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Advertise your other groups here!

Name of Group:
Head Mod:
Other Mods (optional):
Anything Else?

Selene {нєιя σf ℓυиα} (ohthefeelsofbooks) Name of Group: Camp Half Blood/pjo club
Head Mod: Crystal (Zoe)
Other Mods (optional):Emma, Olivia, Jasmine
Description: "If you are a Percy Jackson fan like me this is a place where you can come to camp and have fun. I also have topics on the club my friend and I started. No monsters allowed. It is a dedication not an obsession. =)"
Rules: No cussing
No Sexual/ inappropriate content
Be Nice
Have Fun
Be Active

Selene {нєιя σf ℓυиα} (ohthefeelsofbooks) Name of Group: Ask THG Characters
Head Mod: Crystal(Zoe)
Description:"I came up with this idea a) while watching the movie and b) because of an ask demigods group. So I decided to start an Ask the hunger games characters. I searched and didn't find one so this may be a first. Have fun fellow tributes! Word if warning: if you haven't finished the series and see a unfamiliar ask person, I don't recommend entering"
Rules: Use * if you must cuss
Nothing sexual or inappropriate content
Please warn others if your question has a spoiler

Selene {нєιя σf ℓυиα} (ohthefeelsofbooks) Name of Group: The Selected
Head Mod: Jessica (Drew)
Description: "This is a group for those who have read and currently reading the Selection trilogy. **WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS**"
Rules: No cussing
Be nice to others
No Adult Content
Don't play as someone else's character
Try to not post spoilers
If you must have a romance, keep it mild
use common sense
Have fun

Selene {нєιя σf ℓυиα} (ohthefeelsofbooks) Name of Group: Divergent Roleplay
Head Mod: Elizabeth (Silena) (Johanna) [Me]
Other Mods (optional): Ashleigh, Grace, Jessica (Drew)
Description: "Divergent Roleplay group!"
1. No cussing (at least star it out)
2. No Adult Content
3. Stay active
4. No playing as someone else's character
5. If you must have a romance, keep it mild
6. One Month absences will have Characters going up for adoption!
7. No creating a new topic without a mod's permission
8. Use common sense
9. Have fun!
Anything Else?
All of the above groups have less than 7 people

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Crystal (Wisegirlonfire) Thx so much Elizabeth

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Roxie Nighthade | 7 comments Name of Group: Camp Half-blood
Head Mod: Roxann (me)
Other mods: Percy
Descreption:wellits Camp half-blood lol. You get sorted into a cabin, and well hang out with your cabin mates and stuff! We're planning a event soon!
Rules: Nothing bad.Read the rest when you get there! lol.

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