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Tana (tana_t) | 13418 comments Mod
Fangland by Matt Drabble Matt Drabble

Genre: Horror with dark thriller elements


Book Description:

The criminal underworld of the city of Eagleport is ruled with razor sharp intelligence and an iron fist.

Jimmy "Eyes" Glick and Abraham "Ghost" Jacobs both came through life the hardest of ways. A chilling combination since their orphanage origins, one a fully fledged psychopath and the other a borderline sociopath.

The criminal empire that they have built, has its foundations laid in betrayal, blood and pain. But now that empire is crumbling and their control is slipping. Their organisation is under threat from an enemy far more different and dangerous than anything they could of ever possibly imagined.

As Ghost fights to maintain his tenuous grip over their kingdom and Jimmy's sanity, he's about to discover that some betrayals won't stay buried.

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I'm looking forward to it!

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sent in your request Mei

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Mei | 25 comments Review posted on Goodreads, Amazon, and my blog.

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