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Gisbelle | 27303 comments Since it is a bit difficult for me to go around and correct every post and to keep the group organized, please make sure you include the following information when you create a buddy read thread:

- Title of the book
- Name of the author
- Start date

Example: If I Lie by Corrine Jackson → Start Date: November 9th, 2012

Create your Buddy Read thread here: Buddy Reads: To-Read

Once everyone in the thread you have created finish reading the book, you may move it to: Buddy Reads: In Progress
Or just notify me, I'll move it for you.

Thanks for understanding.

Good luck and Read on!

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Gisbelle | 27303 comments Guidelines

- Post the books you want to find a reading buddy or two to read with here: Want a Reading Buddy?
- You might find someone to read with faster if you post more than one book
- Don't set the date too close as it might discourage people to read it with you
- It'd be better if you wait to set the date after someone responses to your request for a reading buddy
- Buddy read can be addictive. To make sure you don't feel too overwhelmed later, please don't go overboard and schedule too many buddy reads.
- Let your reading buddy know if you want to reschedule or drop the book

descriptionPlease do NOT post links to other groups. If you feel the need to do so, please send each other a private message.

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