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Panda (pandaink) | 84 comments ever played that game where you continue a story after someone else then altogether reading what you made?? or in other words wrote a funny Fanfic with your friends?

what beter way to kill these last 20somthing days fo torment as we wait for City of Glass be in our mittens. then to write how we think the story should turn out (and hopefully have a good giggle while we are at it...hehehe)

here are the rules, there are non, continue the story from the last person how ever you want! as long or short as you want it to be. could be really random doesnt matter. have fun!

we shall use this cookie as a staring point...
the house was built like Amatis's, tall and thin, but considerably larger and more richly decorated. The hallway opened into a room with high windows that looked out over a wide canal. White boats plied the water, their sails drifting by like dandelion clocks tossed on the wind. A dark-haired boy sat on a couch by one of the windows, apparently reading a book.
"Sebastian!" Isabelle called. "Don't let her go upstairs!"
The boy looked up, startled—and a moment later was in front of Clary, blocking her path to the stairs. Clary skidded to a halt—she'd never seen anyone move that fast before, except
Jace. The boy wasn't even out of breath; in fact, he was smiling at her.
"So this is the famous Clary." His smile lit up his face, and Clary felt her breath catch. For years she'd drawn her own ongoing graphic story—the tale of a king's son who was under a
curse that meant that everyone he loved would die. She'd put everything she had into dreaming up her dark, romantic, shadowy prince, and here he was, standing in front of her—the same pale skin, the same tumbling black hair, and eyes so dark,
the pupils seemed to meld with the rest of the iris. The same high cheekbones and deep-set, shadowed eyes fringed with long lashes.
The boy looked puzzled. "I don't think—have we met before?"
Speechless, Clary shook her head.
"Sebastian!" Isabelle's hair had come out of its pins and hung down over her shoulders, and she was glaring. "Don't be nice to her. She's not supposed to be here. Clary, go home."
With an effort, Clary wrenched her gaze away from Sebastian and shot a glare at Isabelle. "What, back to New York? And how am I supposed to get there?"
"How did you get here?" Sebastian inquired. "Sneaking into Alicante is quite an accomplishment."
"I came through a Portal," said Clary.
"A Portal?" Isabelle looked astonished. "But there isn't a Portal left in New York. Valentine destroyed them both—"
"I don't owe you any explanations," Clary said. "Not until you give me some. For one thing, where's Jace?"
"He's not here," Isabelle answered, at exactly the same time that Sebastian said, "He's upstairs."
Isabelle turned on him. "Sebastian! Shut up."
Sebastian looked perplexed. "But she's his sister. Wouldn't he want to see her?"
Isabelle opened her mouth and then shut it again. Clary could see that Isabelle was weighing the advisability of explaining her complicated relationship with Jace to the completely oblivious Sebastian against the advisability of springing an unpleasant surprise on Jace. Finally she threw her hands up in a gesture of despair. "Fine, Clary," she said, with an unusual— for Isabelle—amount of anger in her voice. "Go ahead and do whatever you want, regardless of who it hurts. You always do anyway, don't you?"
Ouch. Clary shot Isabelle a reproachful look before turning back to Sebastian, who stepped silently out of her way. She darted past him and up the stairs, vaguely aware of voices
below her as Isabelle shouted at the unfortunate Sebastian. But that was Isabelle—if there was a boy around and blame that needed to be pinned on someone, Isabelle would pin it on him.
The staircase widened into a landing with a bay-windowed alcove that looked out over the city. A boy was sitting in the alcove, reading. He looked up as Clary came up the stairs, and blinked in surprise. "I know you."
"Hi, Max. It's Clary—Jace's sister. Remember?"
Max brightened. "You showed me how to read Naruto," he said, holding out his book to her. "Look, I got another one. This one's called—"
"Max, I can't talk now. I promise I'll look at your book later, but do you know where Jace is?"
Max's face fell. "That room," he said, and pointed to the last door down the hall. "I wanted to go in there with him, but he told me he had to do grown-up stuff. Everyone's always telling me that."
"I'm sorry," Clary said, but her mind was no longer on the conversation. It was racing ahead—what would she say to Jace when she saw him, what would he say to her? Moving down the hall to the door, she thought, It would be better to be friendly, not angry; yelling at him will just make him defensive. He has to understand that I belong here, just like he does. I don't need to be protected like a piece of delicate china. I'm strong too—
She threw the door open. It was dim in the room beyond, the only light coming from a window half-covered by curtains.
Clary blinked her eyes for a moment, wondering if Max had sent her to the wrong door. Then her eyes adjusted, and she saw Jace standing in the middle of the room. He wasn't alone, though—not by a long shot. There was a dark-haired girl with him, a girl Clary had never seen before, and the two of them were locked together in a passionate embrace.

