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Chelsea Cameron Teaser #1
“You know you can’t lie to me, Lottie,” Will said. “My twindar is strong.” He tapped his forehead. Any moment he was going to start quoting Yoda.
“Avoid confrontation, we should,” he said. I pretended to punch his stomach, and he clamped my neck under his arm and messed my hair up. I went limp until he let me go.
“Annoying, you are,” I said as I tried to fix my hair.

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Chelsea Cameron Teaser #2
“How can you not see how delicious he is? I just want to put him on a stick and lick him on a hot summer day,” said Lexie as she watched Zack Parker chucking cans of beer out of a cooler at people, regardless of whether they were ready to catch them or not.

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Chelsea Cameron Teaser #3

She walked past me, pretending she didn't see me. She pretends so hard that it's obvious to anyone that she is trying to avoid me.
I don't blame her.
I'd avoid me too, only I can't.
I was pretending too. Pretending to be reading Slaughterhouse Five. Pretending I didn’t want to walk up to her and stand behind her, if only to just be nearer to her.
I forced my eyes back on the page. Forced them to stop tasting her name over and over in my mind, like a piece of delicious candy I don’t want to dissolve.
Forced myself to stop imagining a world in which she would ever look at me with anything but pure hatred and pain.

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