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message 1: by Ed (new)

Ed | 23 comments Where is your favorite place to read a book and how many pages a day do you read? Or do you figure out how much to read based just on so many hours a day or more on weekends or divide up a book by 7 to finish in a week? Where do you love to read? In bed, in a special chair, wherever you are, with music on, in silence, with tv on? With others? Happy New Year to all!


message 2: by Lorraine (new)

Lorraine Reynolds I am not aure about pages per day, it depends on the book, how my kids nap etc. As for where I read, ANYWHERE! As long as I don't have the tv as a distraction, although I can read through video games, and kids shows, they don't bother me.

message 3: by RandomAnthony (new)

RandomAnthony That's a great question. I have three favorite places, I think:

1) On a bed in a spare bedroom, with the fan on.

2) In a rocking chair in the dining room.

3) In a corner chair at the local library, near the big windows.

I agree that whether or not I can read with distractions depends on the book. I can't read anything too deep while the television or music are playing.

I rarely plan how much I'm going to read day to day. I just let the desire emerge and read as much as I can/want. That said, I read just about every day.

Jennifer (JC-S) (jenniferjc-s) Good questions again, Ed. Once, I used to be able to read anywhere. Now I require both special glasses and particular lighting so my choices are a little more constrained. My favourite place is 'my' chair in our living room.

I'll have a pile of books on the table next to that chair and will split my time between them until, inexorably, I will be so caught in one that I can't put it down.

These days I don't set particular reading goals (although many of my books come from the library so need to be read within 3 weeks). Reading in the evening is my way of escaping from the workday.

However you choose to read - with or without goals - enjoy it!

And Happy New Year to each of you as well.

Jenny in Canberra

Sarah (Ceekayy) Rains (ceekayy79) It depends on the book............I usually go by chapters if the book has rather long chapters I try to read at least one in a sitting.......Smaller chapters I increase that number. Right now I prefer to read in bed. Growing up I had a bay window with a love seat in my room and that's where I always read....... I'd love to have a place like that again. I also usually read in silence but sometimes I have music on in the background.

message 6: by Anne (new)

Anne | 10 comments My favorite places:
1. On my couch alone in a quiet living room. (for anything)

2. At a cafe, with my latte (for my more literary choices)

3. At the gym to make time pass more quickly on the elliptical machine (for my quick chit-lit/John Grisham indulgences)

I don't decide beforehand how many pages to read, I just read as slow or as a fast as a book demands. Like Jenny, I also borrow many books from the library, so sometimes I have to race against a due date, but usually, I just take my time, and put things to the side when I'm not quite in the mood anymore.

Happy new year to all -- I wish you all many wonderful reads in 2008!

message 7: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca (rebsbooks) My favorite places to read:

1) at my local café
2) in bed
3) on the couch in my office

I don't have a pages per day goal, but I try to read either a chapter or for at least a half hour every day (depending on the book). I usually get 45 minutes in before bedtime.

message 8: by Barbara (new)

Barbara My favorite place is in bed. Even if it's the daytime, I like to prop up my bed pillow and relax I have a family so it is not quiet and I prefer a quiet place when reading.
As far as reading quantity, it varies. Some books I can read through quickly. Others seem to take a while to get into and then I read them more quickly, others are just slow reads. I try to read a few hours a day, but don't always succeed. I generally have a stack next to my bed so if one book isn't interesting I chose another. I generally get all of my books from the library. It works out well since they have an inter-library loan system. I buy a book only when I MUST own it because I love it.
Happy New Year!

message 9: by Ed (new)

Ed | 23 comments I enjoy the bed but sometimes fall asleep so a comfy chair is great. The comments about a cafe intrigue me. I haven't read in a cafe in years. I see now that there are starbucks everywhere...what particular type of cafe do you like to read in...a coffee shop or cafe near a bookstore I'm guessing or somewhere else?


message 10: by RandomAnthony (new)

RandomAnthony I live about twenty miles north of Milwaukee, and I can count...let me see...five cafes within a few miles of my house, and I'm not even counting Starbucks. Cafe/coffee shop culture has exploded around here the last few years. I often read at one local cafe with my two oldest sons (ages nine and seven). They get Italian sodas, I get something else, and we either sit at the counter overlooking the windows or in the chairs near the fire. Always fun.

