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Age (m/f):
Life before Wonderland:
( add anything I left out. )

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Name: Ryder Way
Age: 17
Gender: Male

lLife before wonderland: Ryder was always a troublemaker and has always been labeled as such. He just couldn't listen to what people told him to do so he always made his own decisions. He isn't the best at thinking before acting, and is very sassy and feisty.

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(( EMMIE!! ))

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((That's what I said!!!!))

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(( gtg but I promise I won't disappear for good. ))

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((SERIOUSLY WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!? And same, gone for the night peeps :) BUT HALLE, SERIOUSLY!?))

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(( I missed y'all so much, but if my grades fell even a little, well, there'd be no wifi 6 feet under ))

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((I hear you. My parents insist on 95% ave...))

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Kate Kid (KateKid) Name: Arrow Yagami
Age (m/f): 16
Personality: Hard headed, loves to have fun, quiet, untrusting.
Appearance: ((Add later. :) ))
Life before Wonderland: I grew up in an abusive home, my mother was never around and my father beat me daily. The only one I ever had was my best friend, and boyfriend, Kam.... two days before I disapeared, my mother made us break up.

((Ya ya ya, I know. I put my real life into the story....))

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Kate Kid (KateKid) ((Besides the abuse and everything. XD And HALLE!!!! *Glomps*))

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Name: Victoria Trite
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Victoria is not likely to express her feelings, they are also not likely to let on that they know how others are feeling. However, they will speak up when they feel another individual really needs help, and in such cases they can truly help others become aware of their feelings. Victoria feels a strong sense of responsibility and duty. She takes her responsibilities very seriously, and can be counted on to follow through. For this reason, people naturally tend to rely on her. Victoria has a difficult time saying "no" when asked to do something, and may become over-burdened. In such cases, she does not usually express their difficulties to others, because they intensely dislike conflict, and because they tend to place other people's needs over their own. She needs to learn to identify, value, and express their own needs, if they wish to avoid becoming over-worked and taken for granted. She needs positive feedback from others. In the absence of positive feedback, or in the face of criticism, she gets discouraged, and may even become depressed. When down on themselves or under great stress, she begins to imagine all of the things that might go critically wrong in their life. They have strong feelings of inadequacy, and become convinced that "everything is all wrong", or "I can't do anything right". Victoria is warm, generous, and dependable. She have many special gifts to offer, in their sensitivity to others, and Her strong ability to keep things running smoothly. She needs to remember to not be overly critical of themselves, and to give themselves some of the warmth and love which they freely dispense to others.

Victoria has a set of indescribable pale blue eyes that reflect the sky above them, beckoning down to her to look upon them. Her lips curve upwards naturally, seeming that she is always in a smile. Her hair flows down to just below her shoulder, curling in loose ringlets at the ends. Her light brown hair is streaked with a lighter brown, almost blonde highlights from sun exposure. Her facial structure is in an oval shape, narrowing down to her chin. Her cheekbones instead of going inward are covered up by her cheeks that haven't lost their baby fat yet. She has a natural blush that deepens in the snowy caverns of the winter snow.
Life before Wonderland: Before waking up in Wonderland Victoria's life was one to behold. Don't get me wrong, she had a very spoiled childhood. Her Father was a captain at sea, taking her out on long boat rides, enjoying the sparkling ocean in her mist. The sun overhead of them smiling down onto their heads, wanting them to come outside and play. Her Father taught her everything he knew about the ocean, where to find land if you are stranded at sea. How to judge when the tides are coming in only using the clouds. The outdoors were Victoria's life and nothing seemed to take her away from it. Her Mother had died at a young age, when Victoria was only about 6 from a cold. Her Mother had always been in poor health, but that didn't stop Victoria from bringing her flowers every day, trying to make the sickness go way for good. She knew in her heart that her Mother was in a better place now that she had escaped the suffering of this life. Victoria had always been optomistic about her life and nature. Her Father admired that about hr and took her into teachings, not in public school worried that if the cruel judgement of the people there would harsh her mental health and bring her down to a dull point. She had grown up in a classy nature, not worrying about anything except when the turtles came in from nesting season. That was all before she got sucked into a story not yet to be told... In Wonderland..

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((We've missed you!! Don't even look in the direction of Private School, you missed like 2000 comments :') Yeah, well I'm killing off all of my charries before my mock exams in a month or so and then banning myself until after June so I can't get distracted))

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Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ Name: Echo Summers

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Personality: Echo is a fun loving, bubbly girl with a bright and happy personality. She is rarly in fights and loves all creatures great and small. She is nice to most people and is a hopless romantic, a softy for a good love story and a VERY adventurous girl. Echo is usually smiling but can be shy at times, very rarly is she mad but when she does get mad, it's like she is a hole different person. She is easy to get along with and loves making new friend.


