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Litera (SexyPeach) | 236 comments Mod
This thread is where you should post once you have created a character. Please read the rules properly before you create a character, but to condense them:

No perfect characters. Your characters (you can have as many as you like, but please try and have both male and female characters,) must have flaws. If a moderator deems your character to be too perfect, cliche, Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu or just generally unacceptable for the roleplay, you must edit any issues they bring up.

Also, it's advisable that you take any advice offered to you by non-moderators, because other members can help you out before a moderator has to tell you to edit your character.

If you are going to post a long string of images, please show only one, then hide the rest under a spoiler tag. To do this, click the (some html is ok) link above the comment box, and this will tell you what to do. Please try not to use very large images, as well, because it's irritating to have to scroll down past a picture of a massive owl every time you look at the thread.

So far, I'm going to say no animagi, registered or otherwise. This might change when we have more characters, though.

This is the general character form:





Old Hogwarts House:




History (Friends and Family):


Name is pretty simple. Pick a realistic name, so nothing ridiculously outlandish or scoff-inducing. Also, HP is based in England, so no names such as Carter, Hunter, Parker or the like.

Age can be anything, but it's incredibly unlikely that anyone over the age of 70 will work, and this is going to be one of the focal points of the roleplay.

Ex-Hogwarts House is straightforward, what house were they in when they attended Hogwarts. it's just nice to know. If they went to another Wizarding School (please try and keep this to a minimum) then put which school they went to instead.

For Personality, I want a good long paragraph. How they might behave in certain situations, what makes them unique. Feel free to compare certain aspects to other characters, i.e. Johnny is not as quiet as Felicia, however he is more shy than Karen. Also, write this paragraph in sentences, along with the other info-dump categories on this form. So, don't just list traits.

Appearance. I'd like a picture to go along with it, and a description. It's perfectly fine if the description doesn't match up to the picture - you can't always find a picture to fit the mental image of a character, but please write where your character differs in appearance from the picture. If you have a long list of images for your character, keep one, then put the rest under a spoiler tag. Also describe their clothing choices (casual and formal) plus any Polyvore sets if you can be bothered.

Just put where they work and what their position is for job. You can add how well they do their job, and it'd be nice for you to weave other characters into this category.

Please do write something for history. It's not compulsory, but I'd like you to put something for it, unless you've literally said everything in the other areas. Include blood status, and if you're making a pureblood, keep to the list of surnames JK provided on Pottermore. It's fine if you have already made a pureblood character with a surname not from JK's list, but for any future characters just abide by the list.

So, I think that's it!

* means the category is a compulsory field.

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Name: Skye Lerwick

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Old Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Personality: She's pretty shy, and not outgoing. She isn't good with conversation unless you're talking about a subject she is familiar with or interested in. If you start talking about one of those topics, you'll find her a wonderful conversationalist. However, if you start talking about a subject she either doesn't know about or not interested in, you'll find that her speech will be peppered with the words "like", "er", and "um", and she'll also retreat back into her shell. She's smart and loves to read and write, but her smartness and love of education is not immediately apparent. She loves to have everything planned out and she is slightly OCD when it comes to that. She likes having a plan of every last minute when she's going to do something, so when something interrupts that plan she gets agitated. She is an organizer, and kind of gets thrown into a frenzy when she can't find something because everything is organized in her house. Now, that doesn't mean she likes cleaning, but she likes seeing the finished work of her labor. She hides most of her emotions except for agitation very well, and is usually stoic in most matters. When something goes wrong or she feels like she can't do anything right, she is prone to tears because anything that rocks her well-organized world upsets her. She isn't difficult to figure out, something that is both a blessing and a curse. She is prone to prejudice when she sees the appearance of someone, and can't help but judge people by their speech and education.

Appearance: She has blond hair that naturally curls a little at the ends that is just a bit longer than shoulder length. Her eyes are her main point of beauty, for most of the time they look to be a light blue, but they seem to always change from dark blue to the lightest gray. She is tall, about 6' 9", with a regular sized waistline. She is surprisingly strong, but it doesn't show very well. Yellow is the color that looks best on her, and she wears it often. Under her robes she often wears loose, flowy yellow tops that are tightened by a belt around her waist and jeans or leggings. She wears flats and occasionally heels, but one condition about all her clothes is that they have to be comfortable. Yes, she likes to keep up with the latest fashions, but if it means sacrificing comfort, it's a no-no. She doesn't wear an overload of makeup, but she always seems to have at least mascara and lipstick on. Casual: Formal: or .

Job: She writes in her spare time and is hoping to someday publish an either romance or fantasy novel, but her official job is working at the Ministry of Magic in the Improper Use of Magic office.

History: She is a pureblood witch born in a comfortable home in Godric's Hallow. She is in a family of five children, and was always encouraged to shoot for the stars by her parents. She excelled at Hogwarts, and was a favorite with the teachers. She didn't come away with many friends, but she didn't really mind that. She lived with her parents for about two years after graduating Hogwarts, writing for every minute she could spare and babysitting. She eventually found an opening in the Improper Use of Magic office and began as a bottom-feeder but has worked up to a respectable position in the office that pays as much as she can hope for at her age.

Other: She hopes to, in addition to being an author, become a worker in the Department of International Magical Cooperation and is trying to learn more languages to she could fit in there. She is unmarried and is not dating anyone, but it is only a matter of time.

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Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian | 72 comments Name: Eva Watson

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Old Hogwarts House: She was a Gryffindor.

Personality: Eva is sweet and kind, though a little arrogant and bigheaded. She can be both extroverted and introverted depending on who she is with. She is extremely intelligent, but doesn't like to show it. Her talents on the Quidditch field are the main thing she brags about, though she does brag about other things as well. She has a long list of things that make her angry (as in blowing up with rage angry), and even she does not know all of it. At Hogwarts, Eva was a trickster, and all of her teachers were extremely happy when she left. She is extremely protective, and if you become her friend she will protect you with her life. Somewhat oblivious sometimes, Eva does not always know when people are bullying her, usually she just thinks they are joking around. Eva is not very good with kids, but is never patronizing when around them.

Appearance: (Her skin is a little darker, and her hair is also a little darker) Eva has long black hair that goes to her lower back. Her hair seems blue in some lights, and she usually puts it up in a bun, especially when working. Her blue eyes are very bright, and most people think she is wearing colored contacts all of the time. Her skin is extremely white, and she hates it, even though other people tell her its beautiful. She has a lot of muscle, from playing Quidditch, and is extremely tall. Her ears are elf like, and she hates them. Casual Clothing: (view spoiler) Formal Clothing: (view spoiler) She likes to wear some makeup, foundation, mascara, and eyeliner.

