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Talk out-of-character here about plot lines for your character. Forge their friendships here, discuss relationships or plots for them, get opinions on ideas and generally discuss your characters.

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Litera (SexyPeach) | 236 comments Mod
Imogen Lee
Imogen wouldn't be friends with any of the characters made so far... I can already visualise her sat at her desk eating her salad lunch out of a tupperware box, alone, to avoid having to go to the food court and socialise...

She would be curteous to Skye, as another hard working ex-Ravenclaw, though no more than saying hello and goodbye if they passed each other. Imogen would be less polite to Eva, as she loathes Quidditch and that is Eva's sport - she wouldn't be rude, but would only greet her if it was required for them to have a work-related discussion.

Imogen would probably loathe Rhoda - a spunky girl not afraid to break the rules, and a journalist, too! She'd slip snide, camouflaged, passive-agressive slights into all their conversations. They probably went to Hogwarts at the same time, so it's likely that they have some sort of long-running feud that flares up whenever they see eachother.

Imogen is known by everyone in the Ministry, referred to as 'The Ice Queen' and the source of many outlandish jokes and rumours, such as, "I heard Imogen Lee is Voldemort re-incarnated", "Apparently as a first year, Imogen Lee told Dumbledore he was stupid", and the like. She would not tolerate rudeness, and her high position in the seniority would put her in a good position to punish those that were rude to her, but she would probably only do so in extreme cases.

Imogen would be rather curious about Robin, and interested in finding out how she ticks. She would probably greet Robin more zealously than expected, having heard very little about her and wanting to change this - not knowing someone in her ministry would be wrong.

She would be scornful and snobbish towards Jacobi, claiming him to be too boring, though underneath he'd probably unsettle her, rumple her feathers quite a bit.

Imogen would be polite to Colin and Friand, treating them similarly whilst wishing that they would both sharpen up and take work more seriously. She would be particularly harsh on Friand as he is thirty, and she would have a soft spot for Colin as they were at Hogwarts together.

Imogen would find Ora's constant attempts to undermine her amusing at first, then taxing and immature. She would still find their conversations stimulating and interesting, however.

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As far as a plot for the roleplay goes, I'm thinking, a wizarding shop inspector has gone missing whilst being treated in St. Mungos for a serious injury. There's evidence that the shop inspector wasn't discharged, nor did he discharge himself. People suspect foul play, particularly as he is the Minister of Magic's son.

The Minister steps down from her post, wracked with worry, leaving the Ministry in disarray. Many Heads of Department put themselves forward for the job, with the support of their department - if the Head of their department goes, there'll be a position as Head of Department open, which would be filled with one of them getting promoted.

The ex-minister would've given journalists from The Daily Prophet free reign to snoop around anywhere, in the hope that her son is found quicker that way. This would include all wizarding shops, as the occupants may have been the reason for his initial injury.


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Thanks :)

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian | 72 comments I like the idea...

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Sounds fantastic!

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Awesome, thanks guys. I think all of the important threads have now been made, and if not they will be shortly, so I now declared this RP officially a go!

It's December 1st, Wednesday morning, and the weather forecast is cloudy. We'll just start this as a normal day, no one with any clue what's going to happen...

I'll quickly make Imogen's house and office, then begin RPing after I've attempted to tame the beast my hair.

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Amitykitty The plotline sounds really good! I love your ideas!

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I would like it if everyone could post a similar thing about their characters and how they would react to others before we get properly into the swing of things.

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DragonDreamer Robin Grace Westchester
Robin would not truly dislike any character made thus far, but she wouldn't likely be good friends with any of them either. She is polite by nature, so everyone gets a friendly "Good morning" headed their way, but don't expect her to be reliant upon anyone for comfort or willing to be completely open about everything.

She would probably like Skye because, as she used to be much more shy herself, she has developed a soft soft for sweet, shy girls like Skye. She would consider her a very cute person. Possibly even develop a small crush on her, but of course would never act on it sober.

