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message 1: by Jennifer Defoy (new)

Jennifer Defoy | 29 comments Mod
Barnes and Nobles has a book discussion group for ARC (Advance Reader Copy) books.

It's free to join. They appear to do one book about once a month.

Here's the site:

Right now the book is Sag Harbor. There is still a message that says they have books available for this month.

All you have to do to get your free book is create an account and send a message to the moderator (The instructions are posted in the feed). Then once you get your book you just read it and participate in the discussions. In order to be eligible for future First Look books you just have to be active in the discussions.

I don't know if they ask for referrals or not, but if they do you can list Jennmarie68 as the person that referred you.

message 2: by Jennifer Defoy (new)

Jennifer Defoy | 29 comments Mod
A new First Look book is going to be added on Tuesday. I will post a link when the new book is available and when we know what it is :-)

message 3: by Jennifer Defoy (new)

Jennifer Defoy | 29 comments Mod
The new first look book is posted. It is going to be The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane by Katherine Howe.

Here is a link to the Disscussion Group:

All the directions on how to sign up are there.


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