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Julie walks in her hair it's normal wavy self and she goes to one of the racing games playing and kicking butt

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Golden walks in, wearing , and . He walks over to the counter, asking them to have the microphone. "I'm a Superior." They nod, and hand him the mic. "Attention, Julie Jensen, please report to the front. Golden has arrived." He then put the mic down and waited.

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Julie rolls her eyes and finishes her game walking over to the front "you can't help yourself can you"she points to the mic

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He smiles. "No, I guess I can't." He looks around. "What game do you want to play? Or we could play laser tag, or go-karts, or bumper boats... Whatever you want."

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"how bout you pick "she says taking his hand in hers.she smiled at him she liked golden for what he was.

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"No, you're the lady, and you, my dear, shall pick. Whether you like it or not." He grinned and kissed her cheek.

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"how bout laser tag"she says kissing his cheek

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"Okie dokie." He walked up to the laser tag man. "One game for two, please." The guy nodded, and he stepped inside, immediately starting to put his gear on.

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She loves laser tag she comes here a lot with her mom the usual nerd guys that go there see her and wave "hey Julie "one with thick glasses says
The other one wears a sweater vest smiled "hey Julie it's nice to see you"
"hey guys"

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"You know those guys, Julie? They seem like dweebs." He looked up after clicking his vest together.

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"there not dweebs there cool"she says smiling at the nerdy boys in front of her
The one with the vest stares at Julie with longing and nods and stutters "w..will you be on are team"he asked
"of course Johnny "she gets blue gear

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((Sorry! Busy posting and such. -_-))

"Hey! Julie, I thought you were gonna be on the red team! With me! C'mon!"

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"fine sorry guys "she messes up johnnys hair and puts on red gear "I'll be on your team next time okay"she smiled at him and he smiled back looking happy again " Julie"

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"Yay!" The time getting ready was up, and the red light flashed, signaling the players to go in. Golden smirked and kicked open the door, then positioned his gin and waited for the announcement to start shooting.

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They are aloud to shoot and in the first ten seconds she already got five guys down because she blew kisses to them

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He chuckled, shooting one nerd at a time, dodging and rolling to avoid getting hit.

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She shoots a bunch of them down the perks of being a girl.

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He watched Julie as he shot another guy, she was good, because she used her looks against her enemies. That was good. He shot a few more guys.

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Only her nerdy friends remain and she knows where there hiding she jumps and flips over ove of the small walls and finds her guys on the other side and shoots

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He smiles. "Go, Julie! Did we get 'em all?"

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She jumps back over and smiled "yup nerds down "

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thegirlonfire wrote: "She jumps back over and smiled "yup nerds down ""

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