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message 1: by Tony (new)

Tony Franks-Buckley | 61 comments Mod
If you are an Author and have found something useful to help you and your work and would like to share with others. Please do so in here.

Also if you are having problems. Post a new thread and see if somebody else can help you.

message 2: by Peter (new)

Peter Hindley | 8 comments Giving advice is difficult, it is all to easy to highlight some writing rule or format but I feel the best advise for any writer, or anybody, is actually to do what is right for you.
If you are working creatively, be original, do not copy; copying always dilutes what went before: You are original, so your work should be the same.

message 3: by Joseph (new)

Joseph Bruno (JoeBruno) | 9 comments Write every day. Even is its for only a few minutes.

The hardest part of writing is sitting down at the computer.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Everything is a first draft. Then it's a second draft, then a third draft until you have something readable. If you are not willing to re-write,you aren't a writer. Think of editing as a chance to live your life over.

message 5: by Jill (new)

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