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E-reader Recommendations?

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Tanya (mom's small victories) (momssmallvictories) Hi everyone. I am thinking about getting an e-reader. I primarily read in bed at night on my iPad. I enjoy that so I don't keep hubby awake and mostly download library books to the Kindle app. I would love an ereader that also allows me to highlight passages, do web browsing and check email, Facebook, and of course Goodreads too! If you have any recommendations or tips on what to look for, please let me know. Thanks!

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Alison G. (agriff22) | 538 comments i have a nook and love it! but i would say that if u already have a kindle app and use it, get a kindle. because that way all your books would already be there.

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Tima (tsunanisaurus) I would recommend Kindle because (in my experience) it's extremely user friendly. Plus the cloud storage is awesome and you can easily hook up with your library to check-out eBooks on it. I had a Nook Color for a few months and didn't like how it handled, Kindle went on sale and I snagged one up and am hooked. Love it

Tanya (mom's small victories) (momssmallvictories) Thanks Alison and Tiffani, what models of the nook and kindle do you have? Too many to choose from! I do like the ease of downloading library books to kindle but like that if something goes wrong with nook you can take it back to the store. I do like that the nook smart glow is good for reading at night. I read in bed with the lights off.

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Alison G. (agriff22) | 538 comments i have the Nook Color. from what i have heard it is just the same as the first Nook that came out, just in color. Now they are coming out with so many more it even confuses me!

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Tima (tsunanisaurus) Tanya, I don't use my Kindle as a tablet I just use it for reading, so you probably would not be interested in the model that I have. But, my friends who have bought the Kindle Fire and Fire HD rave immensely about it and you can surf the net & stream video in addition to reading on those models. Which are equally as user friendly as the model I have - and at the same time not as crazy expensive or muddled down with new features as the newest Kindles are :)

You can also buy a Kindle in a local store for the same price as it's listed online. My Mom bought hers at a local store with no problem!

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Amy | 181 comments Just wanted to throw in my (long winded) two cents. I currently own the Nook Tablet AND the Kindle Fire.

I started out a few years ago with the Kindle 2, and LOVED it. I praised it to everyone I came into contact with. No Nook for me - no, sir! Well, then the sucker broke, for no apparent reason. I was reading one night, and the very next morning, when I turned it on, I was greeted with a frozen, 'ripped' (for lack of a better word) screen. It was about two weeks outside of its warranty, and was told the best they could do was offer me a refurbished model for $99. I felt like I really had no alternative, with all the books I had already purchased. Fast forward 4 months, and the EXACT same thing happened - naturally just outside of the 90 day warranty. In less than 17 months, I had TWO Kindles break on me through no fault of my own. After doing some research, I found two other friends who had similar problems with their Kindles, and I swore off them forever.

Fast forward a year or two...I received the Nook tablet for Christmas, and am very happy with it. HOWEVER, whenever I would hear about a great 'bargain' e-book, or check out sites such as, the choices were much more varied for the Kindle. This happened over and over again, so I caved and bought myself the Fire. I just received it a couple of weeks ago, but I'm in *love* with it already! :o) For my own personal preferences, I find that there is more of a selection of reasonably priced books for the Amazon version than its competitor. In fact, even my local newspaper is available via the Kindle, but isn't an option for the Nook. I also find it easier to navigate the other features, such as web browsing, facebook, etc. on the Fire, but that could very well just be me.

I honestly don't think you can go wrong with either choice. It comes down to personal preference. I know people on either side of the argument, and there's no swaying ANY of them! LOL Good luck, whatever you decide. And, I apologize if I further muddies the waters for you!

