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Nell Grey (nellgrey) | 1682 comments Melvyn Bragg and distinguished guests discuss The Upanishads - catch it while you can...

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Nell Grey (nellgrey) | 1682 comments I've just found a long list of past In Our Times episodes, which seem to be available for an extended period, so thought I'd sort out the ones that might be of interest to our members and add them here as and when I've time.

This one is about Fairies

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Pixelina This is very nice Nell, I just discovered BBC radio this month (I can be a bit slow...)
They have so much stuff, I love to make myself some tea and toast and listen to some chapters or some drama in the mornings.

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Nell Grey (nellgrey) | 1682 comments It's good to give the eyes a rest from the 'puter too :)

All and Everyone, please feel free to add your favourites.

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Jaye (bonemeadow) These are awesome, thankyou so much!

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Nell Grey (nellgrey) | 1682 comments My pleasure, Julie :)

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Jo Mcguigan (Drivetronic) | 13 comments Is there one on shamanism?

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Ancestral Gael Jo: Perhaps you ought to do a search of the BBC archives, or contact them, as I find them rather helpful, and very willing to assist, when searching for specific topics within their archives.

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Jo Mcguigan (Drivetronic) | 13 comments Thanks Ancestral.

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Ancestral Gael Finally showing on Ch4 on Saturday 17th August 9pm, 60 min episode of the show we know as Britain's Wicca Man


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Ancestral Gael Unfortunately, not available on iPlayer, but for anyone that gets BBC Alba, there is an interesting programme running at the moment, Fàs Slàn (grow well) about plants/highland remedies.


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Nell Grey (nellgrey) | 1682 comments Thanks Ancestral.

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Nell Grey (nellgrey) | 1682 comments Prophecy

Melvyn Bragg and his guests discuss the meaning and significance of prophecy in the Abrahamic religions.

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Nell Grey (nellgrey) | 1682 comments Our Dreams: Ourselves

Lucy Powell explores the history of dreams and what we think they mean, a hundred years after Sigmund Freud's great work 'The Interpretation of Dreams' appeared in English. She traces the shadowy, circuitous and often surprising history of dreams, from the oldest works of western literature to the very forefront of neuroscience, and finds out where dreams have taken us in the past...

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