She would respect Eva, but she would likely think her a bit arrogant and thus not want to hang around her as much when she's going on about quidditch and whatnot. If she were around, she would definitely be polite and listen, but she wouldn't prefer to.

Robin would respect Rhoda for her strength and independence and would follow her if she were to lead her into battle. As far as romantically, well obviously not because she is straight, but more than this, Rhoda would be too much for her to handle. Robin is attracted to gentleness in people.

Robin would definitely respect Imogen (lol I keep thinking Imogen Heep :P) and even fear her a bit because of her status and power. She would probably not want to do friend stuff with her though, thinking her rather too uptight.

Robin would be attracted to Jacobi because of his looks at first. She would be unsure how she feels about him as his mood and personality seems to change constantly while he is good and kind one minute, then bored and uninterested the next. She would secretly feel a connection with him because of his dark tendencies that are similar to her own.

Robin would love to be friends with Colin, but probably too shy to say much. She would be attracted to his personality, but never act on her feelings because she thinks he is a really awesome person.

Robin would like Friand because he is a really easygoing person and super nice and considerate of others. She would want to be friends with him.

She would probably not like that Ora needs to be right all the time and would prefer if she was more kind with her honesty. She would think that she was pretty, but her personality would bug her a lot.

Robin would not be particularly fond of Celise, but would do her best not to let it show. She would think of Celise as proud and arrogant and this would annoy Robin greatly to be around her.

Robin wouldn't know what to think of Oliver since he can be fun and good at times, but the rest of the time he tries to get under people's skin and exert his power in a way that would simply drive her crazy. She would unconsciously try to avoid him so as not to get too stressed.

Robin would really dislike Dmitri in the way he tries to annoy people and push them. She would be polite to him and respectful enough, but she would never initiate conversation with him other than "good morning" or even if they were the only two people in the room and there was no one else to talk to.

Robin would respect Charles for his work ethic and level head, but wouldn't likely be inclined to speak to someone like him that is easily bored by people. She is a bit curious about him, given his position and quiet demeanor.

She would be caught between wanting to befriend Navdeep and getting annoyed by her as she can appear friendly enough, but sarcastic and fiery on the other hand, which is something Robin wouldn't be used to dealing with.

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Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian | 72 comments Eva Watson
Eva would be courteous to Skye Lerwick. Eva never had classes with Skye when they were at school, as Skye is four years younger than her, and didnt know Skye until they started working at the Ministry. She might become friends with her, it really depends on how they act towards eachother.

Eva would love to be around Rhoda, either to talk about Quidditch or just laugh at the girls spunk. She would probably like to become friends with Rhoda.

Eva would probably be extremely rude to Imogen, though if she got to know her she would probably be empathetic, sweet and kind. If she ever became friends with Imogen, she would be extremely protective of her.

Eva would probably be less than courteous to Jacobi. She would probably only nod when they passed in the hall, and would not go seeking out for him.

Eva would probably treat Colin like a brother. She would tease him, and generally enjoy hanging out with him.

Eva would be civil to Robin, but would usually find an excuse not to talk to her.

Eva would probably like to hang out with Friand, and when at hogwarts she looked up to him.

Eva would probably act the same way to Ora as she would to Skye.

All in all, Eva would be nice towards most that are made so far, save a few.

((How is this Litera?))

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Skye Lerwick

Skye likes to be alone, and she is very shy and introverted. She has her own little set of rules and has a perfect schedule and she starts freaking out if she can't follow it for whatever reason. She hates catastrophes that mess things up (some reason I'm thinking of Effie here). She is smart and creative and has a wonderful mind if you get to know her, but if you don't get her out of her shell you would never guess.

Skye doesn't really like bigheaded people who think they are more important than they really are so she would be shy and kind of distant to Eva, but if she got to know her better she might be inclined to make friends with her, but she might be a tad intimidated by Eva's boisterous personality.

