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message 1: by Sasha (new)

Sasha Samy | 3 comments Hello Everyone!

I'm Sasha and I'm new to Goodreads. I just published my first book: Transcending Abuse & Betrayal.I'm still trying to learn how to navigate the different sites on Goodreads. I've read some of the comments from other authors and have found them interesting and useful! I think this is a good place to share our thoughts.

message 2: by Cherlina (new)

Cherlina Works (httpgoodreadscomcworkss) | 27 comments Hi Sasha! I'm Cherlina and I'm new to Goodreads too. I'm looking forward to seeing books by new authors. This is the first comment I've written on Goodreads. Interacting with other authors is a great way to learn and get pointers on writing.

message 3: by Sasha (new)

Sasha Samy | 3 comments Hi Cherlina!

Yes, it certainly is a good way to interact with others authors. Thank you for your response!


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