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Katy I read the first book and thought she had some characters that were interesting. Lots of ho hum though and not much plot. This second one is KILLING me. I really hope there is a plot because so far there is NOT one AGAIN. I really don't know how these books have gotten such good reviews.

Kris I know what you mean...I thought the first two were ok (at best) but I certainly wouldn't read anymore. Everyone else seems to love them.

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HG7 It's not that I loved them, per se, but I wanted a read with a heart-wrenching story that did not revolve around sex. And, there were a few times when I laughed out loud. I agree the ending was f--cked up, but I did like Jonothan's character, as messed up as he was, and Sara too...these friendships, I think, are what carried the story. Those are my thoughts ....

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