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

Happy New Year, Ed,

Interesting question. My reading habits have changed over the years, but I tend to read in a comfy chair in the front room (no television or radio) for pleasure, but my graduate studies reading I do at the dining room table. The pleasure reading, which includes non-fiction, allows for nod-off time; the graduate work does not allow nod-off/drift-to-doze time.

As for number of pages/hours, it depends on my graduate workload. Some days I read ten or twelve hours; others, only three or four. Then I get totally wiped out, and forgo reading for a day or so; then start the reading madness again. I love it.

message 12: by Anne (new)

Anne | 10 comments The Starbucks near me is always a bit too crowded for enjoyable reading (I feel like I'm taking up necessary real estate when I sit at a table too long). So, I enjoy a local independent cafe that is a little slower paced (no wi-fi) and yes, two doors down from an amazing independent bookstore - and a block from the library, so I have all my bases covered. We also have a new tea shop/lounge in the neighborhood which is quite perfect when I'm reading books by British authors.

message 13: by Tusher (new)

Tusher | 3 comments Hi There Ed,
My favourite place of reading is a quite place
like in my 'study' on my couch with a mug full of
hot coffee.
I normally plan to read a book but never plan how
many page to read...but..let say..if i am in to the book it takes couple of hour but if otherwise
it may take few days or a week...
2006 -2007 i read a huge amount of book..
gradually i am uploading those books in this site..for my group mets apprisal..
Anyways happy new year to you all...
May this new year 2008 brings all of you joy
and happiness in every sphere of your life..
Best Regards

message 14: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca (rebsbooks) Ed wrote: "I haven't read in a cafe in years. I see now that there are starbucks everywhere...what particular type of cafe do you like to read in...a coffee shop or cafe near a bookstore I'm guessing or somewhere else? "

I try to avoid Starbucks, but I'm lucky enough to have two very good independent cafes within walking distance. Sometimes, if it isn't too busy, I will go to a Borders or Barnes & Noble Cafe.

My favorite place, Bloc 11 in Union Square (Somerville, MA) keeps the music low enough that it is truly in the background, which makes it a good place for reading.

message 15: by Carole (new)

Carole | 1 comments My favorite place to read is in bed, either at night or in the morning (mainly on weekends or vacation days). I try to read 50 pages on a weekday and 100 on a weekend/non-work day, but of course it is often difficult to achieve this goal, and it would vary widely as to the page size and degree of difficulty of the book. Some books fly by, and others are more of a struggle.
I definitely prefer total silence when reading. I can also read in a car and on an airplane fairly well.

Happy New Year to you as well!

message 16: by Chel (new)

Chel | 376 comments A chair, couch, or bed at home, or coffee shop, and I read about 50-100 pages per day but I don't read every day.

message 17: by Zulfiya (new)

Zulfiya (ztrotter) | 11 comments I try to read every day. I try to read 100 pages on my days-off, and it is easy, but it is understandably hard to achieve this goal on workdays. If I read 50 pages Monday through Friday, I am a happy person. It does not happen very often, though:-)
My favorite reading spots are my bedroom and my couch in my office room.

message 18: by Judith (last edited Dec 01, 2011 02:18PM) (new)

Judith (jloucks) | 1203 comments I read almost every day and about 100 or more pages each day.

I mostly sit on the couch with a pillow in my lap and coffee or a glass of wine by my side these days, but I'll read anywhere I happen to be if there isn't something I need to be doing.

After reading some of these posts, I see I am pretty typical among group members. Good to know!

