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message 1: by Julia (new)

Julia (juliefoolie) | 7 comments Hi members of SDMB/goodreads. Thanks to Shoshana for telling me about this site... looking forward to spending a lot more time here, and a lot less time talking to my co workers...

message 2: by Dora (new)

Dora | 41 comments Hi Juliefoolie! This is a fascinating place. If you haven't already come across it, take a look at the Constant Reader group (several of us are members of that group too). I haven't participated in any of their book discussions yet, but have read and participated in some of their group discussions and have come across lots of interesting items for my to-read shelf.

message 3: by Julia (new)

Julia (juliefoolie) | 7 comments Thanks Gardentraveler... yeah im so hooked here... wishing evil things on Shoshana because now Ive got two big huge timesucks ....SDMB and here..
I was a bad mom I didnt hang out with my son last evening as planned, I put on his Thomas videos and started adding books. Im only on page 50 of Shoshana's list, and have added some of my own.... just listed authors and wholesale added their entire oevres.

But oh, I am thousands of books short, for sure...

message 4: by Dora (last edited Jan 02, 2008 08:58AM) (new)

Dora | 41 comments I add books in spurts, depending on what happens to capture my fancy. (Today it was economics books because my friend is teaching that and preparing classes for the next few weeks.) Do you know about the amazon widget? You should see a link to it from the "My Books" page (toward the top of the page, above the "Search my books" box. You can add books easily from amazon with that.


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