Job: She works in The Department of Magical Games and Sports, specifically in the British and Irish Quidditch League Headquarters. She is the head of the department.

History (Friends and Family): Eva's mother died when she was 7. Her mother was the witch in her family, her dad was a professor of Astronomy at some college, but he knew about the wizarding world and approved of it. Her letter came when she was 11, and she was extremely happy. It broke her dads heart when she went off to school, but she would always send him letters and include him into her life. When she got out of school, she tried out for the Holyhead Harpies, and got in as a beater, her preferred place. The department recruited her after she helped the Harpies win the season two times in a row. She still plays, the Harpies bringing her in sometimes when they need her.


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Hina (meanderling) | 52 comments Mod
Name: Rhoda Ann Baker (Is mostly just called Baker by her colleagues at work)

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Old Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Personality: Rhoda is stubborn, spunky, independent and has no problem speaking her mind or standing up for herself. She refuses to be undermined or put down, and often finds pleasure in cutting witty or sarcastic remarks, leaving others stunned and at a loss for words. Rhoda is very self righteous and wouldn't mind having a shouting match just to prove that she's right even when she isn't. One of her main personality traits is being determined, once she's started something she wouldn't like to stop. Rhoda is also dedicated to her work and genuinely enjoys her job, she likes to get things done on time and is a stickler for the rules sometimes making her a killjoy, although, due to her young age she still hasn't really gone past her teenage years and so is more than happy to break them during desperate measures making her a bit of a hypocrite. Because of her dedication Rhoda takes a lot of things onto herself, she tells other people that she's fine or she'll be okay when she's actually not. She likes to always portray herself as a strong person even when she just wants to just curl into a ball. Rhoda is very loyal and despite her uptight nature knows when and how to have fun.

Appearance: description

Rhoda had medium length, slightly wavy auburn hair, she has paleish skin and brownish hazel eyes framed by thick red lashes that she likes to coat with mascara. Rhoda can be very self-conscious about her appearance and especially dislikes the fact that she can never tan her skin and either gets burnt or freckles. She dislikes her freckles that dot her cheekbones and nose and tries to cover them up with foundation. Rhoda wears anything that she finds comfortable when at home ranging from her old Gryffindor jersey to dungarees, but when at work she wears the proper attire such as pencil skirts and form fitting blouses.

Casual: (view spoiler)

Formal: (view spoiler)

Job: Rhoda works as a reporter for The Daily Prophet, she covers and writes anything that her boss tells her to from articles to interviews from Quidditch stars. Rhoda loved Hogwarts and loved to learn so choosing a definite career was hard, with her grades being very high and a firm favourite of teachers, not only was Rhoda likeable enough for a job at the Prophet, she is a good, witty writer, the only thing she finds irritating is to talk or interview snobby politicians, Quidditch players etc, finding it slightly unnerving, but tries her best to cover it up.

History (Friends and Family): Rhoda is a muggle born so naturally when she first received her Hogwarts letter she was raring and ready to learn. Being the only child, her parents are very proud of her and love her a great deal. Rhoda was never spoilt in her childhood, but there has always been some arrogance and stubbornness that she wholeheartedly denies when someone pinpoints it. Because of Rhoda's looks and how cleaver she was, she was well known at Hogwarts and made quite a few friends there.

Other: Has a pet cat called Mia

(view spoiler)

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Litera (SexyPeach) | 236 comments Mod
Name: Imogen Lee

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Old Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Personality: Intelligent and aloof, Imogen is generally regarded as a snob by most. She respects those with intelligence, though shows disdain and ill-manners to those that she deems less intelligent than herself. She is an astute judge of character with a sharp awareness of how to exploit both vulnerabilities and strengths of others, and often seems to show no mercy. Imogen's incredibly ambitious, though she is also loyal to those with the same back-breaking work ethic that she shows. Any possibility to further herself and she will grab it with both hands, though she won't be sly about it. Imogen loathes sneaks, and generally looks down her nose at ex-Slytherins. Strangely, she values ex-Hufflepuffs, and is very envious of the bravery shown by ex-Gryffindors. Despite her snobby, sarcastic and shrewd outlook on life, she is surprisingly insecure and lonely, though of course, she never allows anyone to see this.

Appearance: Imogen has piercing blue eyes and long, wavy red hair. She has very pale skin that, surprisingly, doesn't freckle, but neither does it tan. Imogen is shorter than average and very slim, her features rather pointed and fox-like. Despite her attractive appearance, her personality is more than enough to leave both men and women loathing her. Her casual dress style is still more 'smart casual' than actual casual, she only wears dresses and skirts, and her choices are rather demure. Imogen, for some reason, can't stand wearing trousers or shorts. Her work wardrobe is very sharp and business-like, normally black or grey. Imogen wears half-coverage foundation, eyeliner, mascara, blusher and lipstick - none of it brash or loud, to go along with her buisinesswoman-like image that she oozes. She always wears her hair up, either in a large bun or a sleek ponytail though it varies between her natural waves and straight, and Imogen only wears sensible heels never over two inches high.
(view spoiler)

Job: Imogen is the Senior Undersecretary to the Minister of Magic, having climbed the ladder very quickly in her short time at the Ministry. Everyone knows that she's after the job of Minister, but she wouldn't dream of going for it currently as the Minister shares her passion for work. She is fair to all and doesn't let her personal prejudices cloud her judgement in matters of her work, however sob-stories and excuses will never cut it for her. Imogen possesses a lot of power, though has never actually fired someone before.

History (Friends and Family): Imogen is from a normal half-blood family, with parents still together. Her mother doesn't work and her father is a Quidditch referee, though Imogen loathes the sport. She has no friends to speak of, but she is respected at least on some level by all, because she is incredibly talented at her job.

