and catching a fish." Need meat." He said smiling as he caught three more before wrapping them up.

message 37: by Shelby (new)

Shelby Porter (shelbyrp) | 64 comments Stretching each arm in turn, she sighed softly. To return to the village meant getting closer to the responsibilities she had left behind earlier on. "Follow me then." She finally said, running a hand through her hair. Picking up the bag of apples, she started down the road once more, ear already pricking with statements the villagers would say. The first person to ask why I've returned so soon will get an earfull. She thought.

message 38: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Peper (Seathethescaleless) | 92 comments Mod
He noticed he facial expressions and sighed." I can tell your running from something. If its back at the village, i'll help you with it if you want, or we can by pass it and go a different way?" He said as they came to a fork in the road.

message 39: by Shelby (new)

Shelby Porter (shelbyrp) | 64 comments As they came to the fork in the road, she took a deep breathe before answering. "I'm not ready to lead my tribe yet and once I return home, it will be my responsibility. My mother, former leader to the Tribe, now lives in the village." She smiled faintly. "The home to our tribe is in the nearby mountains. You could say, I was running from destiny."

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Matthew Peper (Seathethescaleless) | 92 comments Mod
"Well, would you like to run away from destiny with me for a couple months?" He asked scratching his chin as he walked down the path leading way from her village. He hopped she wold follow him, but if she didn't than they might not see each-other again.

message 41: by Shelby (new)

Shelby Porter (shelbyrp) | 64 comments The question caught her by surprise, leaving her standing at the crossroad and watching him continue down the opposite path. Casting a glance down the road home, she smiled slightly, her mind made up. "I'd love to." She said, catching up with ease and falling into pace with him. "Where do you plan on going?" She asked curiously.

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Matthew Peper (Seathethescaleless) | 92 comments Mod
"I don't know, wherever the path takes me. Then maybe someday, you'll be ready to go home, and i'll be alone." He said thinking out loud before stopping. HE didn't like the fact that after their adventures, he would end up alone again.

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Shelby Porter (shelbyrp) | 64 comments She frowned and looked up at him. "Who said you have to remain alone? You'd be more than welcome to stay with me and my Tribe." She couldn't imagine taking the time to travel around alongside someone only to split paths once more. No, she couldn't think of letting him go on his own once the road ended. A small smile lit her face, shimmering in her eyes as well. "I mean, only if that's what you'd want. Besides, you wouldn't be the first half demon in the village or my Tribe." She laughed, tail waving happily as she bounded on ahead. For the first time in ages, she felt free to be herself rather than someone she was expected to be.

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Matthew Peper (Seathethescaleless) | 92 comments Mod
He thought it over for a bit while walking next to her." Ok." He said smiling as he was actually happy for once. He enjoyed being around this girl." Your mother, won't be shocked that you brought a boy home after this?" He asked smiling.

message 45: by Shelby (new)

Shelby Porter (shelbyrp) | 64 comments She considered the answer to his question before shaking her head. "Surely not." She said with a grin. "You just have to be prepared to stand your ground."

message 46: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Peper (Seathethescaleless) | 92 comments Mod
"Ok, so i shouldn't back down?" He asked smiling. He had pulled two apples out and tossed her one before taking a bite out of his apple. He enjoyed spending time with her, he was happy that they would share in adventure.

message 47: by Shelby (new)

Shelby Porter (shelbyrp) | 64 comments "Correct, unless you want to be considered prey." She teased, catching the apple. Taking a bite, she considered what to bring up next, her curious nature groveling for possible questions. Of course, none she figured interesting enough to ask. "Race you to the next village?" She challenged, eyes glimmering mischievously. Yumiko usually didn't play fair when it came to races, especially when she was able to utilize her four paws versus two legs.

message 48: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Peper (Seathethescaleless) | 92 comments Mod
He smiled as he dug his heels into the dirt before launching himself forward catching up to her without a problem. Though after a couple minutes he stopped and rested letting his legs cool down from the race

message 49: by Shelby (new)

Shelby Porter (shelbyrp) | 64 comments Skidding to a stop and turning to face him, she smiled brightly. "The village kids always hated racing me, it was a lost cause for them." She laughed softly, shaking her head. Behind him though, a stone seared towards his back. "Get down!" She yelled, leaping over him in the same instant and changing to her truest form - a wolf of massive size - letting the stone hit her leg.

message 50: by Matthew (last edited Mar 03, 2015 09:24AM) (new)

Matthew Peper (Seathethescaleless) | 92 comments Mod
He hadn't sensed the stone because he was focusing on regaining his strength." Humans?" He asked getting up and looking to were the stone was thrown. He leaned on Yumi moving forward and looking past her.

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