Skye would be a bit intimidated by Rhoda but she is respectful to her because of her ability to follow the rules. If Skye came out of her shell long enough to figure out more about Rhoda she'd probably like her very much and want to be friends with her, but a meeting would kind of have to be arranged between them for her to pop out of her shell.

Skye respects Imogen for being a fellow Ravenclaw and also kind of a stickler for the rules, but she doesn't really like the nose up in the air holier than thou type thing that Imogen puts on, so although she would respect the Ravenclaw, she would not like to be friends with her. Colleagues at most.

Skye would like Colin very much but kind of disapprove of the easygoing way he deals with life. She might eventually learn to like him, but her first impression would not exactly be good.

Skye would act relatively the same way as she would with Friand as she would with Colin, however, she'd be less inclined to speak with Friand than Colin.

Skye would like Ora quite a lot if she came out of her shell long enough, but she already respects the girl. Soon enough she might think of her as a friend, but if they started off wrongly she wouldn't like her much anymore.

She would like Robin quite a lot but she doesn't approve of her sexuality in any sense so she would always feel a distance with the girl. She would be friendly enough, but her sexuality breaks one of Skye's biggest rules so she would always look down on Robin.

Skye would be attracted to Jacobi in certain ways and think him an interesting acquaintance, but she's a bit offish with him for an odd reason she really can't understand. She doesn't like him as much as most people would expect her to, probably just because she doesn't like people who are too easygoing to maintain anything.

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Ab fab, guys!

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Jacob Hott (JacobHottLifeSucksThenWeDie) | 13 comments Jacobi Zander Solomon

Jacobi can probably agree with himself to disagree when it comes to relations with any of the other people. He can imagine being next to one person chatting it up over a cup of cofee, one moment and the next, not having anytihng to do with that person at all. He seems like he would be rather beside himself should anyone actually try to befirend him as emotions do not come naturally to him so he would be rather plain and blunt towards people, not daring to take their emotions into consideration.

Jacobi would probably never befriend Skye as her being quite unless a subject strikes her intrest would get him rather bored and he would be done ith her in moments of meeting her...Another side of him would probably go for Skye as he is completely unorganized and ensures everyday to be different for the sake of his sanity, where as she keeps things shceduled for the sake of her sanity. The saying goes opposites attract, but again she would bore him rather quickly and he would find something new.

As for Rhoda a slight larger chance for friendship stands. He is probably almost as independent and stubborn as she is and the two like his own mind set would agree to disagree causing friendship to grow throguh conflict. Unless of course they find one anothers presence highly unbearable due to such likenesses.

Imogen Lee being as snobbishas she is, Jacobia, would find many similarities between the two. As for her distaste of ex-Slytherins, she would probably have a few out burst in his presence as he would provoke them.

Colin would probably be a guy who keeps Jacobi's mind running. Two people, one who gets easily amused, the other who gets bored easily, Both would have a rather compatible friendship keeping the others day interesting. Colin seems like the type that may be able to crack a smile on Jacobi's face.

Jacobi like Robin both seem to have had emotional rage fits. She seems like the sweet kind he could get under the skin of rather easily without trying. He would possible find her attractive more than anythign else and wouldn't entirely know how to approach such a delicate persona. He could probably see himself trying to do things for her only to fail not truly expiriencing the small thing called Love with her or anyone else for that matter.

Friand would be a person hard to get close to Jacobi, yet he would earn Jacobi's respect as he frowns upon bashing on houses just as much. Friand would probably make a good debate opponent or even ally as he seems rather together and meaningful...while one knows what is needed, the other seems to know what is wanted and needed. If Friand were to ever run for Minister Jacobi would deffinitely vote for him.

Ora appears interesting and would make good conversation with jacobi and possible keep his intrest going as long as she ventures off into different subjects fiilling his head with positive curiosity. She seems like the type that could make Jacobi think or debate on whetehr or not to give a smile whole heartedly. He is all about smirks but that is just something that appears charmingly devious on his features.