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Jacob Hott (JacobHottLifeSucksThenWeDie) | 13 comments Name: Jacobi Zander Solomon




Old Hogwarts House:Slytherin

*Personality: He is Charming in many aspects. His entire outlook on blood purity he does not find mudbloods repulsive but tries not to associate with them to often for appearance purposes...He is known for his ability for Divinations, Transfigurations, and the Dark Arts. He is a Gemini through and through...His mood always changing and when he seems to be uninterested or bored with something he will leave it behind and move on to something new. A single day must always be different for him than any day before or his mind set becomes reckless. He is a bit edgy on things and tries to stay secluded a real Me, Myself, and I sorta person. Get on his good side and he will be a great friend who will become possessive of you and fight your fights...treat him wrong and he will ensure St. Mungos has an open room for you. He has always been considered rather darkened, but gifted...his mood contradicts everythign as when he cast a spell he is in a whole other minds et much more concentrating on the spell than the person or object it affects...all his power is normally set into his words...He is witty and clever and tries to never let a flaw be seen in his appearence, but he always slips up a bit...

*Appearance: (view spoiler)

*Job: works at the Ministry of Magic as an Auruor

History (Friends and Family): Born in Paris, France. he was supposed to attend BeuaxBatons , however his parents agreed to send him to Hogwarts where he will have more they thought...At school in his 3rd year everyone discovered his biggest secret...He is in an large pureblood family of death eaters...He was shunned by his own house do to their familes maintaining a peaceful outlook on society...No one ever thought they would have to deal with a devil in their house...He was even locked from the boys dorm and forced to retire on the couch. His whole life has been a large mess, but the professors stuck with him never telling or giving him any doubt on his dreams...He persued his goal to becom and auror and succeeded. The Ministry must have skipped over his families past history when he applied finally and he was listed as one of their best...He not only tracks the dark arts but has been known to use them himself without true penalty due to it being on dark wizards...At his current power it has been stated that he is more qualified to teach his skills at hogwarts and possibly apply for headmaster of course that is only by his collegues a simple joke between them all. He has shown a flaw for the dark arts, however, many people stating he would give most dark wizards a run for their money as he was insdie the highest league of power...,the Ministry, and he was probably one the of best when it came to the dark arts. Conjuring the simplest of spells is more a natural thing to him, but any protective magic seemingly to be impossible with his well as creating a patronus. Many state the oly reason being his wand is out dated and needs replacing, others state it is his darkened past that gives him no good thoughts to repel any Dementors of the kind... He has always been facinated by the dark arts and becoming a dark wizard cature has given him the upper hand on knowing them all to well. He is extremly far from perfect as he often looses his temper and never turns down a challenge. If someone tries to lure him into a trap he is dumb enough to see it and still want to move forward. Relationships never work out do to his temper mental attitude. He has been said by a few exes to be an emotionless, buisybody with nothign going for him but his personalized ego and wand...He never tries to show emotion but after so long of containing it his eyes are seen a bit puffy after leaving his home or office. It seems no one can truly crack into his shelled heart or make him settle down as his persona is by far to over crowding for the personal mind set of others. He always believes things to be his way or the highway and has great goals in life that seem unachievable without someone who can actually stand to be alone with him for ten minutes.

His wand was made by a recently deceased Greek Maker who wroked a shop in Paris. The man was said to be rather darkened himself and every dark wizard family came to him for their wand needs...He used some of the dodest sorts of cores but all seemed rather managable, of course Ollivander would have to disagree as having a werewolf hair core the wand itself would be untamable, the possessor of such a wand wouldn't be able to cojure a single thing to their will, but the actual werewolf hair is in fact a great grandfather on his mothers side. As with the BeuaxBatons girl who participated in the Tri-Wizard tournament the blood line made it much more manageable. Ollivander hasa ctually reviewed Jacobi's wand and said actually managing to obtain the Basalisk heartstring was a feet deemed near immpossible excpet by dark wizards. The Basalisk Heartstring is meant soulfully for dark wands which is somethign the Ollivander Wand makers would never dream of. He stated to Jacobi that the wand itself will never truly change was dead set made for him soulfully, should it be broken or destroyed, no other wand may ever truly suit him as this one has.

(view spoiler)

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DragonDreamer *Name: Robin Grace Westchester




Old Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

*Personality: Robin was always a socially shy, sweet girl. She kept to herself a lot and never had very many close friends, though she had many acquaintance type friends that were nice enough to her since she was so polite. Despite her gentle impression, Robin does have a bit of a dark side to her that demands secrecy and control. Because of her struggle with sexuality in school, she found it hard to truly get close to people. Because of this, she had no outlet for her pent up emotions except when she would just become so overwhelmed, she'd let it all out in a burst of anger. Often times people would come into her room because they heard some crashing and find Robin in the middle of a mess. They would have thought a tornado had just gone by if they didn't know any better. Robin would just laugh nervously and say she needed some more practice with her spells. This kind of behavior carried over into her adult life. Some nights she just wants to destroy everything in sight and the rest of the time she is shy, apologetic, and sweet. The main difference is that instead of being frustrated over her sexuality, she will just stress over her work or bad news until the next outburst. She is more confident with approaching men and women.

Robin stands at 5'6", which may be considered tall by some. Her eyes are a cloud gray and are usually hidden beneath her blonde bangs. She has dirty blonde hair that is usually up in a ponytail or a braid down her back. She has a very flattering figure, not so thin that you can see her bones, but not full enough to be considered chubby. She has slightly muscular arms and legs to show for her effort to stay fit. She is a very beautiful girl, but she is not one to dress in a way that emphasizes these looks. She never wears make-up and uses glasses instead of contacts. She is usually found wearing an old, much-too-big-for-her sweater and yoga pants for casual occasions. Even on nicer occasions, her dresses are never shorter than her knee and cleavage is kept at a minimum.

*Job:Robin works in the Obliviator Headquarters as a specialist in removing memories of magical catastrophes and accidents from the minds of muggles.

History (Friends and Family):Robin has a wizard father and a muggle mother. Her father worked as an expert on magical creatures for the Ministry until there was an accident involving giants when Robin was 16 and he was killed. Her mother is a florist and a very kind and generous woman. Robin is an only child.

Other: Robin really enjoys gardening and helps out at her mother's shop when she has the time. She also has a love for animals and has a pet f3 savannah cat named Ivy that lives with her.

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Ethan (TheTwelfthDoctor) *Name: Friand Graham

*Age: 30

*Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Old Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

*Personality: Faldium is really easygoing, but can get hot tempered sometimes when someone starts bashing either other houses or generally other people. He is kind to others and will defend them if someone is making fun of them, saying that it isn't fair to sterotype them and other such things. He loves adventure and after leaving Hogwarts went abroad and looked for monsters so that he could observe them, and is also very happy and almost never depressed or sad. He will immediatly apologize if he thinks that he has offended someone, and means it every time he says it. He loves Quidditch, and every year cheers for the Holyhead Harpies. When it comes to his job, however, he is as serious as it gets. He takes his position very seriously, and he doesn't want to lose it because he is too flamboyant. he treats everyone respectfully, and he always remains professional at work so as to remain in his position.

