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message 1: by Adriana (last edited Nov 12, 2012 04:32PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Adriana I think it's better if it's just one thread and I realized that I have finals that week if it's okay.

Nathan (nathlawless) I like one thread better too. :) No problem about the dates, by the way. I can read it anytime.

Adriana Good (:

Adriana Finally! I'm done with finals!!!!
So today chapters 1-11
Just starting.

Adriana Unless you don't want to do it chapter by chapter like that anyways...
I have read Chapters 1-11 but first I read the author's note and I can't believe that this is the first mentioning that I've heard that this was based on a true story. It instantly got more interesting.

The chapters with italics? Is that supposed to be with him talking to Pi in present time?
The story of him learning to swim... I got that it was important because he basically lives on the ocean for that whole time but I was getting impatient when his real name came up. I don't know why I actually thought it was Pi.
That was really messed up at the end. His father did make a good point. I wonder why tigers though? Why not the lions? Lions are the more massive of the two and are supposed to be the most threatening. It goes well with the story at least.
I wonder how the name Richard Parker came about for the tiger. I was thinking Peter Parker but no... Is he new to the zoo? Was he supposed to pick up a tiger but got stranded? How did that happen?
As soon as I finish this book I can't wait to watch the movie! My mother thinks it's too... magical? Something. To fantasy with a glowing whale so I'll have to bribe her or someone else to go watch it with me.

Nathan (nathlawless) Do I read the authors note? I was totally going to skip it. Glad you said something! I'll read these chapters before bed tonight and get back to you tomorrow. :)

Adriana I just happened to read it. It gets you some background on what's about to happen and how he got to learn of Pi's story. It's not like boring or anything.
Alright (:
Um. I'll be reading the rest of part one then for tomorrow but will wait for you.
You know I just watched a movie with the main character being the same actor in the Life of Pi movie which was really weird and it was in India too. The Best Marigold Hotel. It was pretty good. Just putting that out there :P

message 8: by Samsonread (new) - added it

Samsonread | 1 comments This may be a spoiler mentioned so take fair warning. The tiger got his name by accident, it was a mistake that occurred. Tiger's owner was actually named Richard Parker...

On the way over to the zoo, some real paperwork got mixed up. It resulted in the two switching places.

Adriana Huh. That wasn't as elaborate as I thought it would be but I guess in it's own way it was. So what was his name supposed to be.
Forgot to read Part 1 but it seems you forgot too Trevor (;

message 10: by Nathan (last edited Dec 10, 2012 08:34AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Nathan (nathlawless) I'm so sorry! Things have been a bit crazy here this weekend with doctors appointments and working. I am reading though, and btw, I'm pretty sure this isn't a true story... I think the author wrote it from the point of view of an author writing a book about a guy who did this. You know what I mean? I could be wrong, but I'm almost positive.

I'm on chapter 23 now. I'm liking it a lot so far, far more than I thought I would! I've seen the movie already so I know the story loosely, but the book is very good. I love Pi's character. I *don't* love the religion in it. I rarely enjoy religious books. But this is doing it well. I appreciate Pi's adventures with religion as a young man. It resonates with me! His indecisiveness about it all is humorous as well. I don't know if it's supposed to be funny, but I think it is.
The father teaching a lesson with the tiger part was gross. I knew it was coming, from the movie, but it was still gross. I can't believe a dad would ever do that! But I guess it gets the point across...

I've forgotten what I'm supposed to read of this and when.. If you see this before tonight, tell me how far to read this evening for tomorrow! haha.

Adriana Ugh. I did it again anyways... Hope you are well. Read until Part 1 is done. I'm about in the spot you are in.

I don't mind the religious part of it because it's a part of him so it's a part of the story but I can see where you are coming from. I like that he has all these religious symbols in his home when he's older and endured in his beliefs. And he started so young. It's nice that he could appreciate different point of views. The story of the three religious people was pretty hilarious and sad because when he came individually with them it was alright but he has to choose now. It's too bad that they couldn't let him to whatever he wanted. It's not like he was doing anything bad. It sounds like a made up story because it just seems like that was so improbable and perfect for the present day story.

Nathan (nathlawless) I agree! I like that he sticks to his beliefs no matter what anyone says (proven by the multiple symbols in his home, as you said). It made me sad that his parents were against him keeping up his three practices.

Nathan (nathlawless) Finished part one and then couldn't help myself from continuing a little. I read up to chapter 40, I believe. This is so good; I can't believe I didn't read it before!

Adriana I finished Part 1 too. I'm kind of bored by the book so far. I can't wait until we get into the actual story and get out of the background even though it was interesting at parts. I'm going to go to where you are then.

Nathan (nathlawless) I really like it, but I haven't picked it up again for a couple days. It's one of those books I don't feel I *have* to read right now. Some books beg me to pick them back up the second I put them down, and this one isn't going that far for me. But I do like it. I'm going to continue reading it tonight.

Maybe watching the movie first is what's making me like it. I know the general plot, so I know it will get into the meat of the story soon. Already having a picture in my head is actually helping me in this case!

Adriana I've read a lot more. I'm on chapter 77 already. It's gotten more interesting. It sucks what happens to the other animals and the realization that his family is dead. 227 days! That's insane. I want to know now how he gets rescued now. I have to finish it to day because it's due in the library.

Adriana I'm done so don't read this till you are!
(view spoiler)

Nathan (nathlawless) Woah you blew through it! I'll finish it in the next couple days and get back to you. :)

Adriana Alright (:

Nathan (nathlawless) I'm so close! Sorry!! This is really tough to get through. I'm enjoying it but it's kind of slowing down and stalling here in the middle. I'm on chapter 80, so I should finish it tonight!

Nathan (nathlawless) DONE! yay!


I think that the French man did try to kill him and RP saved him.

Adriana But did the French man kill his mother and another man? He mentioned that in his second story as well when the actual gy said he killed a man and a woman.

Nathan (nathlawless) Yeah I know, it's weird. I don't think we're supposed to know exactly what happened! It's one of those books.. I think personally that the second story is what actually happened and the first story was what Pi made up to deal with the trauma of what happened to him.

Adriana You think he made up the animals or imagined it that way? Or I think you're saying that's the way he was able to cope. That would be incredible actually. A twist no one knows about but himself.

Nathan (nathlawless) Exactly! I believe that he couldn't handle what actually happened and repressed those memories. So to make up for everything he repressed he made up the animal story because that's what he relates to as a kid living in a zoo.

Adriana You made everything so much more interesting with that thought (:

Nathan (nathlawless) haha, that's good!

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