He would hold his own opinon based off first impression on everyone of the people so far...And as much as they will all seem like average people to him at first he will make each day diffrenet when seeing one who has striken his intrest...

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I like the plot line, Litera. (: I'll be adding to this as more characters are made:

Editing this so it's more general.

Rhoda Ann Baker

Rhoda would always appear to be pretty suave to everyone she meets. She is firm and obstinate in her beliefs and against prejudice people, those of whom she will instantly dislike. She also dislikes snobby politicians such as Imogen, Dmitri and Charles, not exactly showing her intense dislike, but displaying it sarcastic quips. Rhoda would encourage the shy people in conversations and mainly enjoys being around people who can put a smile on her face. She doesn't mind her fellow journalists that much and would be completely fine with Navdeep's company. People who have been in an intense shouting match with Rhoda are generally on her I'll-kill-you-in-your sleep-list.

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Litera (SexyPeach) | 236 comments Mod
Thanks, Hina! I'm going to add more to Imogen's when I have access to a computer.

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Amitykitty Ora Vencil

She would probably like conversations with Skye and would want her to come out of her shell more so that they could have more. She would like the bright yellows that she wears but would think that she was a little strange for being a bit OCD.

She would most likely hate Eva because of her arrogance and the fact that she brags. If she found out how smart she was she would hate her even more. She would think that she was quite pretty but would probably never tell her that.

She wouldn’t like Rhonda’s stubbornness or her hypocrisy. She would like the fact that she was a strong female but would probably not get along with many of her personality traits. She would probably end up having fights with her instead of conversations.

She wouldn’t like how intelligent Imogen is and would probably be always trying to upstage her with her knowledge. She would think that her wardrobe was too conservative and grandma-like and would think that she has to loosen up more. She would think that she was quite pretty also but like Eva, would never tell her.

She would be kind of neutral on Jacobi’s personality. She would think that he was charming and good-looking but wouldn’t like all of his mood changes. Her opinion on him would probably be mostly based on their first encounter.

She would most likely enjoy Colin’s company because he balances her personality. She would like his loyalty, honesty, and the fact that he doesn’t get angry easily.

She would like Robin’s initial confidence but would want her to have that confidence all the time. She would be a little afraid to talk to her just in case one of her outbursts happened during one of their conversations. She would think that she was very pretty and might tell her that.

She would like Friand’s personality because it, like Jacobi’s, balances hers. She would probably enjoy his company but would have to see what her first reaction to him was like.

message 18: by DragonDreamer (new)

DragonDreamer @Amitykitty: not a big deal, just thought I'd let you know that Robin has her outbursts in private, so if she was talking to someone and felt the start of one coming on, she would quickly excuse herself and find an empty room to destroy. Just to clarify.

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Amitykitty Ok sorry! I will change it as soon as I can get on a computer.

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Dmitri Balakin

Dmitri would strongly disapprove of Skye, and would most likely consider her a worthless person. She isn't even close to being rich in connections or position, and she is a gormless girl who he would find nothing of worth in. He would avoid her but he would find her a source of entertainment to see cower under his sharp gaze.

He would think of Eva as a valuable acquaintance, but not by much. He would disapprove of her boisterous personality, but respect her as a stubborn person who rose to the top in a short time. He would tolerate her, and possibly be courteous to her out of necessity, but altogether he would not really enjoy her company.

He doesn't like people with boisterous personalities, as with Eva, but he doesn't like journalists or news people in any circumstance. He would see her as a source of information, nothing more. Unless he wanted a juicy bit of information that only she would know, he would avoid her. One of the particular reasons why he dislikes boisterous personalities is that it's difficult to intimidate people like that. Dmitri runs on fear and submission.