Faldium is rather tall and kind of gangly, with brown hair that falls into his brown eyes. He has a rather large nose, that kind of hooks on the end. he usuall wears casual clothes, but will dress up sometimes as well. He almost always looks surprised, but in acutality is not very easily surprised. He has a decent build, but he really doesn't try to improve it or really do anything special to his appearence because it is low priority to him. His eyes are kind and open, and are the reason that he is a terrible liar. He will always wear a suit to work, usually pinstriped, and his eyes become hard and unreadable at work as well.

*Job: Head of Magical Law Enforcement(?)

History (Friends and Family): His father and mother are dead, but he is married with one child named Timothy. He has one brother and a sister that he never talks to. He doesn't have many friends because his people skills are rusty, but that doesn't stop him from trying to make new friends all the time. He had a regular time at hogwarts, passing with pretty good grades. After he graduated, like I said before, he went abroad and studied monsters in all parts of the world, coming back to hear that his mother had died while he was abroad. He was at home when his father died, and his dying wish was that he settle down, get married and have a family. He took this to heart and went out looking for a wife. he found her in Margaret, who he dated for a while before they got married. He then got a job in the Ministry and did some time as an Auror before he got promoted.

Other: He loves his job and would never want to leave it, save for his family, if they needed him to for some reason.

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Amitykitty Name: Ora Vencil

Age: 24 (turning 25 very soon)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Old Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Personality: She is always deadly honest, even if it reaches the point of rudeness. She strives to be the smartest person in the room and will let everyone know it. Striking up a conversation is not a problem for her and she will join in others just as easily. She whole-heartedly believes that knowledge depends on curiosity and will seemingly never stop asking questions. At first sight, she may seem a little eccentric but she is a fun loving gal who loves to make friends. She just moved to London from a small city a few hours away 6 months ago and got her job not long after. She is a little lonely and is willing to strike up some romance with a nice guy who complements all of her advantages and flaws. She is a firm believer that you shouldn’t care about what others think of you.

She is quite pretty but doesn’t try hard to be. She has medium-length, chocolaty brown hair that falls nicely into loose curls. Her bright aqua eyes compliment her naturally tan skin. Many people say that she looks a lot younger then she is, but because she is 5’8, some people get confused. She wears minimal make-up, just brown eyeliner on her upper lash line, a bit of foundation and a small amount of brown mascara. She likes to wear bright, citrus colored accessories with the boring robes that she has to wear, throwing in a lime scarf and a clunky, orange bracelet here and there.

Job: She is proud to work at the Apparation Test Centre in the Ministry of Magic.

Other: Her wand is made of Silver Lime and has a Unicorn tail hair core.

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Litera (SexyPeach) | 236 comments Mod
*Name: Oliver Parker-Clarke (To friends he's Ollie, to his staff he's Oliver or PC)

*Age: 32

*Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Old Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

*Personality: Oliver is eccentric. He's witty and sharp, sometimes cruel and definitely unforgiving. He adores exerting his authority over others, and as Head of the Department of Magical Transportation Oliver ensures that it's known as the most odd department to be a part of. He's extroverted and very quick, and to add even more confusion, outside of his department he's charming and rather empathetic. Oliver can be quiet, but when he's quiet you know trouble's brewing. Despite his age he still has the mind and maturity of a sixteen year old lad, though he is very quick to pick up on others' emotions. He seems like he might be arrogant of big-headed, but he's not - Oliver's definitely more focused on pushing other people's buttons than being proud of himself. When he becomes interested or intrigued by something, he will fixate on it and develop an obsession with it. Oliver is quite fun-loving, and enjoys being surrounded by chaos - he's more than happy to cause it, if need be. Oliver regards himself as quite boring, and so has made it his mission to keep the Ministry a fun place to be.

*Appearance: Oliver has dark brown hair that's not short. It's long enough to give him a fringe, and it's that length the whole way around. He's tall and thin, though he plays for a local minor Quidditch club at the weekends so he does have some muscle mass. He has dark brown eyes and slightly tanned skin, and insists he has wrinkles, but all he has are a few lines around his eyes when he's laughing properly. Oliver has a crooked smile and looks quite rugged sometimes. He dresses in smart businesswear, however it is always wrinkled and unkempt.

(view spoiler)

*Job: Oliver is the Head of the Department of Magical Transportation

History (Friends and Family): Oliver is a muggle-born, and his parents are divorced. He has four older siblings that are also magical, along with two younger brothers. Generally Oliver is friendly to all members of the Ministry, aside from the staff of the Department of Magical Transportation, when they are in the Department. When they're out of the department he's as chipper as always with them.

Other: Oliver does very odd things. He also forces the members of his Department to do very odd things as well - for example, he might deliver the whole weekly meeting in Mandarin, or demand that they sing the national anthem over and over again until those on the level above can hear them. He also has a doorway that throws books at people whenever they reach for the doorhandle, and will randomly set challenges for his staff, such as the first one to cry after he releases a Bogart into the office will get one extra piece of paperwork from everyone else's in-tray to deal with. Rightly so, other members of the Department loathe him - he finds this very amusing.

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Name: Dmitri Balakin

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Old Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Personality: He's exceedingly ambitious. He wants to someday be Minister of Magic and he'll do anything to get there. He's definitely a leader, and he isn't accustomed to being ordered around. Dmitri is brilliant with his tongue. His way of speaking can make you think that up is down and down is up and that your logic is impractical and silly and his is the most obvious thing. He likes to press people's buttons, to stir them up, and then sit back and watch the show. He especially enjoys stirring them up against each other until he is only the coordinator, and at the end he can make it seem as if he wasn't involved in the slightest. He's opinionated, and makes it a point to know about a variety of topics so that he can be stalwart on his opinions. He loves to be right (who doesn't?) and he hates it when he's not, so he tries to learn about as much as he can so that he is never in the dark on certain topics. He is the first to know of any unrest in the magical community, even before the Daily Prophet hears about it. He's very very stubborn, so good luck trying to convince him of something when he has already made an opinion. His emotions change with the wind, and part of that is because his current emotion might have only been a front. As soon as you lose your usefulness, he doesn't need to act like he likes you anymore. He stresses on appearances and uses them to judge people, but he can tell more than most about people from their appearance, so it isn't exactly the same. He forms prejudices early, and it is difficult to make him think otherwise. He does enjoy schadenfreude a good deal, and because of his stately appearance he intimidates many an intern, and he enjoys their discomfort. He lies a lot about different things, but they are never complete lies; they always have at least a thread of truth in them so he never considers it entirely lying.

