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Should there be another book?

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Jessica Crone I'd love to find out how Pagan gets on with learning how to use her new skills.

Maari yes. i loved all the other books so i wish there were more.

Cclem630 yeah, i would love a fourth book.

Samli Not for Pagan and Dank..perhaps for Gee..there's so much content for that wonderful Gee..heck even for Leif..I would read a book about Leif!!

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Danielle No i think the author rappped up the story pretty well.

xoxo <3

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Maybe you guys can help, did we ever find out why Nathan had a need to constantly help Sierra? Did they have a connection that was talked about and I missed??

Viki At the end Nathan was conected with Siera but i am not sure why he has that stupid need at the begining - maybe universe know how it must end and Nathan unconsciously too =D so he want Pagan but can t leave Siera =D Who know =D

Oh and I really liked ending !!!! BUT I am curious what would happend - author left herself space for continue and i would be extremly happy to see one =D - some series could have more books just because they are great and i am sure they would be good as others =D But I would reconcile even with book about Gee too =D =D

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Melissa Blanco Vyshu wrote: "this book was amazing but i don't think there should be another one, i felt like the ending for this was absolutely perfect and having another book would completely ruin it for me."

I have to agree. The ending was perfect for the story and the character; a fourth novel would be too much. However, the author could write a short story or a novella about their life together!
I would also like to know how they made Jay's soul connect with Victoria's... and how Wyatt's soul came back as a grown man...

Debby I think the ending was perfect, I wouldn't change a thing

Maddie Dredger I liked the ending them together, but i wish they would make another book just because i would like to see how she handles her new skills and i just miss Dank! SO SEXY!

Maria Delgadillo OMG another book would be great. More Dank and pagan....

Maddie Dredger Yes please!!!!!

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Ria There's gonna be another series about Lief starting 2014.

Fanny Aquino a mi me dejo muy contenta el final, fue bastante perfecto!

Laura Northman Yes please, and would be great if have more sex scenes!

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Amy I want another book also! I wanted to get more of their new life together and I love Gee's character!!

Juanita Yessss!!!! More Dank and Pagan!!! & Gee!!!

Crystal Simpson I don't think that they should make another book. I loved the series but it was wrapped up perfectly. However if there was another book I would absolutely read it.

Diana that would be awesome i would love to hear what their up to:)

Melissa With Dank being one of the crushes competing in the YA Tourney, Abbi Glines promised a free and steamy Dank and Pagan novella if Dank wins the entire thing. That said, if you want more of their story then you should vote for him when his matches are up :)

Mariana No, the end was the end.

Medha M.M I Want a 'Gee' Novella (:

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Melba A companion novel about Gee would be awesome where we get glimpses to Pagan and Dank story.

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Sara Shaw sure

Rebecca Ria wrote: "There's gonna be another series about Lief starting 2014."

How do you know this? Is there an explanation as to why it is about Leif? I think the novella pretty much covered his story.

Abigail Cortez There should definitely be another book

Diana DeLucas Yesss please more books of this serie!! And i would love to know if pagan and dank can have children. And i want to know about Gees life. And if lei will ever find another one to love. Pleaseees.

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