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David Hill | 33 comments At Drake's Command by David Wesley Hill

Congratulations to the winners of my giveaway of 3 copies of At Drake's Command!

The giveaway ended yesterday (November 15th, 2012), which was also the 435th anniversary of the date on which Drake's adventure set out from Plymouth to begin the second circumnavigation of the world. This date also marked (not coincidentally) the official publication of At Drake's Command, which is now available on Amazon. For those who prefer to taste the wine before buying the bottle, the first 3 chapters are posted on Goodreads for review. Please take a sip!

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David Hill | 33 comments A nice appraisal of At Drake's Command was just posted on this library blog, Adventures of Maritime History: "Hill is in good company with C.S. Forester and Patrick O’Brien"!

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David Hill | 33 comments A recent post from a book blogger: "My subway book currently is an AWESOME historical nautical-fic that I was sent a query for and this book came out of nowhere and I LOVE IT! it’s called At Drake’s Command and it might be the best of its ilk since the 21st unfinished Jack Aubrey. The opening is brilliant."

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