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muwahahahahahah :3 this is a thread for you to talk about killing. No not in rel life, but for your story! You can ask things like, should I kill her Bf, or should the side kick die? Maybe you need help deciding how to kill of the villain! You can also talk about which village to kill that would effect the war, which character should kill this character. or maybe not even kill just harm! but anyway. here it is.

♠️ TABI = 타비 ♠️ (Tabi_Card) XD sweeeet

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:D haha I'm glad you figured it out! sounds awesome!

♠️ TABI = 타비 ♠️ (Tabi_Card) I know how that goes. You're writing, and it's like you don't exactly know what's going to happen, just a vague outline in your head, and then BAM! Things turn out great! XD

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hahaha ya i know

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D.M. Dutcher  | 4 comments The book I'm writing for Nanowrimo has my main character die nine times, so I'm pretty good there! A concentrated immortality virus is a wonderful thing. I'm not sure whether or not I should kill any villains though, as the ending is more of a "stay alive while the world ends" thing. Them dying might be seen as an easy out.

message 7: by Nicolas (new)

Nicolas Wilson | 18 comments I'm kicking myself for killing a character on a completely different project. I hadn't planned to write a sequel for it, but six months after I'd finished it and was working through the final round of revisions, I realized that the character I'd killed could have had a knockout emotional arc in the sequel. Too late to do anything about it, and his death was absolutely necessary. But I still keep saying "Holy crap, if he'd survived, the emotional fallout from that would be so poignant to work with!"

Ack. I may need to be a bit more cautious, in the future.

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haha that sucks Nicolas XD sorry!

message 9: by Haley (new)

Haley You know I was just thinking about a character that dies in each of the books i'm planning to write and I look down and there is a thread for it hahaha. It's sad though, my friend and I actually wrote these books and she so happened to suddenly kill off one of the characters and I was the cause of it O_O it was the saddest thing I've ever agreed to in the series DX dangit :3 but I love it to caue it gives such a good toss at the story

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T.H. Hernandez (THHernandez) | 31 comments I created a character just to kill him off. I needed that catalyst to propel my story. But, by the time it came time to kill him, I really loved him and it was so much harder than I ever thought. I know I need to kill more characters, but dang, who'd have thought it would be so hard to kill people who aren't real?

message 11: by Haley (new)

Haley I know DX this character died in the 3rd book, he was born weak so he got sick easily and long story short this guy killed him on accident (again long story) and the guy had a love hate relationship with the boy's sister :( complete loss of trust that was barely there in the first place. I grew attached to him though and we ended up killing him. man I love writing :)

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I'm sorry it was so hard... lol it sound like a good Idea to make a throw-away character! maybe i should do that.... maybe...

message 13: by Haley (new)

Haley but wouldn't you get attached to him too? after writing so much with him?

message 14: by T.H. (new)

T.H. Hernandez (THHernandez) | 31 comments You do get attached to them. I'm not sure knowing they're going to die makes it any easier to say goodbye.

♠️ TABI = 타비 ♠️ (Tabi_Card) Haley wrote: "but wouldn't you get attached to him too? after writing so much with him?"

Idk, for me, once I've planned for someone to die, even though I like him/her I give them up since it's part of the storyline lol....and plus my hottest and coolest characters never die anyway lol Xp

message 16: by Jenny (new)

Jenny (aldersoj40hotmailcom) | 21 comments I wrote two books where by the end of the book I killed off the main character or the main character's father. It's hard for me and yet I do it anyway... maybe I am just too hard hearted-- my rabbi read the book where a main character died and it seemed to make him sad. I hope it didn't ruin the book for him. I don't know: in Dickens' "The Old Curiosity Shoppe" the whole point is that the little girl died. In "Dombey and Son" a child dies and so to in "A Tale of Two Cities" a man dies a hero who did not live a good life up to that point... so I think it can make a book more moving if a character dies...

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Jenny wrote: "I wrote two books where by the end of the book I killed off the main character or the main character's father. It's hard for me and yet I do it anyway... maybe I am just too hard hearted-- my rabb..."

true that.

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Jenny (aldersoj40hotmailcom) | 21 comments The funny thing is that with both those two characters--I really loved them as characters... It was almost why I killed them that they were like real people to me. And yet, unlike people characters never really die... I feel as though even my dead characters follow me everywhere I go...

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I feel that way with unfinished stories or characters!

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Abigail Sharpe (AbigailSharpe) I write light and funny. I don't think I have it in me to kill someone.

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