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so ask already!!! > Help id'ing a sci fi book from the late 1970s?

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Cynthisa | 4 comments Hi All,
I have been utterly haunted with a memory of having read a s.f. series, possibly YA, around about 1980 or so. I was a juvenile myself and cannot recall the title or anything else, but I believe I may do recall I got the books from the library in hardback. The basic plot inolved a man from a technology-averse culture who none the less ends up becoming an astronaut for some save-the-planet type reason. As the books progress, they become more space centered. Oh, and the phrase "Stars Above" may (or may not) be part of one of the titles. That's about all I remember. Yet, I am haunted by the tale and want to re-read the series, if I can track it down. Hope someone out there can help me with this one. Thanks!

Themis-Athena (Lioness at Large) (Themis-Athena) | 5 comments Did you post your question in this group as well?

There are a lot of s.f. fans there (both YA and adult lit), they might be able to help you, too.

Sam~~ we cannot see the moon, and yet the waves still rise~~ | 110 comments Hi Cynthisa! Did you ever find the book you were looking for?

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