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message 1: by Kristyn (new)

Kristyn (Kristyn007) Its that time again to pick books! Lets start throwing out some ideas! I cant think of anything off the top of my head. What do you guys want?

message 2: by Jennifer (last edited Nov 13, 2012 12:35PM) (new)

Jennifer  | 285 comments Some of the books that really look interesting to me include:

1. Perfume

2. The Big Sleep

3. Snow Falling on Cedars (though it has received some bad reviews on here)

4. Rebecca. (I will probably break down and read this book very soon because it has been sitting on my shelf for a couple of months now calling to me.)

5. An Evil Cradling.

6. A Prayer for Owen Meany

***I think someone else who belongs to this group wanted to read The Remains of The Day. I am good with that too.

message 3: by Catherine (new)

Catherine Crook Gosh, we are choosing books for January? Man! This year flies. I have always wanted to read a Prayer for Owen Meany. :)

message 4: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer  | 285 comments So if we do end up going with A Prayer for Owen Meany, should we choose a shorter book for the other January read. I think that Irving's book is quite long.

message 5: by Jennifer (last edited Nov 21, 2012 09:50AM) (new)

Jennifer  | 285 comments Amanda,

Do you have any preferences for the January read? What about any of the other group members? I might have to add these books to my Christmas list.

message 6: by Amanda (new)

Amanda I don't January is going to be weird because I have a trip planned, so I will have lots of time for reading while in transit but perhaps not much time for talking. Its also kinda fun to just be told to read this next takes all the pressure off of trying to figure out a book before starting. ;)

message 7: by Kristyn (new)

Kristyn (Kristyn007) An evil cradling sounds pretty good. You know I could always start putting the books in a number generator to where it randomly picks for us! that would definitely take the pressure off.

message 8: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer  | 285 comments The number generator idea does sound interesting, but it could be problematic if we end up with two very long books in the same month. Still, I think maybe it is something we might consider trying. We are going to read all of the books on the list eventually anyhow, so it probably doesn't matter what order we read them in.

message 9: by Kristyn (new)

Kristyn (Kristyn007) i did a number generator for the second January book and if you guys want to go by that the first number it picked was A Time of Gifts by Patrick Leigh fermor. It has 321 pages. The second time The Outsider came up and it has 117 pages. Let me know if you guys want to do it this way.

message 10: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer  | 285 comments Sounds good to me, though I can't stand Camus. Better to get him over with as soon as possible. Thankfully The Outsider is only 117 pages.

message 11: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Noticing that lately people have been having a hard time reading the books and such. Do we perhaps want to take a scheduled break for the holiday months, and say re-schedule November's books for February?

message 12: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer  | 285 comments Amanda wrote: "Noticing that lately people have been having a hard time reading the books and such. Do we perhaps want to take a scheduled break for the holiday months, and say re-schedule November's books for F..."

Works for me.

message 13: by Kristyn (new)

Kristyn (Kristyn007) Do you want to do January for novembers books since you guys have already read them? Or are still working on dickens. That will give me and Catherine 2 months to work on one flew over the cuckoos nest and great expectations and then February start with Sherlock Holmes and life of Pi? We can just have December and January as catch up months. I have a feeling dickens will take up most of that time. If we come to a point to where we get a long book again we can just have that one book for that month.

message 14: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer  | 285 comments I like the idea of the catch up time.

message 15: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Whatever works best for everyone, it just seemed silly to keep adding to the backlog. I am reading Great Expectations now, but also have a ton of school reading right now.

message 16: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer  | 285 comments Hey everyone, should I start reading the Hound of the Baskervilles, or are we going to schedule some catch up time? It doesn't matter to me either way, but if we are going to reschedule this read, then I would like to wait and read along with everyone else I think.

message 17: by Kristyn (new)

Kristyn (Kristyn007) I think we are going to have some catch up time. Reschedule Sherlock for February. Does that sound good for everyone? I really was upset with myself for totally skipping November books so this works great for me so I can read them. Plus I have a feeling dickens is going to take me a while to read.

message 18: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer  | 285 comments Kristyn,

That probably does work well for me and you missed a good read with One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, so I would hate for you to miss out on that book. I will re-schedule the Hound of the Baskervilles for February then.

message 19: by Catherine (new)

Catherine Crook sounds like a good plan!

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