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message 1: by Naima (last edited Nov 16, 2012 01:59PM) (new)

Naima This is a part of the book I'm writing. About a girl called Kate who has just started attending a boarding shool.

I arrive in front of the bothersome door 65 at exactly half past nine. Along the corridor a few kids my age are saying a last goodnight before closing their doors and I hear the faint sounds of goodnights from other sixth years from the floor below and above as well. The corridor lights are dimming and will turn off in half an hour when the seventh years have curfew.
I had been out in the grounds avoiding everyone and anyone since dinner, managing to freeze myself half to death in the process and only going inside again because of the curfew. The whole school was eerily quiet and dark when I walked up the six flights of stairs, especially in the lower floors where the classrooms are located. Only a few dormitory lights had lit up the grounds around the castle when I had come back inside five minutes previously.

message 2: by Sarah, head mod (new)

Sarah | 224 comments Mod
that is really good, i already felt myself wanting to know more

message 3: by Naima (new)

Naima thanks :) I've written almost half of the book

message 4: by Sarah, head mod (new)

Sarah | 224 comments Mod
i am sure it will be excellent when you've finished it

message 5: by Ruth, co-mod (new)

Ruth | 267 comments Mod
That is really good!

message 6: by Naima (new)

Naima thanks :) it's just a part where I discribe the school, oh and Kate, she's 16 years old.

message 7: by Naima (new)

Naima This is just a draft. Hope you like it. :)

”Kate!” I hear someone shout in the distance. “Kate!” Comes the shout again but nearer this time and I think it’s coming from the right, towards the school. I turn and start walking in the opposite direction. I really don’t want to be found, not yet. Kate! I stop dead in my tracks and barely stop myself from screaming out loud. It sounded like someone had whispered in my ear. I spin around in a circle trying to see who was there but I see nothing. OK, this is getting creepy. I listen hard, hoping that I won’t hear anything. “Come on, Kate, where are you?” It’s definitely a boy and he is even closer now. Maybe it’s Matt? But something tells me it’s not. I start to stumble in the darkness, running away from him and further into the wilderness. It is really dark and I can hardly see and that really doesn’t help. My heart starts to beat faster. Kate! I can’t help it; I let out a scream and whirl around. That definitely didn’t sound like a shout. It sounded like someone was standing right beside me again. What’s going on? I stare around with my eyes as wide as possible.
After being outside for about one hour I lost all feeling in my fingers and toes long ago and my teeth have been chattering for a while now. I’ve never felt so cold before, but I don’t want to go in. I’m scared and that creepy whispering voice doesn’t make things any better.

message 8: by Ruth, co-mod (new)

Ruth | 267 comments Mod
Man, that is really good! You did a great job building suspense! I can't wait to hear more of the story (:

message 9: by Naima (new)

Naima thanks! :D how's your story going? I can't wait to read more of it!

message 10: by Ruth, co-mod (new)

Ruth | 267 comments Mod
you're welcome!
My story isn't really going at all at the moment :P. I've been stumped on it for a while, so I've started working on a random short love story.

message 11: by Sarah, head mod (new)

Sarah | 224 comments Mod
That is really great, really want to know what happens

message 12: by Naima (new)

Naima thanks :) hope you will

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