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Panda (pandaink) | 84 comments Clary suddenly lets out a scream, "what are you doing with my Ja...umm...BROTHER!!!!"

Jace and the Mystery girl suddenly jerk away from each other and stare at the very angery and sad looking Clary standing in the doorway. Jace's face goes sheet white but clary was too emotional to notice.

"what the hell are you doing here" Jace says moving towards her, fast forgeting Aline (panda: i think thats her name wa dont care) who went from looking confused to looking mad.
"you are meant to be in New York!" Jace said taking her arm.

beside herself with jealousy that she couldnt help but feel. she pulled away from the Jace's hold on her arm. that mad look on his face made her even more mad. was he mad that she had walked in on him?

"doesnt matter how i got here or what i'm doing here, your seem a little too busy, i'll just go hook up with that Sebastian guy i saw on the stairs!" clary said turing around to find a confused looking Max and a very smug Sebastian as Clary walked towards him fueled with anger. she had the full intention of kissing the hell out of him that guy.

(there's the frist post/example try and continue the story will she kiss him??)

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Panda (pandaink) | 84 comments ((playing wid my self :< waaaa))

Clary Grabed Sebastian and forced herself to kiss Sebastian, it was a hard and sudden kiss till she pulled away and walked down stairs level every one in shock!

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Hannah (lettingtheinkdry) | 206 comments THat was what she desperatly wanted to do, when she walked up to Sabastion she stood infront of him and waited for jace to reach her.Feeling rather than hearing he was behind her she grinned and smacked Jace with lightning speed. It made a crack that resounded around the huge hallway. She smirked and left the way she had came.Leaving Jace in silent shock, Isabelle was openmouthed and Alec was grinning.Even when teh door slammed no one moved

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Hannah (lettingtheinkdry) | 206 comments Now your not playing with yourself.

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Panda (pandaink) | 84 comments ha! i have given up even looking at my post but i'll play!

Jace stood (( in shock)) he felt his heart race as he ran for CLary catching her just out side. he grabbed her hand and spun her around with out thinking kissed her! the rush that came with the kissed filled him with heat and passion that he couldnt hide any longer, he deepen the kiss pulling her closer!

((dude i so need to read CoG it's not funny T_T want hotness like this!))

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Hannah (lettingtheinkdry) | 206 comments At first Clary was surprised then she leaned into him. She knew he felt her giving in so Jace kissed her harder.

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Hannah (lettingtheinkdry) | 206 comments (I know I need COG like today or I'll combust.)

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Evy | 1 comments The two stopped and looked over to Clary. She walked in and saw a set of 5 seraph blades, and walked over to them. "Ooh! I'm taking these!" She grabbed the whole set and put them in her belt. She then saw a sword hanging on the wall. "Okay, how come you got a sword? That is so not fair!" Clary grabbed the sword and added it to her belt. "Hey Jace, know where I can find any daggers?" Jace and the girl stared at Clary, as if she was a ghost. "Umm, okay, don't say if you don't want to." Clary stuttered. "Later." She walked out of the door and didn't cry until she reached her room at Amatis' house.

I think I liked how I made Clary seem egregious. Too bad she was a little OOC.

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