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message 1: by Ian (new)

Ian (traveller1) | 88 comments I occasionally find publishers recommendations in book descriptions, new books usually. Things like "Best Book of the Year. Read by millions" by warthog press.

Should these be in a description? Or better to remove? I feel the latter.

message 2: by Paula (new)

Paula (Paulaan) | 7019 comments Remove - we generally do not have reviews/press releases etc or awards in the description. The awards belong with the awards field

message 3: by Ren (new)

Ren (RenPuspita) | 107 comments So, if we remove the award and publisher recommendation, that's mean the synopsis on Goodreads here will not be the same with the book's synopsis.

Is it also apply to another author's endorsement?

message 4: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 32733 comments Mod
Endorsements are not part of a synopsis, regardless of their source.

message 5: by Ian (new)

Ian (traveller1) | 88 comments Roger, concur, wilco.

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