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Ushlah Aluthge | 98 comments Mod

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Diana Foster Smith (nuggettlee) | 2 comments Am reading this book right now and love it.

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Gehan | 1 comments I read it several times and it always has the same stunning effect on me. Simply Love it

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NIWAMANYA DESIRE (NIWAMANYADESIRE) | 5 comments I have not read that and I do not think I will find it in the library I get novels from.

DeAnna Lloyd | 21 comments I really enjoyed this book. To me, the message was that it is possible to love again after the loss of/death of a significant other. Also, about being able to live a lifestyle that may seem uncomfortable at first. Its also about perceived success and failure. But, mainly about taking a new relationship one day at a time.

DeAnna Lloyd | 21 comments Another topic explored in "One Day at a Time" was May/December relationships. Which, in our society usually consists of an older man and a younger woman, and is accepted in society. However, it tends to be frowned on when its the other way around with older women being called cougars. In this book, the older mother who was a widow had a younger boyfriend. She was hesitant in telling her daughters, because she was not sure how they would take it. Which, they did have difficulty in accepting it at first. The mother's relationship with the younger man had worked out quite well.

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