Appearance: His hair is curly and a dark brown that looks black from a distance. He has honey coloured glints in it and althought it is curly, it is often slicked back so that they don't bounce everywhere. His eyes are the real attraction, however. They are a silvery bluish gray, and they captivate you like nothing else. You feel like you could get lost in them, and they are his tool when it comes to getting you to do what he wants. He has a thin nose and a jaw that juts out and is pointy. His lips are thin and pink. He has pale skin, because he spends most of the time he is inside because of his job. He wears dark colours, specifically dark gray, one because they make him look stately and official, and two because it brings out the light in his eyes. He is thin, but not abnormally so. His shoulders are always set back and his head seems to be permanently cocked slightly to the side. He gets cold easily, so he wears long wool robes and scarves of varying shades of gray. You cannot often see his feet because of his robes, but he wears black loafers most of the time.

Job: Head of the International Magical Cooperation Department

History: His parents are poor pureblood Russian immigrants who moved to England before he was born. After he was born they started a small bookshop near Diagon Alley that gets them money enough, but it in no way rivals Flourish and Blotts. He helped out in the store since he turned 6 and that is when he learned the first things about running a business and leadership. Since he was very young he's been ambitious, always wanting to go higher and farther. He went to Hogwarts with secondhand stuff but he gradually got honors in school that helped him have a good record. He has a younger sister named Vavara, but they are not on good terms with each other. He keeps in touch with his mom, but he and his dad are still fuming from an argument. He doesn't care much for his family except for his mom, who understands him better than anyone else.

Other: He knows many languages because of his position. He is favored for being the next Minister, but he is disliked by most because of his aloof nature. He has made a small fortune from the money his mother sends and what he has made working odd jobs when he was younger and now from the Ministry.

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Name: Charles Rowe (Charlie to his mates)

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Old Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Personality: Charles is very smooth, calm and collected. When engaging with him, Charles always looks as if he could be doing better things; hardly anyone has seen him smile or life. Despite how he seems to be, Charles is quite amiable when he needs to be and talks to his colleagues in a strong, authoritative manner which comes with his job. Charles doesn't normal stay in the shadows, but likes to avoid the spotlight, he believes hard work and dedication is key and shows respect to the people who are so. Even though Charles seems like a person to flourish in a top Ministry job, he hates it. He views most of his colleagues as dull or boring and secretly wishes for an escape route back to the fun he had during his Hogwarts days, although very few people know this as Charles is viewed as an extremely secretive individual which seems to add to his allure. Many people stay out of his way as he can be a difficult person to talk to freely and is known to be quite intimidating due to his high post in the Ministry. Charles rules by his head and not by his heart which-he either fails to notice or admit-is making him unhappy.

Appearance: description

Charles is seen as quite an attractive bloke, he has thick dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He isn't classed as gangly, but is around 6ft tall with a normal body shape.

Charles has never been seen by his colleagues without a suit, it has been rumoured that he even sleeps with it.

((Sorry its short, I didn't really know what else to add in.))

Job: Charles is the Advisor of The Minister of Magic. It isn't a well known fact, but Charles hates his job, he finds his co-workers extremely boring and dull, but does extremely well in concealing this fact as he is very good at what he does. One perk of the job is what led him to be very good friends with The Minister of Magic's son. His perky personality clicked with Charles's despite their animosity when they first met.

History (Friends and Family): Charles comes from a long line of purebloods. His Father who worked as Head of Magical Law Enforcement had died when Charles was ten years old and he had been brought up by his Mother since then. It could've been because of his Father's death that since an early age Charles always strived to do well and refused to give his Mother any form of dissatisfaction or disappointment from him. Apart from his Mother's slight persistence to join the Ministry as soon as he left Hogwarts, Charles's mother wants him to get married to a woman of some status. To please her, Charles has been seen with or on dates with a few models and Ministry workers, but have never lasted long. Charles's mother has been setting up dates with a few woman and is worried how far she is willing to go and how much he could take.

Other: Has an Eagle owl called Iria.

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*Name: Navdeep Uppal (Nav to everyone)

*Age: 24

*Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Old Hogwarts House: Slytherin

*Personality: Sassy and sarcastic are the first words anyone would use to describe Nav. She’s smart, though very judgemental and takes a while to warm up to anyone. Nav is very observant, and is generally quiet but can quickly become chatty if she’s in the right mood, the right location and with the right people. Nav can be quiet fiery when necessary, but she doesn’t really get offended easily. Most people would describe Nav as the most annoying kind of journalist – she can see through lies and when she’s with multiple people more often than not they will accidentally spill their secrets as – when she’s quiet – she can be easily ignored. Nav’s sense of humour is wicked, and she has an evil, cackly laugh.

*Appearance: Her parents are from Northern India. Nav has brown skin, large dark brown eyes and a killer smile. Her hair is almost waist length with a side-fringe, and is dark brown. She’s average height and average weight, though slightly curvier. Nav’s expressions can be very influential – with the raise of one eyebrow she can have a politician breaking out into a sweat, and beware the moment that she pulls her glasses further down her nose and peers all-knowingly over them. For formal occasions, Nav curls her hair and wears dark coloured dresses rather than businesswear or suits, and will wear contact lenses as opposed to her black glasses. Generally she dresses in jeans and jumpers, though she loves fashion from the 80s and sometimes wears big, baggy leather jackets over disco pants.

[image error]

*Job: A senior journalist for the Daily Prophet.

History (Friends and Family): Nav’s a half-blood from a fairly ordinary family. Her parents love her and her two siblings – older twin sisters – and have always supported her. Nav’s parents lived in Manchester, though she has been living in London since the age of 18 and has a very neutral accent – mostly a Surrey-type, but a few bits of slang work their way into her speech.

Other: Nav loves Fire Whiskey. She’s no addict – she doesn’t have a problem, but she always feels better after a glass.

