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message 1: by Aaron (new)

Aaron Thibeault (thebookreporter) | 16 comments Just finished reading Thinking, Fast and Slow by the grandfather of behavioral economics Daniel Kahneman. The book breaks down thinking into two systems: intuition and deliberation, and explores their interaction. The main argument of the book is that intuitive thinking often misleads us, and that it is important to know the many ways that it does so in order that we may catch the errors. Very interesting and useful stuff. I've written a full executive summary of the book available here:


message 2: by Badgerlord (new)

Badgerlord | 5 comments Halfway through it at the moment. Pretty good stuff.

message 3: by Hafsah (new)

Hafsah (HafsahJahangirAwan) | 4 comments in my mind all the things come so fast
like some times i never understand what the matter is,why i am thinking very fastly.

message 4: by Ellen (new)

Ellen Marcolongo | 1 comments A fascinating book with lots of great examples. The main conclusion I drew was that before making a decision step back and consider all the options.

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