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message 1: by ceeeeg (new)

ceeeeg a place to make suggestions on whatever else we might include

message 2: by Pam (new)

Pam here is a link to some photobucket holiday pictures that you may want to consider for your group photo:


I will continue to look since this isn't really what I had in mind. I would like to see something with lots of party food on a decorated table. This is just a random idea and by no means do you have to respond or use...;-)

message 4: by ceeeeg (new)

ceeeeg i was thinking the exact same thing, Pam...the spread of holiday food....i am on the search now, and will have a look at these now....

thank you!

message 5: by Pam (new)

Pam Love the cover photo, Pip. Now you have to figure something out for the group pic. Something cute to draw the folks in. (that is all I got for suggestions) HAHAHAHAHA

message 6: by ceeeeg (new)

ceeeeg ok, good!....thanks for the input and yeah, i am going to work on that now...i just needed someone to confirm this banner looked alright before i moved on!

message 7: by Lee Ann (new)

Lee Ann Hey Pip, how about a section about staying healthy for the holidays, it could be healthy food choices, exercise challenges, weight loss goals or just other ways to take care of yourself when things get hectic and we prioritize ourselves out of our own lives? What do you think?

message 8: by ceeeeg (new)

ceeeeg LeeAnn...

i like the idea, tho, as a diabetic i planned to add in substitutions where i make them for my own dietary needs so people can go healthy or unhealthy as need...

still a section that specifically address diet goals, plans, specific diet recipes, etc is a great idea and i will get a thread up for it this evening...

thanks for the suggestion!

message 9: by Lee Ann (new)

Lee Ann I was just thinking about ways to take care of yourself to have a happy, healthy holiday. Not necessarily just food, but ways to put in exercise, or goals to keep you on track for the holidays if you are working on losing weight.

message 10: by ceeeeg (new)

ceeeeg mmmm...how to avoid putting on those extra holiday pounds...i know i am very! susceptible because of my cookie and fudge making....

i def like the idea and i am going to make a section for it tonight....

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