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Hylian Princess  (hylianprincess) You know, how often do you see them each day?

message 2: by Tony (new)

Tony (fluffy102) | 124 comments every day bt the weekends

message 3: by Sheeky (new)

Sheeky (sheekster) | 256 comments Mod
usually every day but the weekends but now that schools out.....idk

message 4: by Tony (new)

Tony (fluffy102) | 124 comments i haven't seen them since school got out...:(

Hylian Princess  (hylianprincess) same here =(

message 6: by Tony (new)

Tony (fluffy102) | 124 comments there are times when i wish i wasn't single......
(sigh, kicks at imaginary dirt....)

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