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More older characters now, please! 26+

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DragonDreamer Name: Allen Grimsby

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Old Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Personality: Allen is a very serious man not to be considered an optimist on most days. He's the kind of guy that doesn't socialize much and goes to work to do his job and go home at the end of the day. Allen can be very dull when he is having a bad day and he is very worrisome over issues that mean staying in late or coming in early. This is because it takes time away from him and his daughter, whom he treasures very much. Most of the time he can seem rather depressed, but when he gets to bring his daughter to work, their smiles could light up the entire building. As a single father, he is committed to doing what's best for his daughter even when it means sacrifices for himself. He doesn't really date much and tries not to take a fancy to the women in the office.
As a worker, Allen is punctual, hard-working, and very respectful, but as a person he has a lot of emotions he needs to sort out.

Allen has sea-blue eyes that can appear slightly green in certain lights. He has reddish-blonde hair that is difficult to tame and he keeps it professional enough most days unless his daughter plays a trick on him and turns off his alarm clock so he doesn't have time to get ready in the morning. He has a muscular physique, having spent many years training his body for quidditch, he eventually found exercise therapeutic. This helped a lot after the loss of Aurora. He is rather tall, standing at 6'7". He wears a pensive frown most of the time, but when he has his daughter around, he can't stop smiling.

Job: Head of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures

History (Friends and Family): Allen married a witch named Aurora when he was 22 and headed to becoming a great Keeper for the Wimbourne Wasps. She gave birth to their daughter Holly a year later and Allen quit quidditch to get a more serious job. Since he had always had a fascination with Magical Creatures he started working in the Ministry in the Beast Division until he moved up and became head of the department. His wife died the two years later due to illness and ever since, Allen has been very morose, losing all the fire and jollyness that usually surrounded him.
Now it is just him and Holly, who is about to turn 7. Holly is a very happy child. She doesn't really miss her mother a lot because she was still a child when she died and didn't understand what was going on. She is bubbly and happy and loves her father very much.

Other: Allen does a lot of muggle crosswords in his free time (during his lunches)
His daughter Holly:

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Name: Elizabeth "Old Bess" King

Age: 73

Gender: Female

Old Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Personality: Despite her age, she's sharp as a tack and you wouldn't believe how quickly she can pick up on things. Her memory isn't the best, but she remembers the things she wants to remember. Most people just call Elizabeth tough, because that's what she is. Tough. People are inclined to guffaw at this old lady, but soon they realize that that is a mistake. You don't cross Ole Bess and get away with it. She's a bit of a gossip despite herself, and she loves knowing things no one else knows. She's mischievous too, and you wouldn't think this sweet old lady could do anything of the sort of stuff she does. She's brave and adventurous, and still has wanderlust even at her age. She can't stay still for long and she can't stand feeling like a useless old lady. She's got a mouth on her and she is sarcastic and a bit of a pottymouth when she's mad. She's got a temper on her that you wouldn't believe when you see her at a distance because she looks all pretty and prim. When she sets her mind to doing something, good luck trying to change it. She's a daredevil too, all adding to the impression that she is much younger than she actually is. She loves to laugh.

Appearance: She definitely looks like the classically sweet old lady, but you'll soon see that she's definitely not that. Her hair is blond but turning gray and white in certain areas and it looks styled but she doesn't care about it so it definitely is not. Sparkling and mischievous sea green eyes are always lit up like a Christmas tree and she seems to always be laughing at you. She has these adorable little dimples and they always seem to be there because she's always smiling. Unlike in the picture, she never wears makeup or jewelry and she doesn't wear color-coordinated clothes. She's fit and does yoga and pilates and runs and all sorts of things to stay in shape. She takes good care of her skin, however, so she doesn't have many wrinkles. She was tall in her youth but she has shrunk slightly. She spends a lot of time outside so her skin is tanned but not burnt. She's a strict vegetarian and has never smoked, taken harmful drugs, or drank alcohol.

Job: She writes a column in The Daily Prophet called An Adventurer's Venture where she details the adventures she's had or is having and also keeps up with the latest gossip that she deems important and things like that. It is a cute little column and very popular with elder witches.

History: Her family was not a rich family but it was well respected by the Wizarding community for its pureblood ties. She was the youngest out of six brothers and came to Hogwarts wearing old hand-me-downs. She even had a hand-me-down wand. She was branded as a daredevil and a troublemaker at school and was rumored to go to the hospital wing more every month than any other student would go in their whole time at Hogwarts. In her fifth year, however, her father got a good job at the Ministry and she was finally able to get her own things. After she graduated Hogwarts, she first looked into a job at the Ministry but decided that it just wasn't for her. So instead she started working at Witch's Weekly and writing a magical housekeeping column for a while. She earned some good money from that so she sent most of it back to her family, more specifically her brother. She was close to her brother Samuel because he was only a year and a half older than Elizabeth, but he was killed by a freak accident that most suspect was not an accident. She was fired from the Witch's Weekly for saying something against the boss and she was out looking for another job. Despite the fact that she hated the strict regulations of the Ministry, she took a job there as an intern in the Head of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. She found that department to be better than most, so she stayed in the job, but she longed to travel and be free. She was 26 at the time, but she quit her job at the Ministry and, with her saved money that she had been squirreling away since she had graduated Hogwarts, she set off for a trip around the world. She first went to popular magic sites in Egypt, Russia, and France, and then continued all around the world. She even took a teaching job at Durmstrang for a while, teaching Wizard History, which she knows extensively because of her travels. Her world trip ended when her money ran out when she was 31 - she had used her money sparingly. She never fell in love with anyone it seemed, but rumors say she had a string of lovers in Thailand and Bulgaria, the two places she stayed the longest. She got another job at Flourish and Blotts and stayed in a flat just above the store. The job didn't pay well, but it was all that was open for her at the time. She earned only just enough money to live on, but she was happy. She worked that job for many years, and spending her spare time toying with the idea of writing a book about her adventures around the world. She was restless, however, and quit her job at F and B and went on another world trip to Australia and New Zealand. She spent about five years travelling around the area. She was growing farther and farther away from her family ever since Samuel died, and had not been in contact with them for many years. She eventually moved to Australia when she was 46 and lived with the Aborigenes, who had wonderful tales and powerful places of magic. When she was 60, however, she moved back to London because she heard about a job writing a column about her adventures that was open only to her. She's been doing that job ever since and has made some wonderful ties there at the Daily Prophet.

Other: I may add more later.

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Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian | 72 comments Name: Neala Knight

Age: 37

Gender: female

Old Hogwarts House: Gryffindor.