He would respect Imogen more than most, but he would always be viewing her as an opponent, so although he respects the fact that she is a powerful person, he would see her as a rival to his ambition to become Minister, so he would not be very kind to her if it wasn't for the chance that she could become Minister someday. If she did, she would be a valuable acquaintance, so Dmitri makes a point to be on good terms with her despite his ambition.

He would act towards Jacobi in relatively the same way as he would to Imogen, for they are in similar positions. He is definitely a homophobe, however, so he would strongly disapprove of him and treat him less courteously than Imogen.

He considers Colin in the same way as he would Rhoda and Eva, because he hates easygoing people who treat life like a trifle. He would tolerate Colin at best.

He wouldn't like Robin at all and would pass her off as nothing at all, and act in the same way as he would Skye, but again, he would see her as mostly a source of entertainment.

he'd act the same way to Friand as he would Colin and other easygoing people who don't have much sense. Again, he'd be tolerating him.

Celise he would see as a girl similar to him, so they'd either become allies in a sense, or worst enemies. He is leaning towards in between, but he recognizes her as a valuable acquaintance, so he wouldn't push her off.

Ora and Poppy would both just be bothersome people who he wouldn't really care about. He might like them for an intimidating thing or as little steps for him, but other than that he wouldn't care a whit about them.

Dmitri would see Raymond as an interesting person, not entirely useless, but he could be cast away when necessary. He would most likely just chafe against the man and would remember to simply avoid him in the future.

He would find Oliver quite amusing and his position as transportation head helps him become an acquaintance. He would be courteous to Oliver, even if he isn't quite what he'd like.

Woe betide whoever is creating one of these after the 20th character...

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Litera (SexyPeach) | 236 comments Mod
Oliver would treat pretty much everyone equal - he would put all of the characters into two categories - snobby superiors, or friends. He'd include Dmitri, Imogen and Charles in the former category, and everyone else - including journalists - in the second. He'd be gentle with the quiet characters like Skye, Ray and Robin, and make sure to listen to them whenever they talked - even though he wouldn't seek them out if there was someone more boisterous around.

He'd enjoy being around generally happy, friendly personalities like Friand, Colin and possibly Ora, though in all truthfulness he prefers boisterous, spunky personalities like Rhoda and Eva. Oliver would also find sarcastic people greatly amusing, like Nav or Celise, and would value them for that if nothing more.

He doesn't much like serious people like Dmitri, Imogen, Charles and Jacobi, though he'd still be his usual charming self around them. He'd probably mock Imogen quite a lot, as she takes herself so seriously, but would be a bit more respectful of Charles and Dmitri.

Oliver would probably be indifferent to those like Poppy, which basically means he'd be friendly and always interested in what they have to say or interacting further with them, but he wouldn't seek them out in a crowded room.

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Litera (SexyPeach) | 236 comments Mod
Navdeep would generally stick to her journalist friends, though she'd also like Ministry workers, as long as they didn't have much authority. As a suspicious mind, she associates authority with corruption, as she has found in the past. Nav would be able to hold an awkward conversation with the introverted members of the Ministry like Robin, Skye and Ray, but she doesn't like to be the extroverted member of a conversation.

Nav would probably clash horribly with Celise, as they're both sarcastic, though given the chance they could be finishing each other's sentences. She'd like being around Rhoda, Oliver, Friand and Colin, and would be awfully judgmental and unforgiving towards Charles, Dmitri and Imogen. Nav wouldn't mind Poppy, and would probably consider her a friend if the girl weren't so wary of her. She would probably like Eva, though never admit to it as she's head of a department at the Ministry. Nav would just ignore most other people like Jacobi, thinking that they take themselves too seriously.

message 23: by DragonDreamer (new)

DragonDreamer Allen would likely not feel much towards anyone in particular since he usually just minds his own business.

Allen wouldn't think much of Skye. He probably doesn't even know she exists really. Since they are both rather introverted people, they wouldn't likely talk to each other.

