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I don't understand. Help pls?

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Cecilia Carreon Okay just finished the book. Very confusing but overall i like it. There are many things i dont understand but the main one is the TIME TRAVEL can someone please explain how that works. If i could i would call the author and ask. But i dont get it how could you go back in time and react a certain event if you were suppose to be there in the first place!?. Specifically the dancing part??? o_0

Anne Not sure about it myself, but this is what I think:
Matthew and Diana are the ones travelling back in time, they need to recreate the steps they did exactly as it was done the first time. If not, the events following would change the course of their history. Say the second time around he stops dancing at a certain point. Ysabeau might get suspicious of something and things would change and they might not end up together ... complicated I know!

ERIN SCHMIDT You actually CAN ask the author - she's on Goodreads. http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/...

Cecilia Carreon It is and thanks i understood that part, the not altering the future thing. But if they are traveling back in to time that they were already in how would they not run into themselves. Or her first time when she time traveled consciously with ems help in the barn. She wanted her to travel back into the stillroom where they just were and she did only she went into the present time not the past because Matthew was worried so he was aware that she was gone. Im probable not making any sense but i really dont get the way she wanted us to understand that. Because Matthew and Diana even spoke about it. that when they time traveled to the past that Diana might not like the person Matthew was so does that mean he was gonna run into himself if so y didnt they before. i havent read the sequel just tryin to understand this first.

Cecilia Carreon Thank you Erin! I had no idea hopefully she writes back.

Cynthia Stacey When they travel back in time, Mathew's current self replaces his 1590's version until he leaves again. So he does in fact alter time a bit. both versions cannot occupy the same time. It is explained better in the second book.

Penny Reilly Hi Cecilia ...in my understanding and the standpoint that I write from, time travel is perhaps grasping a concept that everything is now ...so everything we are have been and will be is right now ...then we can access information from all the 'nows' we exist in simultaneously ...it's a complex issue !

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