Personality: Neala is extremely loyal, and even if she is scared, she will always go into danger to save her friends and family. Introverted, she is not brash and arrogant as most of the other Gryffindors are. She always imagines herself as fire, quick to respond, and has a big temper. At Hogwarts, she was extremely close to Professor McGonagall, and looked up to Hermione Granger. Neala is intelligent, but not overly so, she got pretty average grades at school. She loves to observe people, and is usually in the background, watching people converse and work. Neala is a big advocate for House-elf rights, as well as other non-human creatures. Extremely clumsy, Neala hates Quidditch, as well as many other sports.

Appearance: Neala has a pixie cut of white blond hair, usually styled. Her eyes are hazel, and usually rimmed with some mascara. She rarely wears any makeup besides mascara, even though most people think the beauty mark above her lip is penciled on. Neala is tall, and she thinks she is fat when she is really not. She has a slight limp, from the war, but she doesnt ever really notice. Neala looks young for her age, especially when she puts makeup on. She has a beautiful smile, and a little dimple at the corner of her mouth. She does not have a sense of fashion, and she hates dresses with a passion. Casual Clothes: (view spoiler) Formal Clothes: (view spoiler)

Job: She is an Auror at the ministry.

History: Neala is a muggleborn, her mother is a professor of Microbiology, and her father is a doctor. Neala was in the second Wizarding War, she was a fourth year when it happened, and many of her friends died. Her older brother also died in the war, he was 19. She still has nightmares about it, and that is why she decided to become an auror. She graduated with mostly Os in her NEWTs, and an E in Potions. She doesnt have very many friends, and does not have any relationship.

Other: Her wand: Ash with Phoenix Feather, 14 inches.

((Sorry if it is bad, my brain is not working))

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Yup - Approved!

message 19: by Ethan (new)

Ethan (TheTwelfthDoctor) Hey litera, do you want me to make a person for Imogen to go out with?

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Hmm... yes, that'd be a wonderful idea. She's very picky, so he'd need to be very adept at sensing when she's in a bad mood, and he'd need to learn from his mistakes. Not a quiet one - he'd need to be almost her opposite, and a good few years older.

I could imagine Imogen with someone like that.

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DragonDreamer *Name: Laurel Green

*Age: 28

*Gender: F

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Old Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

*Personality: Laurel is a very perky and upbeat individual. She is always happy and sociable, though sometimes it could be said that she talks to much. She is very blunt when making an observation, but never intentionally rude to anyone. If you get her mad, her first instinct isn't to fight upfront, but you might find that your next lunch tastes like dirty socks. She will usually storm off or go on a rant about how she thinks you're a horrible bloke with manners worse than pigs. She is a very openly emotional being, not afraid to start crying at any time if she is upset, squeal when she's happy or growl when she is angry. One thing that may be particularly annoying about Laurel is that she loves to play matchmaker, if you ever ask, she will go on a long tangent about how she thinks certain people need to get together or make a fine pair. Young and juvenile, she isn't really interested in looking for a boyfriend at the moment, but she really enjoys predicting love in the futures of her co-workers.


Laurel appears a lot younger than she is. This is mostly due to her childish demeanor, but also has a lot to do with you youthful face. She takes very good care of her skin and her hair is always bouncing with dark brown curls. Her eyes are a bright and curious sky blue that go well with her playful, mischievous grin. Her frame is short and thin, not particularly curvy, but not flat either. She usually likes to wear bright, colorful clothes that are usually cute rather than sexy or professional. She wears a lot of colorful tights, frilly skirts, dresses, cardigans, etc.

*Job:Muggle Liaison

History (Friends and Family): Laurel had a happy childhood. Both of her parents are still alive and well, now vacationing in Hawaii because they wanted to learn how to surf like the muggles do. Laurel is a pureblood and a single child.
In school she was fairly popular, though not overly so due to the fact that a lot of people found her annoying. Though she got decent grades in school, she did get quite a few detentions due to some pranks she and a few of her classmates thought would be hilarious (such as making a slytherin's skin bright red for a week).

Other: She LOVES games and pranks and can get pretty competitive when it comes to it.

Pretty handy when it comes to charms and enjoys muggle items and customs, but does not prefer them to magic.

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More to History please.

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Ethan (TheTwelfthDoctor) *Name: Uriah Hartford

*Age: 23

*Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Old Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

*Personality: Even though he is an ex Hufflepuff, Uriah is very outgoing and talkative. While intelligient enough, he got above average grades in school. He is very sensitive to how others are feeling, able to tell if something is wrong, and often what mood they are in, especially if a bad one is coming on. He learns well from his mistakes and never makes the same one twice. He is an extrememly hard worker, and will not stop until the job is done, often working late into the night on either paperwork or some other job. Amiable and not at all picky as to whom he socializes with. He has a good set of friends throughout the ministry, but he wishes to establish a more meaningful relationship, romantic or no.

*Appearance: Mediocre height, Uriah has short chocolatey brown hair that is usually pushed to the back of his head carelessly. He has brown eyes that have bits of green and gold in them, so that they sometimes look more Hazel than Brown. He has bright white teeth that are nearly always flashing in a smile, and stubble is rarely not growing on his face, as if he hadn't shaved in a while. He does shave every day, it just grows in in a 'five o'clock shadow'. His business clothes are all very formal, wearing a pinstriped suit most days, with a different shirt and tie combination each day. (view spoiler) His casual dress is usually a pair of jeans with a vest and a t-shirt, or something of the like.(view spoiler) He has a pair of plain brown loafers that he wears often, and whenever they become worn he buys a pair that are similar. (view spoiler)

Job: Department of International Magical Cooperation, of the International Magical Office of Law.

History (Friends and Family): He Had a very normal childhood and hogwarts experience. His mother and father both stayed married, and he was a model student at hogwarts, getting in trouble only for one time being blamed for a practical joke. He isn't a goody two shoes, though, just not a trouble maker. His mother and father still are alive, along with his sister, Marion, who works at Gringott's, and his brother, Grant, who works with dragons.

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DD, approved.

Ethan, I think the only position left in support staff is Junior Assisstant to the Minister. Love the last name! :)

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Thinking about making a bitchy girly character or sweet or sweet old lady...

message 26: by Litera, Tough luck, sweetheart (new)

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Bitch! Bitch! Bitch! Bitch! Do it, do it, do it! :D

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Amitykitty Sorry guys but I have been so busy lately I don't think that I really have time for another RP. If anyone wants her they can adopt Ora. I'm really sorry and I feel really bad about leaving this group but I can't quite handle it right now. :(

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Lol - we'd guessed, funnily enough. No worries.