Happy holidays to all of you and yours!

message 19: by Lisa (new)

Lisa James (sthwnd) | 352 comments I have 3 of 5 kids still at home, so I've learned to mentally "tune out" a lot of the household distractions. I tend to curl up on the couch in the evenings while the kids are watching TV, working on homework, etc, & can manage to both follow my book and the TV show :) I could do this even when I was girl, I used to read curled up on the corner of the davenport while my grandparents were watching Wheel or Jeopardy, & pop up with the answers from behind my book. Drove them nuts, LOL!!! Now as I'm a bit older, 44, I appreciate the peace & quiet I can get, so while the kids are at school, no TV on in the house, so I can read with no distractions unless the cats are wrecking things, or in the evenings, I'll tell the kids, I'm going to my room, LOL, with a drink & a snack, & go cuddle up in bed with my book. I don't count pages, I just read till I get to a reasonable stopping place, most frequently the end of a chapter,I'm odd like that.

message 20: by KOMET (last edited Dec 02, 2011 08:29AM) (new)

KOMET I’m one of those persons who tends to divide his time reading from 4 or 5 books at more or less the same time. Aside from reading outdoors whilst seated on a wide expanse of smooth grass under a tree on a warm, sunny day --- or on a bench beneath a palm tree in the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris (where I spent several hours in July 2010), I prefer to read in bed, with the pillows propped up on my head and shoulders.

Generally, I read from 20 to 50 pages daily. (I suppose that I'm a slow and steady reader.) Given that I read so much, I try to set goals (e.g. finish Chapter X by such and such a time or read x number of pages and finish at paragraph y for the night) so that I can finish a book and then go on to complete reading another book.

Peter the Great by Robert K. Massie

message 21: by Mikela (new)

Mikela | 378 comments I read a lot, ranging from 10 to 20 books a month depending on length or complexity. In this weather, for me the ideal place to read is curled up on the couch in front of a roaring fire. Once the warm weather hits you'll find me outside on a lounger with book in one hand and a nice cold drink in the other.

Elizabeth (Alaska) First, I read daily - more often if I can manage it. I'm a read in bed or on the couch person - sort of half lying down half sitting up. The more reclined I get, usually the sooner sleep overtakes me. Depends on the book, but rarely more/less than 50-100 pages in a day.

message 23: by ~Calyre~ (new)

~Calyre~ | 102 comments Mikela wrote: "I read a lot, ranging from 10 to 20 books a month depending on length or complexity. In this weather, for me the ideal place to read is curled up on the couch in front of a roaring fire. Once the w..."

Waow 10 to 20 books a month!! I'm really impressed !! What is your secret??
I read about 4 books a month. It can be more when the book is short. My place to read is on a couch, in my bed or even in the library.

message 24: by Yrinsyde (new)

Yrinsyde | 247 comments I read daily and like KOMET, I have about 4-5 books on the go at any one time. I also read blogs, newspapers, magazines and academic papers. I read fiction on the tram on the way to work, but my favourite place to read is either on the front or back verandah in the summer or in bed in the winter.

message 25: by Aileen (new)

Aileen | 137 comments My favourite spot is stretched out on the sofa with an assortment of cats asleep around me and soft music on in the background. Second favourite is in bed before sleeping, usually in silence, and usually my kitten on my shoulder. The other place I read a lot is on the bus commute to work, it helps that I can switch off the noisy background of yelling kids, screaming mums and leakage from iPods etc.

message 26: by Karendenice (new)

Karendenice I also have two favorite places to read. My bed on which I have one of those bed reading pillows. The kind with arms. And my recliner which is extremely comfortable.

message 27: by Doron (new)

Doron Yam (dylam) | 2 comments My favorite place to read is in bed, after a bath, before going to sleep.
practically, because of lack of time, I read much in the bus, on my way to work and back, and during kids shows, events, birthdays etc.
I try to read at least 75-100 p. a day, although, when it's getting rough at work, I can end a day without reading at al...

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