Echo has blonde hair, green and blue mix eyes. ect. (Just look at the pics)

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Emily wrote: "((We've missed you!! Don't even look in the direction of Private School, you missed like 2000 comments :') Yeah, well I'm killing off all of my charries before my mock exams in a month or so and th..."

((O.o dedicated, girl. Jeez. I admire you, I don't think I could...))

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((Hehe well something tells me it won't go down well if I fail my GCSEs... I can kiss oxbridge goodbye!))

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((Hmmmm true that one. Our PSATs already happened so I'm done for this year... I guess when I'm a junior I'll have to do the same.))

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Name: Tabitha Hannagan
Age (m/f): 16 (f)
Personality: Tabitha is strong willed, independent girl who can be pretty persuasive and stubborn. She has a playful side that can get in the way of her attempts at remaining in control - she hates the feeling of being overwhelmed or losing control over a situation. She tends to come across as efficient and authoritative, but with a slight shy side as well.
Appearance: description
Life before Wonderland: Had her group of friends who she fit in well with, was by no means a popular girl but her tendency to need to be involved meant she was often around a lot of people and got on pretty well with most. She lived with adoptive parents after she had been given up for adoption by her birth parents who were only 16. Her need for control stems from this need for autonomy over her own life and wanting to find her original parents.

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(( EMMIE! ))

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Emily Name: Drew Valentine
Age (m/f): F
Personality: Perfectionist, try-hard, always follows the rules, sometimes a buzz kill, aims to please people, nerd, shy, never takes charge but does all the work in otherwords, a hard worker.
Life before Wonderland: valedictorian at her school, her parents never paid attention to her because of her football star brother. Never had very many friends.

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(( Idea time! I will make someone who live is Wonderland, too. Feel free to do the same. ))

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ ((Can My character kinda live in Wonderland? Like she lives here but she comes from 'our' world, like as in she has been stuck here longer than anyone else?))

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Name: Spencer Heart
Age (m/f): 16 f
Personality: They say immature, she says fun. Loud, playful, funny, sweet, nerd, rebel
Appearance: Honey blond hair with vivid green eyes, tan, extremely tall, model gorgeous
Life in Wonderland: Queen of Heart's daughter, least favorite (because her hair isn't red like the other's) and youngest princess of 3

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(( sure. Can she be Spencer's best friend though? ))

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ ((Sure :) I'll be bffl's with him haha :) ))

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(( Her.. haha ))

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ ((S**T haha sorry I have been rp'ing with only guys for a bit so I'm used to writing him :( hehe sorry))

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(( S'okay. Just curious to see how her bestie turns out. If you RP with other people, invite them.))

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ ((Sure thing :) ))

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(( Great! ))

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Name: Saul
Gender: Male
Personality: sweet and kind but can be dangerous at times.
Life before wonderland : He always lived in wonderland he was born their.
Others: He is the prince of hearts he's a rebel in the family and not a real son of the king . That why he looks like that.

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(( Okay, so Saul is Spencer's brother? She's a princess of hearts and they have another sib (yet to be named. ) ))

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(( Wow. You're response is stimulating. ))

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(( sorry I'm a busy person : P))

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(( haha. Yes, because book browsing is oh so time consuming :) ))

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Kate Kid (KateKid) Name: Mai Sigh.
Age (m/f): 16
Personality: Very quiet, in fact, she can't speak at all.
Life before Wonderland: She's always been in wonderland.
Other: She has a brother that interprets what's she's trying to say. ((WHoever wants to make him.... go ahead.))

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Name: Will Sigh
Age(m/f): 17 M
Personality: Loud, funny, kind, protective
Appearance: bluish-black hair, violet eyes, tall and broad, pale
Life before Wonderland: he lives there
Other: Speaks for his mute sister, Mai

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Kate Kid (KateKid) ((He sounds hot. O.O HAHA!))

message 42: by Halle (new)

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(( All except the pale, but he had to match Mai. ))

message 43: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (KateKid) ((Haha, yes. And pale is hot. Sexy emos. <3))

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Emma Name: Brooklyn Jones
Personality:Brooklyn is a sarcastic, tough girl who is very stubborn and is very protective of her friends and family. she never follows the rules and cant stand self-centered people. yeah. She often gets into fights.
Appearance: needle-straight Blonde hair, with light blue eyes, tall, tan average looks
life before wonderland: She was the school loner. didn't have many friends did martial arts and dance classes.

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ ((Mad hatter anyone?))

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(( Whoever makes him will need to talk oddly. ))

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(( I have deleted Ella and will make Hatter unless someone else wants to. ))

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((Yay! Can you guys see my pic?))

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(( Yep. You missed a gazillion posts, sam. ))

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((Yeah, IK :(( ))

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