Allen could probably get along with Eva pretty swimmingly since they both are Gryffindors and have a great love for quidditch and could probably go on for hours discussing favorite teams and whatnot. He would probably see her from time to time when he pops in to see how the teams are doing that year and he has an itch to see some quidditch.

Allen probably wouldn't interact with Rhoda much especially since she's a reporter so they already don't work together and probably wouldn't bump into each other.

Allen sees Imogen as his young, uptight, but organized boss. He doesn't like having people above him that are younger, it just seems weird to him, but at the same time he respects her authority and work ethic.

Allen would probably not talk to Jacobi and think he was unnecessarily serious for being so young.

Allen would appreciate Colin's easy-going attitude and wouldn't mind talking to him should the occasion arise.

Allen would probably not talk to Robin because, like Skye, she is pretty shy and doesn't seem worth the effort of getting to know her.

Allen would probably get along with Friand well because he is nice enough and outgoing and loves quidditch.

Allen wouldn't mind Ora or her brutal honesty, depending on how far she went with it. He could be around her just fine if need be.

Allen wouldn't have any strong opinions for or against Poppy.

Allen would appreciate Nathan's carefree attitude, though he wouldn't likely talk to him considering they were in different departments. Should the occasion arise, he wouldn't mind being around him.

Allen wouldn't like Celise and probably escape the moment he gets the chance to.

Oliver would annoy Allen and Allen might tell him that and then leave.

Allen wouldn't want to be around Dmitri. He would think him to be a dirty rotten snake who breathes lies.

Allen would respect Charles for his position, but would not likely engage in conversation if he had the option.

I don't know how Allen would interact with Nav. It would depend on his attitude that day and how she was coming across at that moment, but he wouldn't likely engage in conversation with her.

Allen wouldn't bother talking to Nathaniel.

Allen would enjoy Elizabeth's company like he would a wise witch that is tough and crazy, but good in that way.

Allen could probably get along with Naela well enough.

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian | 72 comments Neala Knight
Neala would probably like Skye, they might not be the best of friends but she would not mind hanging out with her.

Neala would probably not like Eva very much, she would think her too arrogant.

Neala would be amused by Rhoda and would be courteous, but she wouldnt love to hang out with her.

She would probably stay out of Imogens way, but would like to become friends with her in the future.

Neala would probably hate Jacobi, thinking him way too full of himself. In her encounters with him, she would be cold and rude.

She would be courteous to Colin, but would usually not have a reason to speak to him.

Neala would like Robin, they wouldnt necessarily be the best of friends, but Neala would not mind hanging out with her.

Neala would like Friand, but would get a little annoyed with him if they hung out too much.

She would probably like Ora, and after they got to know each other she would probably treat her like a little sister.

Neala would probably not have the chance to get to know Celise. Her attitude towards her would probably depend on their encounters.

She would be amused by Oliver, and would be very glad she isnt in his department.

Neala would hate Dmitri with a passion. She would be extremely rude.

Neala would like Charles as a person, but probably would not talk to him a whole lot.

Whether Nav and Neala like each other really depends on their encounters.

Neala would probably like Nathaniel. She would probably like to be friends with him.

Neala would probably ignore Allen.

She would love to hear about Elizabeth's stories, and would probably look up to her.

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Litera (SexyPeach) | 236 comments Mod
Mkay, so by the power vested in me by almight Goodreads, this is what I'm thinking for the Year Plan (RP year, not IRL year):

To start moving this day along a tad, if we write our charries busying themselves with work for a little bit, then get the majority of them down in the Three Broomsticks. We could start a few fights, stir up some friendly rivalries, forge some friendships, and possibly rooooooomance...

Then we'll do the day when all the nominees for MoM are announced, then the night of the Christmas party, then election day. Hmm? Yay or nay?

So, make sure to jot down here which of your characters might be headed in which direction, any plot ideas you have for them, etc. Por ejemplo:

Nav would probably argue a lot with ministry members, so a bad confrontation with one of them - male or female - could end viciously. With violence or just a few harsh words, it all depends. Alternatively, I think Oliver needs more friends. He's a friendly guy, and he needs a best pal to mess about with. Preferably not someone too high up. He's also single - I'm not majorly bothered with changing that at the mo, but eventually he'll need to settle down.

