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The Speed of Winter (Four Seasons Quintet, #1)
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The Speed of Winter (Four Seasons quintet, #1) by B. Morris Allen B. Morris Allen

Genre: Science Fiction

The Speed of Winter

Book Description

Earth's Bureau of Planning sent the arkship out to found a new colony and save humanity. But they made a mistake...

When two of the crew broke the rules to have a child, they didn't know their target planet was a frozen wasteland. Now their daughter Elyse must watch the adults around her cope with devastating failure, and try to make something out of her own life at the same time.

Contains adult situations. Not suitable for children

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1. Jill - - epub
2. Becky - - epub
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Jill | 17 comments Jill, epub please.

Metaphorosis (MetaphorosisReviews) On its way. Thanks!

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I'd love to review it!
Becky - - epub

Metaphorosis (MetaphorosisReviews) On its way now. Thanks!


Byron Wells (bwells) | 21 comments Byron - Mobi - bwells01 at gmail dot com

Metaphorosis (MetaphorosisReviews) @Bryon Thanks. On its way!

Jill | 17 comments Here's my review. If you didn't know (other readers) it is a novella, not a novel.

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