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Naomi V (naomi_v) | 509 comments i have (ahem) the Kindle 2, Kindle Fire, and a Nook. i haven't had any technical problems with any of them, and i've had the Kindle 2 for about three years now. they each have their good points, although as Amy points out, your choices are more limited for the Nook.

i like the Kindle 2 because it has 3G and i can buy a book anywhere. that has come in really handy when i've been traveling or when i've searched several bookstores for a book that i really wanted on paper and couldn't find. so i bought it on my kindle on the way home. this is also the kindle that you can read in full daylight. since i use this when i'm traveling and commuting it's a great choice. another thing about using it while commuting is that i only need one hand to turn pages (while i use the other to hang onto the pole on the el train!) it's not so easy to turn pages on the Kindle Fire or the Nook -- usually requiring one hand to hold it while the other turns pages. my Kindle is also the only device on which i can get blogs. i subscribe to several political and news blogs through the Kindle store.

neither of the other devices has 3G access, so i can only shop when i have wi-fi available. i like the Kindle Fire to watch movies or TV shows on planes. makes traveling so much better when you can choose your own entertainment (when you're not reading, of course.) (you do have to download your choices in advance, 'cause you can't download them on the plane.)

the Kindle Fire and Nook are both great for reading in bed without disturbing my hubby.

Tanya (mom's small victories) (momssmallvictories) Thanks everyone for the feedback!! I asked for a kindle paper white for Xmas and my Superhubby ordered it for me. It won't arrive until Xmas Eve and I can't wait to get it. I thought the kindle had more selection available too and I love how easy the kindle app is to use on my iPad. I like that the paperwhite is not back lit too. I started reading as a way to avoid screens before bed, but now I'm addicted to reading off the iPad and notice the eye strain by the time I shut it off and go to sleep. Speaking of which, I just finished Gone Girl and found out that the first book of Game of Thrones is ready to download from library. I should go to sleep but I wanna get started on Game of Thrones! Thanks again.

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Karen (Karinlib) I have had a Kindle since 2008. I love the Kindle Keyboard and the Kindle Paperwhite equally. I thought I would never like a touch, but when I purchased my Kindle paperwhite it became my primary Kindle. It is very responsive (much better than my iPad.

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Dawn rizzi (dawnie278) Tanya,
So I have and Ipad and IPHONE and have been thinking about a Kindle Fire or other type device to go smaller and easier lug around in my purse then the Ipad is. I love my Ipad and was just wondering with you having one already as well why you would wanted a ereader also. Let me know maybe you will help me make my choice too. I just saw the ipad Mini and now i am thinking about that one too. Apple just pisses me off with their prices. I can get a brand new 7 inch fire with all the perks and a case for less that the mini.

Tanya (mom's small victories) (momssmallvictories) Dawn wrote: "Tanya,
So I have and Ipad and IPHONE and have been thinking about a Kindle Fire or other type device to go smaller and easier lug around in my purse then the Ipad is. I love my Ipad and was jus..."

Hi Dawn, I was looking for an ereader so that my boys could use the iPad for other apps like drawing my husband likes to do. I used the ipad primarily for the kindle, productive apps like calendar and blogging app and the internet/checking email. The iPad backlight is also brighter and since I read in bed in the dark, the iPad light is much brighter and harsher on my eyes, making my eyes more tired. I have rheumatoid arthritis too which has damaged my hands so the iPad is bulkier and harder to hold. so for all those reasons I wanted an ereader and I absolutely love the kindle Paperwhite. It does fit in my purse, I can put the light on the lowest setting during my nighttime reading in bed (so the battery lasts a week or more before recharging) and it's easy to read/not harsh on my eyes at all. Very light and easy to hold. It's not as expensive as the fire and it does not have great Internet browser but I use it exclusively for reading so it fits my needs. When reading the brief wondrous life of Oscar Wao, I also liked that the Kindle was able to translate many words from Spanish to English. Lots of languages in the Paperwhite. It was a nice little perk that the kindle app on the iPad didn't have. That translation feature has been nice since I am doing an around the world challenge right now and reading books from different countries. That's my two cents, I was very happy with my decision to get the kindle and have been reading more than I was before and loving it! Hope that helps you make a decision. :) happy new year.

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Dawn rizzi (dawnie278) Thanks it does help alot and Happy New Year to you too. I am going to check out yours in Target and see what its like before i make my choice again.

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