I want to write a romance for Imogen. It would be awkward and stilted, and she'd constantly worry about doing the wrong thing, but I think it's a place that she needs to venture into to keep her interesting as a character.

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian | 72 comments I agree with the plan.

message 27: by DragonDreamer (last edited Dec 02, 2012 10:27PM) (new)

DragonDreamer The plan seems good to me :)

For Robin, I want her to gain some confidence in criticizing people and expressing her opinion, learning to deal with her feelings as they come rather than bottle them up until she has fits, preferably after she has a big one that people find out about, start whispering and so she hides and realizes that people just want to help her rather than judge her. As for romance with her, I'd like to have someone for her eventually, but I'm not picky about the particulars. I imagine she might hit on people if she gets drunk, but I have no plans at the moment for that.

As for Allen, I'm thinking a plotline that focuses more on romance. Someone that brings him out of his depression and brings some joy into his life. He knows what love is and that he had it and lost it. He doesn't think he will ever find that again so he doesn't try and is a bit out of practice and awkward. He'd need someone that would love his daughter, which isn't too hard because she is basically an angel child, but taking on a single dad with a kid is a bit intimidating to people. This contributes to his doubts of finding someone.

Laurel can be a good person to bring people out of their shells if they are shy since she is so friendly. Also I thought she would be a fun character that predicts relationships that would assemble in the future, so she might introduce people to see what happens. No specific plans for her. She's the kind of girl that has flings, but not serious relationships, so I'm more interested in her having friends than romance.

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian | 72 comments For Eva, i would like her to have some romance. She wouldnt let it distract her of her work, and she would probably prefer it if it was someone who liked quidditch and was in Gryffindor, although Hufflepuff or a Ravenclaw wouldnt be that bad. I would also like her to get into a fight.

For Neala, I am not quite sure whether she would want a relationship or not. Id like for her to get out of her shell and away from the sidelines a bit, and maybe a fight about elf rights.

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Hina (meanderling) | 52 comments Mod
Charles Rowe

Charles would be the type of person to avoid any casual conversations, the main reason being that he's been there and done that and found it immensely boring. Because he dislikes his Ministry job he wouldn't really be seen talking to any person casually or friendly (apart from when Jamie Cutteridge was around) for a long period of time unless it was for business, work or anything his mother wants him to do.

The only person he would openly enjoy talking to or even attempt to talk to casually would be Oliver, he would be respectful yet shut off to pretty much everyone else, be cautious, yet calm over the journalists and would portray an intimidating and unapproachable character.

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Ethan (TheTwelfthDoctor) Friand Graham

Friand would want to make friends with people, and he would occasionally start up the odd conversation about quidditch, but usually he would keep to himself. He would really like to be able to make a few new friends at work, because he kind of doesn't have any, so that is something that I want for him. He doesn't like to get in fights, and if someone is fighting with another person, he might tryto step in to stop the fight so that noone gets hurt. That might be a scenario that I would like to play out, but besides all that, that's pretty much it. Nothing romantic because he's married.

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Right, so if everyone could start intermingling their character's plotlines, that'd be great.

Seeing as Charles likes Oliver, they could be friends. I imagine it as more of an Oliver taking Charles under his wing, trying to get him to loosen up, be more fun, shed that stuffy politician's image, etc. kind of thing.

There's no character made yet that I could imagine Imogen being involved with, unfortunately. But Nav could start an argument with... maybe Robin?? Because I think the Ministry people would be quick to defend her, and then more people could get involved :)

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That sounds good to me.

Speaking of romances I wouldn't mind if Charles or Rhoda ended up with someone, Rhoda is the more sociable person but then again it depends on conversations and personality etc.