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I haven't made the bitch yet! Okay, I'll do it tomorrow.

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Haha, maybe it'll breathe a bit of life back into this RP :3

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Name: Rebecca Yang (It irritates her when people shorten her name)

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Old Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Personality: Rebecca is a strong, uptight, stubborn individual who views herself as superior over pretty much everybody. She's callous and cold around pretty much everyone and doesn't hide her intense dislike to people she either doesn't get along with or people she doesn't like. Rebecca believes power is the key to success and has worked her way to the top-by hook or crook-to get what she wants. She's very determined, convincing and an extremely good speaker; she lets her opinions and ideas be heard. She's a bit of a kiss up to the people that are higher than her, but it is often very hard to tell if she's being genuine or if she's being fake. She doesn't really care about anyone, only herself and doesn't let emotions get in the way. She doesn't care for long relationships of any sort and is happy that way.

Appearance: description

Rebecca is quite good looking and takes pride in her appearance not missing an opportunity to flaunt her looks in front of high class or good looking men. Her hair is raven black that she likes to keep bone straight when at work and curly at parties or other events. She wears make up-even though she doesn't really need it-to make sure she looks flawless at every single moment. Rebecca wears expensive clothes all the time due to her high wages. She prefers to wear heels, skirts, form fitting blouses and dresses, most of them are quite short, but she still appears to look modest.

Job: Works in the department of Magical Law Enforcement as one of the members in the Wizengamot.

History (Friends and Family): Her father is a muggle and her mother is a pure blood. Has a younger sister called Lucy, she doesn't possess any magical abilities. Ever since her little sister was born, Rebecca has been overshadowed by her parents despite being the one that possess magical abilities. Rebecca had always been a late bloomer in pretty much everything opposed to her sister who excelled. Because of this Rebecca resented her parents and sister and left home as soon as she was seventeen. She then worked hard to reach the position she now has and does whatever it takes to remain the best. Rebecca still has bitter feelings for her family and avoids contact with them since.

Other: -

message 32: by DragonDreamer (new)

DragonDreamer :D

message 33: by Hina, Doors are for people with no imagination (last edited Jan 03, 2013 04:03AM) (new)

Hina (meanderling) | 52 comments Mod
Finished! Yeah, Rebecca's a bit of a hussy. xD

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Wonderful! Accepted.

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DragonDreamer When can we have all the mean girls stir up some drama? Cuz I feel like nothing is really going on at the pub right now except for Imogen's budding relationship with Uriah, which is fine, but no one else is doing much :/

message 36: by [deleted user] (new)

The only exciting person I have is Dmitri. *humph*

I'm probably going to make another character in the future who at least has got some wit. I'm bored to death of my boring, everyday characters.

message 37: by DragonDreamer (new)

DragonDreamer Maybe since Dmitri is such a scumbag, he can devise a plan to help him appear more likeable in the eyes of his work colleagues and simultaneously discredit the others that are running for minister. Like since Imogen and Uriah are starting a thing, he could encourage it in hopes that it will distract her from her campaign and maybe accidentally make Friand look like a fool incapable of running the ministry? He could look all sad and repentant and make everyone think he is turning a new leaf? idk

message 38: by [deleted user] (new)

I was thinking along the same lines as that... I've got to get it in a good position with more people on, though.

message 39: by DragonDreamer (new)

DragonDreamer What do you mean? Like coordinate with other people's charries? Or just more planning on your part?

message 40: by [deleted user] (new)

Both. :)

message 41: by DragonDreamer (new)

DragonDreamer Ok, well if you want to use any of mine, let me know :) Robin and Laurel would probably fall for any ruse, but Allen is stubborn and doesn't really change his opinions of people, so he wouldn't attack Dmitri, but he still wouldn't like him.

message 42: by Litera, Tough luck, sweetheart (new)

Litera (SexyPeach) | 236 comments Mod
Eh... Imogen wouldn't like that - Dmitri approving would make her more likely to back out. She doesn't trust that he has a good bone in his body, and is already suspicious of Uriah being in league with him.

Lets moved this to Character Plotlines, please.

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DragonDreamer *Name: Joshua Rose

*Age: 27

*Gender: M

Sexuality: Metrosexual

Old Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

*Personality: Some would call Joshua a narcissist. He is very aware of his physical appearance and those of others. He believes in putting one's best foot forward and that everyone should try to "dress for success." He's a strong believer in personal health and fitness and does a lot of exercise when he isn't at work. He always does his best to dress well and look fit.
Because of all the effort he puts into his appearance, he really appreciates others who do the same. If someone doesn't try to look presentable at all, he judges them in his heart(just a little). If he sees someone with potential, he will try to encourage them to do better, much to the annoyance of many.
Aside from this annoying trait, Joshua is a rather decent guy. He is very kind and helpful and helps others if he can. He is friendly in general and doesn't take people too seriously. This laid-back demeanor doesn't get him promoted much.

Joshua is about 6'5" and very muscular. He has silky brown hair that is usually done more nicely, just not in this picture. And has enchanting blue-ish, gray eyes that are easy to get lost in. He has a whimsical, mischievous smile and a good, clean complexion. His skin is a paler olive tone. Joshua mostly keeps a clean shave, but sometimes experiments with a little scruff. He is always clean and dresses fairly well with well fitted jeans and button-up shirts.

*Job: Auror

History (Friends and Family): Joshua has an older sister, Rosalyn, and a younger brother, Arlen. His parents are Fionna and Percival Rose. His mother was a pastry chef(and a witch) and his father was an Auror(and a pureblood). His older sister works in Gringotts and his younger brother is currently in his final year at Hogwarts, Gryffindor house.
All of his family is still alive today. His mother still runs a bakery that he helps out in a lot. He has the job of drawing in customers and carrying flour. His father is retired. He meets up with his sister about twice a month for lunch and he sends his brother treats at school and gives him girl advice.
In school, Joshua was an shy, chubby, awkward duckling until one summer he pretty much turned everything around and got really fit and became a heartbreaker for his last two years of school and has been that way since.

Other: Joshua flirts with people sometimes as a joke when they are really shy because he makes a game out of it (tries to make them blush as much as possible)

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