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Meaning of the title?
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What do you think the meaning of the title is? Before I read the book, I thought pride referred to Mr. Darcy and prejudice to Lizzy, but now that I've read it, I can think of several other explanations. What do you think?

It goes for all the characters. Every character is prideful about something and prejudiced against something else (or the same something they are prideful about).
Lizzie is prejudiced against Darcy because he is rude and supercilious, then her pride doesn't allow her to forgive or look for the good.
Darcy is prideful about his station in life, causing him to look down on the country folk and prejudiced against the stigma they carry.
Lady Catherine de Bourgh (random character used to illustrate point) is extremely prideful about how rich she is andhow educated she is, making her think she is better than everyone else. She is prejudiced against those who stand up to her (namely, Lizzie) and her condescension stems from her pride.

Pick any character, and they all carry some aspect of Pride and Prejudice. Okay, I'll admit, Jane and Bingley are harder to match up to this statement. They may be the humble contrasts to the other characters.

I'm with your first explanation.

I think pride also referred to Jane and prejudice to Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley.

Can anyone suggest a new title to the end of the novel?!

There are many layers, but I think of it just as that Darcy and Lizzie let their pride and prejudice get in the way of their feelings for each other.

I think all the characters do exhibit pride and prejudice in their own ways, but that the title is meant to emphasize the prevalence of those two traits in regard to Lizzie and Darcy. In the beginning, it seems like his pride leads to his prejudice, but then she becomes prejudiced against his pride, and she exhibits her own pride to counter his. Point being, I love the title because not only does it highlight traits that are discussed and central to the plotline, but it also reminds us how these traits show up differently over time in the main characters.

I think that they are both proud and prejudiced towards one another. So, the title does not encompass one character per characteristic but rather both characters seem to have both characteristics. Do they not each judge one another and are each of them not too proud to admit when one is at fault? Their biggest faults is protecting their egos, but once they let go of this for one another they allow themselves to love and set aside both their pride and prejudices.

johanna My thoughts exactly. They both have pride and prejudice, in different ways.
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