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Mmh, there's just a bit of a limit on characters...

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DragonDreamer I wouldn't mind Nav and Robin getting into a fight, though not sure what they would fight about since Robin is usually the person that does her best to avoid conflict. Unless it got to the point where Nav was speaking negatively about Robin's mother or someone close to her. Robin would probably defend other people more than she'd defend herself.

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If Robin accidentally bumped into Nav, and Nav was in a bad mood, she'd go ballistic.

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DragonDreamer Ok sounds good to me :)

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Sorry that I've been neglecting this thread! I'm a terrible moderator.

Skye needs to find someone who'll draw her out of her shell, make her realize and define herself, because right now she's a crab in a shell. Not a boyfriend or something, more along the lines of a good friend. I'm thinking maybe Friand? Or Neala? Not sure on that point. Also, I think maybe she's going to hit a dead end on writing and realize it's because she doesn't understand people very well so her characters are pretty black and white, making her want to get out more. We'll see.

Dmitri falling in love would be hilariously comical, because he holds love right down there next to gossipers and pesky secretaries. However, what's more likely is him being like nationally disliked by everyone. But how that would happen I have no idea... anyone got any ideas?

Elizabeth is old enough to be everyone's grandma, so I have no idea what to do with her.

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Running a smear campaign against everyone else running for Minister would get him nationally disliked. We're quite snobbish about that sort of thing - it's not seen as 'above board' over here.

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Good idea. Thanks!

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Here goes the bobblehead again. Thank you, Lex.

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Nav could be an enemy-turn-friend for Celise - I think they're quite similar, so they'd get along well, and argue well.

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Ethan (TheTwelfthDoctor) So do you think that Uriah is copatible enough for Imogen?

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Yes, yes, definitely :)

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Ethan (TheTwelfthDoctor) How are we going to do the meeting?

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Bum duh duh bump duh duh DUH! DUH! dididididid DUH DUH! Oops, that sounds too much like the Star Wars theme.

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I've sent them both to the Cauldron. Can't RP any more tonight though.

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Glad to be of assistance. It is my duty to make people laugh at least once a day.

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DragonDreamer Moving to character plotlines! I'm going to just copy and paste the text from character profiles here so that we can delete it there...

Me:When can we have all the mean girls stir up some drama? Cuz I feel like nothing is really going on at the pub right now except for Imogen's budding relationship with Uriah, which is fine, but no one else is doing much :/

Cat:The only exciting person I have is Dmitri. *humph*

I'm probably going to make another character in the future who at least has got some wit. I'm bored to death of my boring, everyday characters.

Me:Maybe since Dmitri is such a scumbag, he can devise a plan to help him appear more likeable in the eyes of his work colleagues and simultaneously discredit the others that are running for minister. Like since Imogen and Uriah are starting a thing, he could encourage it in hopes that it will distract her from her campaign and maybe accidentally make Friand look like a fool incapable of running the ministry? He could look all sad and repentant and make everyone think he is turning a new leaf? idk

Cat:I was thinking along the same lines as that... I've got to get it in a good position with more people on, though.

Me:What do you mean? Like coordinate with other people's charries? Or just more planning on your part?

Cat:Both. :)

Me:Ok, well if you want to use any of mine, let me know :) Robin and Laurel would probably fall for any ruse, but Allen is stubborn and doesn't really change his opinions of people, so he wouldn't attack Dmitri, but he still wouldn't like him.

Litera:Eh... Imogen wouldn't like that - Dmitri approving would make her more likely to back out. She doesn't trust that he has a good bone in his body, and is already suspicious of Uriah being in league with him.

Lets moved this to Character Plotlines, please.

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DragonDreamer Ok, so maybe Dmitri knows Imogen doesn't trust him, so he tries to push her and Uriah together in a different way, like accusing Imogen of trying to get more votes by making herself look more human by getting a man instead of acting like her usual robot self? Or makes them run into each other more? idk

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The first one may work.

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